LG to start mass producing a flexible smartphone display in Q4, release targeted for later this year


  • craig0r

    I don’t see how they could release the phone “later this year” if production of the screens isn’t starting until October at the earliest. But if they can get the phones out in time for Christmas, that’d be pretty awesome!

    • FKnm

      1-2. You start production, to find out % of defect.
      1-2. Meanwhile, finalize design for a future phone.
      3. Once first step is done, run mass production for new phone and announce the phone.

    • craig0r

      Still, October to December seems like a damn quick turnaround.

  • rtrtrt

    doesnt the whole phone have to be flexible then?

    • Scott Teibert

      I wouldn’t say so. If the aim is just a super small border and a durable screen (read: impact/torque resistant) then the natural torque of the plastic phone should be fine.

  • beyond

    How can anything be considered flexible when everyone is so rigid?

    • Henry

      I wish I could answer that..

  • alphs22

    I think bezels are small enough as they are.

    When I’m gripping my phone with one hand and reaching for the opposite top corner of the screen with my thumb, my palm seems to always touch the side of the screen and registering a second touch point. And I have fairly skinny hands.

    I imagine other people have the same problem. Reducing the bezel is only gonna make one-handed use harder than it needs to be.

    • JustToClarify

      When reduce bazels, your phone size is almost become the screen size, atleast width. So you’ll have room to reach with thumb without unnecessary touch inputs.

    • Farid Pirani

      A decent case should be able to deal with a problem like that, I think.

  • rvichar

    Would look nice on a Nexus!

  • Jérémy Letendre-Côté

    The future is Amazing!!!

    look back ten years ago and Smartphone were for a reserved class

    What is next?

    I really like the Samsung concept for Fold-able screen, Ten years is a long time in technology, maybe we are going to see more advance than we could believe today!

  • Steve

    The flexible display that will be used in mobile devices will be OLED (organic light-emitting diode) supporting ultra-high definition (UHD).
    Thats 4K resolution on 5 inches. With OLED color saturation perfomance that should look amazing. I hope the PPI hits the 600+ mark. If so to me this sounds like the makings of the first true “Retina” display.