Foursquare now lets you check in your friends on iOS and Android

Foursquare is once again expanding its feature set with what the company says is a highly-requested feature.

Since launching mentions last year, Foursquare found that people were inadvertently creating dual check-ins — “Going to the beach with Jenny” — so today they have cemented that activity in a new feature. When checking into a location, users can say, “I’m with X,” and prompt that person to approve or delete it.

This is similar to the way Facebook check-ins work, and may prove to be more of a nuisance than a benefit to those trying to stay under the radar. Foursquare may still have the leg up in the location game, but since Facebook’s acquisition of Gowalla the social networking giant has been working to unseat the king.

Users can turn off the ability for others to check them in on their Foursquare Privacy page, too.

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Via: Foursquare Blog