Samsung Galaxy Note II Android 4.1.2 Review: Multi Window is the future of mobile multitasking


  • domo

    I hope the S3 gets the multi view update soon.

    • Chris Dorner is a hero, God bless you Chris and good work

      OMFG Note II!

    • james

      look for SynergyROM for galaxy s3. it has the feature of multitasking. and its better than what samsung offers. samsung limits it to only some apps. this rom allows all the apps to usable in split screen.

    • pilode

      The Exynos/international S3 has had multi-windows for a while…

  • Larry

    It will be nice when they release Multi Window for the original Note, as they have promised…forever!

    Anyway, good review, looks like a great device but not enough of a difference to make me switch from my original Note.

    • Phil

      Having done extensive testing between the note and the note 2, it all came down to the power of the new note 2 that really pushed the limits. honestly, by rooting the original note, and installing roms, you can make it do everything the note 2 can do, but the problem is still the physical limitation, the hardware (not to say it is bad or anything).

      Either way, picked up the note 2 to really get a device that will push the envelope and I should be able to keep updating and modifying the ROM to get several years out of it.

      (i got 3 years out of the iPhone 3gs before it, so I figure this should last me a while!)

  • note II disappointment

    since doing the update to 4.1.2 – I’ve noticed the internet lags horribly with some sites (wifi or not)
    I love the phone – and it really IS incredible – but this issue has me considering custom ROM’s.

  • Samsung Mobile Canada Sucks

    Not impressed. The update killed my battery life. Went from getting 4-5 hours screen time to 2.5-3 hours. Weak sauce.

  • NienorGT

    I wish such features could be made on any Android via an open-source hack add-on.
    Nexuses and AOSP ROMs sure are fast and clean, but look quite skimpy on the feature side =/

  • bubu

    Yeah multi-view is SO genius, let’s make everything on a small tiny screen EVEN SMALLER! Idiots!

    So you bought a Nexus 4 Baaaaader? I feel sorry for you. Don’t expect it to last long, as the glass will crack going from outside winter temperatures to your hand.

  • jerry

    silicon, not silicone

  • note-tee note-tee phone

    Ive actually found that the battery life had gotten alot better since the upgrade.. not sure why? I don’t use the multi too much yet, only because I haven’t found too many users for it, but I gotta say I love showing that feature off! I just wish samsung and flash player got along 🙁

  • Jake

    Hey what is the time and date widget on your home screen?

  • Ry

    If Samsung improved their build quality and screens I’d be more of a fan, but I think they’re overrated, over-SATURATED! Annnd gimmicky. HTC, Motorola and Apple are where it’s at for me. Sorry folks.

    • Raid

      The irony in this statement is too funny. There’s a good chance that Samsung made all the screens of the devices you boast.

    • Ry

      It doesn’t really make any difference whether they did or not, I didn’t say I hate Samsung, I said that I don’t like their Amoled screen or build quality, and that often the features they pack in are gimmicky. HTC and Apple use LCD panels, so if Samsung is making those they should use them on their own devices.

    • bubu

      There’s a good chance you don’t know what you’re talking about!

      HTC has stopped doing business mostly with Samsung. They get their screens primarily from LG and other sources now. Apple also has stopped getting screens from Samsung. Motorola I’m not sure about, but Motorola sales are tiny so who cares.

  • Mark

    I have the note one since the beginning and just ordered a nexus 4.I’m sick of touchwizz… The only thing I will miss from Samsung is the AMOLED screen, not the size of the phone.

  • R.I.P Christopher Dorner God Bless your Soul

    Nexus 4 Life

  • Shūji

    How come my note hasn’t got the update yet? Already tried the software update page and via PC in Kies.

    • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face

      Samsing has no care for you!

  • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face

    You all is so stu pid.

    • slanty eyed asian fellow who has rice on face

      Why you has no intelligences!

  • teflon

    I think its great, my only peeve is that the calendar isn’t set up for it and I think that’s where I would use it the most.

  • Raphael

    I’m in mobility and never got the update…

  • Drea

    I can do split screen on my wife’s ASUS VivoTab with WinRT. Works great as the divider can be slid across the screen and e.g. show our baby monitor on one side and something else on the other.

  • joseph niagara

    yah yah blah blah so why doesn’t my SIII not have this update? Considered one of the best phones Samsung ever made. Sold millions and millions yet I’m stuck on 4.1.1. Beautiful screen, terrible battery life. Blows my 3GS out of the water as a media player but come on now…..update this thing already! I paid the money so let’s not have yet another fragmented android phone people….enough said.

  • KL

    I was really looking forward to this feature since day one. Once installed, I didn’t find it as practical as expected. I guess i’m the only one disappointed that the phone wasn’t one of the apps that supported MultiWindow? Also, if that little tab was more opaque, that would be nice too. For now, I’ve disabled it, but it’s great to have the feature there when need be.

  • Multiwindow works

    Nice feature to have when you need it.

  • Tom

    “Samsung has a great platform on its hands here: this is the company’s AirPlay, a seemingly minor feature that…”

    Huh? Most people I talk to know about AirPlay – it is pretty huge. Few would ever have heard of Samsung’s multi-window.

    I’m not judging them, just saying that AirPlay has been promoted as a major, mot minor, feature.

  • Dave Scott

    “the Note II was one of the fastest devices put to silicone”

    Seriously, silicone? You don’t know the difference between silicone and silicon? Ever heard of Silicone Valley? I didn’t think so. Google the difference.

  • Dan J

    I still don’t understand this… I’ve got 4.1.1 on my Note 2 and I’ve had multi-window since I bought it back in December. Is there something I’m missing?

  • BoXX

    Still waiting on Samsung Canada to release the update to AWS carriers (Wind, Mobilicity, Videotron). Unreal!

  • Gman

    This and Sony SmallApp features are the real show case of android multi tasking.

  • LM

    The multiview looks good, but this is getting out of hand the multiview is out for the s2 and not for the S3 and originial note. Samsung Canada please step your game up and give the ppl the updates for the devices now it’s been long enough with the lies of this month or next month with the releases just release them.

  • Deli

    anyone blaming Samsung for delay of updates after its release internationally needs to look at the carriers NOT Samsung.