AccuWeather for Android updated with Holo design

Screenshot_2013-02-27-16-33-21 Screenshot_2013-02-27-16-33-15

Like another high-profile weather app was recently, AccuWeather for Android has been updated with an attractive Holo-focused design, catering to both smartphones and tablets.

Now supporting multiple locations, with an easy-to-access left side bar, AccuWeather looks amazing and performs great. I actually prefer this to any other Android weather app now (yes, including the much-loved 1Weather). The radars are big and informative, the news is relevant, the videos are interesting, and there is a persistent status bar icon now. The only thing 1Weather has over AccuWeather is expandable notification support in Jelly Bean.

The Premium version, which removes ads, is on sale for 99c, so pick it up while you can.

Download AccuWeather for Android. If you’re looking for a few more great weather apps for other platforms, check out our recent round-up.

Via: Android Police