Rogers HTC One priced at $149.99 on a 3-year


  • Tommy

    My prophecy: Price drop to $99.99 in 30 days.

    Any 3 year price plan disgust me, get rid of it.


      GALAXY S4?????

  • howitzer

    Lets go Telus im waiting for this

  • cdub

    sure is a pretty phone, not all plasticky and cheap looking like a S3.. would be nice to have one rooted and unlocked.

    • boib

      You buy a phone for its look?

    • Ghoul

      Too bad HTC is gonna do everything in their power to lock it all down

  • Comment Master

    do you mean U love HTC …by saying IHTC

  • Anonymous

    It’s coming down to getting the HTC One or the Samsung Galaxy SIV. It’s a pretty close battle, too.

    What do you guys think? HTC One or Galaxy SIV?

    • thorty

      kinda tuff HTC one is coming pretty soon and seems to be a good device
      Samsung GSIV will be same CPU as HTC one and 2gb ram and not for another few month
      Battery will suck on both, since it does since dawn of android 4 years ago
      i say personal choice

    • Stupid

      I’m really worried about Battery Life on both phones.

      I skipped the S3 because of the screen. It’s so dim I can barely see it (how this was soo omitted in reviews I have no idea) and the resolution is barely better in real life than a S2 (same res issue with the HTCOX at the time but much better screen on it).
      We have no reason to believe that Samsung is giving us a much improved screen on the S4, just bigger and higher res. which would make it again a No buy for me.

      The One is really peaking my interest. I won’t go above 4.7″. That’s already a little too big as far as I’m concerned.
      If the S4 can pull off the same dimensions as a 4.7 then 4.99″ is fine. But we don’t know that yet.

      The other issue I have is weight. It seems all the full HD screen phones have brought us back up to the 140/150g range from the much nicer 120g that was getting to be the norm. 140g is too heavy. Put a case on that and you’ve got 150/160, plus the size. I can’t stand carrying around something that big and heavy in my pocket all day.

      The third option is the Sony ZL. It’s a very good phone from what we’ve seen so far.

    • BIll Murray

      don’t forget the htc one will be much more manageable with one hand then the massive 5″ s4. I say if you have a Samsung now, then try out htc, you’ll enjoy there premium feel, and attractive OS (htc sense). But if you’ve been using, lets say an htc one x, then go with the s4, try out something new, and enjoy the plethora of features it will probably have. Depends what matters to you mostly. good looks, better feel in the hand, or an abundance of jaw dropping features. Either one will get old over time. But physical dimensions are there to stay i.e. the easier to hold 4.7″ htc one.

    • BIll Murray

      The weight issue stupid brought up is correct. After owning an HTC amaze(173g), i know how bad it is to have a heavy phone in your pocket. At first its not so bad. but try running with that thing in your pocket, before you know it your shorts will be right off. Then try holding it infront of your face while watching a video… Weight is important, something as light as the iphone5 shouldn’t be the goal, as that feels like its a highlighter and u can barely tell its in your pocket, but going to heavy is wrong as well.

    • Tomatoes11


      You do know that the HTC One is just as big as all the 5 inch phones currently available right. It is even bigger than the 5 inch ZL.

      Much taller than the Nexus 4 and LG Optimus G. Don’t always go by screen size especially with HTC. They choose to add stupid stuff like boom sound that makes their phones huge.

      They used aluminum before but those phones were Lumia level bricks so no one cared until now.

    • Arthur

      We do not have an accurate info on Samsung Galaxy S4 specs so it is not the right time to decide.
      But the common sense tells me Samsung is the winner, go with the winner, after all the TV sets, Tablets, and more belong to Samsung, so join the ecosystem of Samsung.

    • Andrew

      Hmm I dunno – let’s see…how bout we wait until March 14th to have his debate? Kinda hard considering, yenno, neither of these phones has officially been released for purchase.

  • Kevin W

    If this is the price for the 32GB then I hope HTC and carriers put the 64GB on for $199. Tired of getting gouged for memory

  • Lucas

    does it have a release date?

  • talarico

    I’m going with the HTC One.
    The SG4 is going to be too damn big. They don’t need to make the next gen galaxy almost 5 inches.

    • Tomatoes11

      You do know that the HTC One is huge for A 4.7 inch phone right? I am positive the GS4 will be more compact regardless of screen size.

  • BB King

    Way to rip of the Z10 HTC…..pretty sad!

  • Telus Upgrades are a joke

    1-Syrup: Could you STOP quoting 3yr prices??

    2-If you are going to do so: could you do it properly and put the TOTAL PRICE of the phone?: “Rogers HTC One priced at $149.99 on a 3-year minimum $50 per month”

    3-Just wait for the outright plan and help us compare net price vs net price. For Example: N4 with Fido: $430; with Virgin: $399 with Koodo: $x99 etc that way you will provide a MEANINGFUL source of information.

    4-PLEASE BAN 3 Yr CONTRACTS now CRTC!!, please, pease.

  • felix

    Not even gonna think about the one if it has no multitasking like the last phones they released.

    • Stupid

      Check Youtube first looks. It has a very nice handling of multitasking.

  • Telus Upgrades are a joke

    This is the phone that could have been!:

    Locked bootloader

    No SD Card

    More expensive than the N4! If you need LTE and SD card just get an S4 avaialable in April.

  • Fred

    Stopped reading at “Rogers”…

  • Blas

    Not a lot of N4 drones commenting. That’s a nice change of pace.

    • Nathen

      We N4 Owners will wait till it comes out and let the users experience it then reply to all the BAD comments on how they are mad at NOT getting updates and how it LOCKED down and all that.

      Seriously…there is only 1 Phone that is a great DEAL and you know it. Too bad people will keep supporting Rogers and Bell and the rest on the 3 yr plan thing. That is what is killing everyone. Nexus 4 …Free your self

    • d3v14n7


      Who says anyone needs to get a 3 year plan with the HTC One? You can always buy the device outright, so no, no one is forced into anything…

      The Nexus 4 was never a flagship device, the HTC One IS, which is why the Nexus 4 is inexpensive compared to actual flagship devices. Enjoy your already outdated Nexus 4 which lacks LTE, only has a maximum of 16GB storage (as opposed to the 32GB or 64GB included in the HTC One), a slower CPU, terrible camera, mediocre at best display, lower resolution display, smaller battery, lack of Wireless AC, lack of IR port, lack of FM radio, lack of Dropbox storage, not to mention inferior build quality and so on… Oh, but at least you’ll get quick updates, /sarcasm… Meanwhile, I’ll be doing my own updates via custom ROMs, which is the method I prefer over official updates since I can customize it any way I want to right from the get go.

  • Mike

    I want one so bad. It makes my OneX look old. *sigh*

  • Abraham

    Some of you are just plain weird. It’s a phone for &@%k sakes. Locked down? Come on! Hardware specs? Who needs a quad core cpu for a bloddy phone. My Motorola DynaTAC 8000X works just fine, thank you very much.

  • OneLove

    It’s pathetic how many of you panzies are bitching about a 140g phone. It’s a damn 140g for crying out loud. The iPhone 4 and 4s (never owned either, but have owned heavier) is 140g and it did pretty well I’d say, and weight wasn’t an issue with it then. Honestly people… “It’s too heavy! It needs to be 20g lighter. Blasphemy! I won’t buy it!” First world problems.

    And enough already with the who “ripped-off” or “copied” who thing. It’s tiresome, and old. Certain things eventually just become the standard due to widespread appeal. Is everyone who makes a touchscreen smart-phone these days “ripping-off” Apple? (aside from the iDiots who seem to think so, the answer is no).

    Did you ever stop to think that HTC had this design in mind before it knew of Blackberry’s Z10? Who is to say there wasn’t some insider who leaked the design of the HTC One to the Blackberry team way back, and Blackberry just ended up putting it out quicker to take all the credit? OPEN UP YOUR MINDS YOU SAD ZOMBIES OF CONSUMERISM

  • drone

    lol.. the Nexus 4 is a budget low end phone. That’s not to say that it’s bad phone persay, but just don’t try to compare it to the likes of the Note II/III, S4 and HTC One etc.I know cuz I own two of them and they’re nothing compare to my Note II.

  • Arthur

    Too aggressively priced as anything Rogers!

  • BBCuuuuurveBitch

    I would love to get this phone but 300% markup is not going to make me buy it when I can score a nexus 4 for $359.00 36 months prison sentence for my wallet. No thanks.

    • d3v14n7

      You don’t need to take the 3 year contract. Why do people think that they’re forced into a 3 year contract? Your not, if you don’t want a 3 year term, then buy the device outright… Also, the HTC One has 32GB of storage, the Nexus 4 has at most 16GB, when you factor in the tax and shipping, that $359 turns into roughly $420. Lets not forget the lack of LTE, older and slower CPU, terrible camera, mediocre at best display, lower resolution display, smaller battery, lack of Wireless AC, lack of IR port, lack of FM radio, lack of Dropbox storage, not to mention general build quality and so on…

      The HTC One makes up for its more expensive price tag with these premium features, extra storage and superior build quality…

  • realitycheck

    @BBCuuuuurveBitch first the nexus is clearly subsidized(which is good). Second, people pay for smartphone plans regardless so why not take advantage of the subsidy the companies offer?

    why limit yourself to just the nexus 4?

    i’m waiting for the day the telco’s give out more discounts for people bringing their own devices, not just a puny $5 discount a month.

  • tomatoes 11

    Is it just me or do the T shaped white lines on the back plus the huge HTC logo sandwiched between the back and home buttons just look horrible.

  • Steven

    I can’t wait. I wish they would release it already. Goodbye to my plastic Samsung.

  • Matt

    I am so looking forward to this phone I have had both iPhone 5 & S3 this year the S3 was a huge disappointment feels cheap & the battery sucks. The iP5 much better battery life but with its puny screen size & no PowerAmps I am switching back to Android. I wish Telus would put up a price to buy the phone out right already. Expansys already has the price to pre-order but $794.99 plus the cost of shipping & 13% sales tax makes the phone over $900 thats to much for me.