White Nexus 4 Bumper and Wireless Charger appear on Eastlink’s accessory lineup


  • Mike_SS

    Eastlink looks very much like the Big3 and their babies ( Koodo, Fido, …) when it comes to pricing…

  • Scott

    I’d say its a bit better. For what I pay $55 now with Bell, be under $40 with the bundle discount with Eastlink.

  • David N

    Its not available yet-They are on the way. Spoke to a rep at the spring garden location.

  • 3Yr Contract

    -N4 for $499 ($563 NET)
    -Wireless charger for $70 ($79 Net)

    -N4 $430 (NET) shipped and taxes in
    -Wireless charger $60 ($69 Net)

    Its “Your call”

    • Chris

      Don’t forget shipping from Google, probably 5 or 10 dollars. Plus HST if you’re in a lucky province like NS. So not a bad price over all for walking into a store and picking it up.

  • wotzit2ya

    Wow Apple pricing

  • Dan

    I called the Spring Garden location re: the charger. Got a similar story to David_N, not in stock, it’s a new product, don’t know when we’ll be getting any.

  • PeachState

    It looks like the white Nexus 4 as well not just the bumper.

    • David N

      Just a TPU case it looks like