Rogers President and CEO will retire January 2014


  • Did squat for Rogers

    Retiring because he stinks at his position. Since he’s came in Rogers has been in decline and laid off workers. My guess he was asked nicely to retire or…

    • harlem shake

      this is great news. let’s all harlem shake.

    • 3Yr Contract

      His three year contract is over and is switching operators!

    • Clearly you’re blind

      If you havent noticed he’s made huge strides in the wireless categories… He’s really only made layoffs in the video section which was inevitably dead anyways…

    • OgtheDim

      Layoffs were in marketing and operations and not just in video.

  • Sam

    I can’t imagine things getting worse with the next douche.

  • Wewewi

    Guess he figured he already had more of our hard-earned money than he could spend in a lifetime, so he’s running the hell out of Canada before their business model is made criminal.

  • some guy

    haha, yeah except for when Ted ran his company into the ground and was saved by his rich friends.

    He got lucky, but at least had enough sense not to do the same thing again.

  • Imakesense

    Given the trend of canadian communications – I give it until mid 2013 before he takes a position with the CRTC unfortunately for all of us.

  • lukeiphone

    Under this guy however, Rogers did introduce several new technologies such as LTE, ultra fast home internet, latest devices and always first for something or the other.

    • Ka-ra-te Master, The Fifth Dan

      put down the crack pipe, “ultra fast internet” LMAO. even though both companies are thieves, Bell runs absolute circles around Rogers in terms of network speed are reliability in 9/10 Canadian locations.

      nadir was a complete moron, good riddance

    • TheMan

      Not sure what’s with all the hate, but you’re right. And for the brain-child that claims bell has better technology and is more reliable; I am a former Bell tech. They don’t insulate their copper wiring. When it rained, we used to cheer because that meant overtime. Yes, water going into the ground affects your Bell connection. Also, FIBE can’t run tv signals and multiple internet connections. Furthermore, Bell can’t afford it’s own infrastructure, so it had to combine with Telus to build a LTE network, which means they share placement on towers. If you know much about cell Towers, there’s not much space for an optimal dish position…
      I no Roger’s cheerleader, but do your research if you’re gunna fly the Bell flag.

  • Rag3r

    Wonder how fat his pension was….

  • LJK

    sigh I wish he instead retired now. I know change is hard to come by but it’d be nice to have some for the consumers for once.

  • hoo dat

    Maybe Tony Lacavera could step into the role and drive Rogers into the ground too.

  • Deepslice

    Goooood riddance, ciao, dovidjenje!

  • Porilaisten

    Thank christ

  • Paul

    GOOOD. This guy was the one that started to raise the minutes up and lowering down the data.

  • T1MB1T

    I have the scoop! TONY will now run ROGERS and make it as great as wind! THEN he will buy wind and convert all of rogers to AWS!!!

    Get ready for the AWS goodness!

  • Abo

    Better to lay off a few than many

  • Darren Clarke

    Great to c the terrorist leave

  • purdy44

    He stayed in just long enough to qualify for a sweet pension. Winnipeg’s last chief of police did the exact same thing.

  • Falco

    Maybe the new CEO will cut some of the neverending obnoxious poorly designed commercias so they can afford to reduce rates. I have pretty much decided to go back to Bell rather than contribute to Rogers’ advertising budget. And every time I hear that tired old Rogers audio logo, I want to bang my head against the wall. In a word, I find Rogers annoying.