Google now activating 1.5 million Android devices per day


  • Mobile Nerdy

    ummm..yeah..he’s not the CEO – Sergy is

    • Netguru

      Larry Page is CEO. @jax is correct.

  • Mobile Nerdy

    Ummm yeah…Eric is not the CEO – Sergy is!

    My bad, I meant to say Page…

    • jax

      Uh, no. Sergey is an executive member with the title of Co-Founder. Schmidt is the executive chairman. Page is the CEO.

      *edited for spelling*

  • Ronell  I.T. Man

    Clueless to how’s that possible. But then again even the lowest end phones run android too now.
    You could call it the basic OS for phones today

  • mediaphage

    Yeah, you really need to fix this – Page is the CEO, Schmidt is the chairman of the board.

  • Zed

    The thing is, Android hasn’t even penetrated the really low end phone market, the granny phone, the flip, easy to use phone. I can already see properly customized for that type of phones, totally phasing out the relics sold right now.