Update: Rogers, Bell and TELUS Galaxy S4 will support 2600Mhz LTE in addition to AWS

Perhaps a first of its kind, the Rogers variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4 will support LTE on both AWS (1700/2100Mhz) as well as the up-and-coming 2600Mhz, which ultimately supports downlink speeds of 100Mbps.

This insight comes on the announcement that the Galaxy S4 will be available to pre-order customers on Saturday, April 27th, with in-store availability on Friday, May 3rd. Rogers has been heavily pushing its 2600Mhz network with recent product launches including the LG Optimus G, BlackBerry Q10 and now the Galaxy S4.

In addition to taking the load off Rogers’ heavily-loaded AWS network, the 2600Mhz spectrum offers speeds of up to 100Mbps in all areas covered by the carrier due to the acquisition of 20Mhz of spectrum throughout the country.

The unique thing about the Rogers Galaxy S4, however, is that unlike the Optimus G and BlackBerry Q10, it can switch between AWS and 2600Mhz frequencies depending on network conditions; it will transition seamlessly from one to the other in the background, ensuring the device is optimized for signal strength. Poor LTE signal strength is the number one cause of battery drain in modern devices, so the Galaxy S4 should benefit from better battery life than its LTE peers.

The Rogers Galaxy S4 is available for $199.99 on a 3-year term and $699.99 outright.

Update: Looks like the Bell and TELUS versions will also offer 2600Mhz LTE capabilities, though only the former owns the spectrum necessary to take advantage of it. Nevertheless, know that if you buy a version from any incumbent carrier in Canada, 2600Mhz LTE will be available if the network supports it.