BlackBerry Z10 coming to Canadian carriers on February 5th?


  • Allan

    Rogers??? Same day I hope as I’ve reserved one with them.



    • RIMspeculation

      The ONLY FIRM DATE FROM RIM is JAn 30th:
      Announcment of BB10 and ANNOUNCEMNT of avaialability (hopefully a firm date)

      Feb 05 or March 17 at your local store is just speculation.

      -Will I be getting a BB10 phone??
      -Are you kidding?? I and the rest of the world just got new phones during the holidays!!
      Call me in 1.5- two years.

    • sp

      its actually not speculation. but okay..its speculation in your mind.

      i didnt know that you spoke for the rest of the world…my apologies for questioning you..

      but i didnt get a new phone this past holidays… people i work with didnt get new phones this past holidays.. didnt know you were the voice for the whole world.

      you dont want it. plain and simple. YOU dont want it. there are still others who do and are very excited about what this brings to the table.




      I CAN BUY THE NEXUS 4 FOR $350+

    • sp

      why would i buy … wait… try to buy a phone that is $350 on the Playstore which isnt guaranteed to be shipped to me for who knows how long…that is still out of stock and who knows if it will actually be sold again online… with a non removable battery, not possible to add an sd card for expanded memory??? thats kinda 2010…

      and so wait…so the iPhone 5 is 2011…and the only thing that makes the S3 a 2012 phone is the screen size???

      your debating needs some seriously better facts!!!

  • Sterling

    I have a feeling that Rogers might be getting their stock to sell either by the end of January or the first weekend in February (all next week!!)

    • RIMspeculation

      I have a feeling your feeling is wrong!

  • Nothin But RIM

    Now hopefully that guy can stop complaining about when it’s going to be released and when he can walk into a store and pick one up.

    • Ant

      He doesn’t even need one, and won’t be purchasing it. He’s just butt-hurt for some reason, and loves to trololol.





    • sp

      everyone else cares other than you…


      4.2 is a perfect size Id say. its at least going to be uniformly even both width and height on the phone.

      thank you for your input but the rest of us think that this will be a good phone.



      GOOD LUCK THEN!!!!!

    • sp

      Dont need much luck.

      As much as I love my S3..I dont use it enough as a multi media device.

      I dont play many games on it, I dont play many movies on it anymore. Im more on email, text, whatsapp and twitter. hate having to close the window im in to see what stuff has come in from other things..

      to each his/her own right..

      BB10 for me



  • Shirajum Munir

    the screen seems a bit small 🙁

  • COBwiggy

    If anyone gets one and wants to trade it for my Nexus 4 I am down 🙂 I want to rep the Canadian company.

    • poopypants

      Buying a product if it’s bad doesn’t actually help the company. If BB10 is mediocre, the best thing you can do for RIM is NOT buy it so it’s stimulated by desperation to improve.

      That’s why they got crappy in the first place, people just kept buying their phones due to lack of options in Canada…when alternatives became available in a big deluge, RIM was in no position to compete.

    • COBwiggy

      @poopypants, I agree. I have no desire to buy one or what ever, until after the revealing to see how it actually is.

    • Brent

      Same buddy I have a Nexus 4 as well, plus an old work blackberry that im getting rid of because im leaving the company, Im gonna miss BBM. If anyone wants to trade one for my nexus 4 im Down!

  • Yves

    Yes maybee purchase Balck berry 10

  • Miknitro

    I am sure wanting a BB10 myself, will have to wait til spring before I can swing one without contract.
    They have built a fair bit of excitement imo.

  • Joe Jim Bob the third

    My prediction, astroturfers will likely be mostly gone now, some few trolls will remain. Citigroups short selling attempt for RIM has likely failed(any else notice the “everyone should sell RIM stock” announcement they did this morning?). This is my prediction at any rate. It was part of an attempt to crash RIM stock.

  • ASH

    Let’s get physical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dony

    Is this BB10?

  • RIM Fanboi


  • sp

    well at least they said the release date before some of us leaked it out..


  • DannyT

    I have RIM stock and whether they are successful or not I will be selling my shares in the first month after release, regardless what anyone says this will not be earth shattering and will only be sufficient enough to keep the company going after a horrible 2 years…if you think this new OS/phones will cripple Android/Windows or iTards you’re dreaming and there’s already proof that this is not spectacular in anyway. The lawsuit trolls will also be out in force for copy infringements and one has already started regarding the screen if this is the final product. Good luck RIM…you will need it to stay alive.

  • Dalex

    Well it seems my Tuesday evening will include a trip to Telus after work. Can’t wait!

  • Dan S

    I already pre-ordered mine from Fido! I can’t wait stuck with the iPhone 5 but not for too long.

  • Dan S

    Wow no one has commented “RIP RIM” or “STILL NO RELEASE DATE” lol…. BB10 ROCKS!

  • Jon

    Rogers will be releasing it on Feb. 5th along with Telus and Bell, with the keyboard version following up in April/May. The US will not see either version of the phone until April/May.

    • sp

      lol i can see the Americans trying to order it online..

      Probably would be a better release and availability than the Nexus 4 lol..

      GO BB10!!!!!!!

    • Jon

      Also, it will be launching at $149 on a 3yr. I haven’t heard officially the outright but definitely less than the ip5.

  • skazzberry

    No one has commented what you said because our comments keep getting deleted. I tried :(:(:(:(:(

  • Zeake

    Garbage. Looks like a copy… a cheap android copy!

  • skazzberry

    Actually F u All! RiP RiM!!!! BB10 = garbage. Only delusional patriotic canadian losers will buy this phone. Might as well go buy a type writer while you’re at it from Canadian tire.

    • skazzberrysucks

      It’s funny how you think Canadian Tire is a small POS company, and how you think that’s an insult to be a patriotic Canadian. Explains your opinion of BB10.



    • sp

      Troll alert…

      done eating iSheep and now trying to stir the pot with Blackberry users.

      Its okay skazzberry, we know you are just threatened by how great BB10 will be ^_^




    • sp

      no. you are saying that and putting words in everyone else’s mouth by saying iPhone and Android users will sell their devices for BB10.

      i said no such thing.

      if they choose to…they choose to. no one is forcing them to go to BB10.

      I “CHOOSE” to go to BB10 because of the features of the phone and the ease of the OS. I think it will be a breath of fresh air in the monopoly of OS’s that are available in the current market.


      True Love Poem!!

    • sp

      lol oh JUST SAYING..

      thats your argument?

      nothing valid to say…




    • sp

      sorry…i am seriously having a hard time trying to figure out now what you are trying to say..

      please turn on your spell check on your device.. or turn off your auto correct…


    • phreezerburn

      Still reeling from the neighbor buying drapes huh? Don’t take it out on RIM.

  • Kerry

    FWIW, I was told by a Bell rep that the Z10 would launch Feb. 4.

  • Johnny

    Hey skazzberry, you probably werent hugged as a child were you? youre probably just like the rest of the american trash out there “oh lets hate on canada even though we don’t know where it is”…goof. GO BLACKBERRY!

  • Mike

    Any poor people friendly prices for these?

    • Sweet

      Mike, my understanding is that RIM will be releasing cheaper phones later in the year.

  • EuroPolska

    Why would anyone want KeyLimePie? It’s like a quarter the OS BlackBerry10 is and has malware to boot. Stupid people amuse me, keep jestering clown.

  • EuroPolska

    I am very happy thought that he literally has nothing to bash about BlackBerry10 so he tries to attack the screen size lol. When the 5″ Aristo comes out he’ll say the Black and White are too boring for hardware colours!!! BlackBerry will fail! LOL Oh having a small genitalia must be frustrating… just saying.

  • Matthew

    I will be getting one! But not right away. I’m gonna wait a month or 2 to let any bugs get fixed then I will be buying one! 🙂

  • JBR

    I don’t know how anyone can hate on a device and an OS that they’ve never even tried. Give it a try, use it at least for five minutes and then, if you still hate it, go nuts.

  • Tom

    I have used a BB Playbook for over a year. Also own an iPad which I am very fond of. The PB however has IMHO a superior integration between the vital Mail, Calendar & Contacts native Apps. The predictive typing is incredibly helpful and accurate. I have to conclude that the BB10 OS will be a degree or two better in functionality. This is from a dedicated Machead and Linux geek. I love my iPad, the PB is just better at some things. Much better.

    It is for this reason that I have been holding out on re-entering the cell phone market (after a ten year absence) until RIM said they were finally ready. The choice between iOS, the vast variety of Android variants or BB10 seems relatively easy to me. All the hardware, equally excellent as it is, is secondary. The OS rules!

    Now that they have management dedicated to the Business instead of chasing an NHL hockey team I am confident that their core talent can sustain the long road back to a less dominant market position perhaps but in a vastly enlarged marketplace. Third place in a segment that sells hundreds of millions of units is nothing to sniff at. Starting out with a +80 million subscriber base is not going to hurt either.

    All the Boo Birds of derision will be silent soon methinks.

    Thanks for the opportunity to chip in.

    Happy Trails

  • Preferred

    From what I have heard from Best Buy mobile upper levels is Rogers will launch on the 31 and the rest shortly after. I only heard that the all touchscreen will be available. 799.99 outright. With no outright sales available at BB or FS. But I guess we won’t really know till the 30th. If they launch right after it will be good. If they pull a playbook and release way later it’s a fail. They need phones in people’s hands fast.

    • hoo dat

      I have no idea what the final price will actually be, all I can tell you is that, according to the RIM rep I recently spoke to, the MSRP will not be $799. Rumours out of the US suggest significantly lower than that with 2 year on contract pricing supposedly around $150, meaning an off contract price of around $500-$550.

  • SheepSix

    I’ve been keeping this quote from an earlier article so that I could come back to it. I looked into Detwiler Fenton’s reasoning behind this prediction and it was based on their belief that since many Canadian Corporations have their fiscal year end in March RIM wouldn’t release the new handsets until after then. That’s what happens when financial “analysts” make predictions about tech.

    Thank you and good night.

    “Research In Motion will unveil its first two BlackBerry 10 smartphones on January 30th. However, initial availability may not be likely. Boston-based research firm Detwiler Fenton states in a research note today that the first all-touch BB10 phone won’t appear in the U.S. until March and that the QWERTY keyboard version won’t debut until June.”

  • Joe public

    Don’t hate on the little droid-tards they are just upset bell only discounted the nexus by 60% instead of the normal 100% as we all know android users can only afford “FREE”.

    RIP Android the new Mc Donalds happy meal toy for 2013.

  • Knox

    RE: Detwiler Fenton

    Yeah.. except they won’t be available in the US til then. Canada is receiving the device a month + earlier than the US.

  • skazzberry

    Hi SP. Let me guess? You own a Canada Goose jacket which you paid $700 dollars for as well? How’s that nice Canadian pride coming along?

    • sp

      actually no… i dont own a Canada goose jacket. over priced and not needed. my heated hoodie is more than enough for me in these few cold days.

      yeah i am proud to be Canadian. after coming here from the the Philippines I am glad to call Canada my home.

      what does being Canadian have to do with wanting BB10 to succeed?

      Ive used every conceivable cell phone out there from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, BB, Apple and Samsung..

      Just because I feel BB10 is the next big phone for me and is something that I will enjoy… has nothing to do with being patriotic…

      reaching now for insults..

      GO BB10!!!

    • Joe Public


      Nothing wrong being Canadian or liking BlackBerry products but what wrong is your backward deeeeeeeeeeeeep south hillbilly mind set.

      Go play with your little android device and stop being mad because its obsolete already as its only 3 months old.

  • SunHammer

    I played with a pre-production Z10 yesterday. It’s the fastest and smoothest phone I’ve ever played with. The camera works great and is superior to my iPhone 4S camera (low-light conditions, and the time-shift feature works great). The phone overall has nice a finish, and the OS is very fluid and polished.
    I’m dumping my iPhone when this comes out.

  • Velo

    It is nice to see some people can show proper grammar in their comments. Then again, I suppose anyone who graduated from grade 8 would know how to turn off Caps Lock, use proper punctuation and form structured sentences.
    Thanks Tom for such a tasteful comment.
    And as for everyone who complains about screen size. Really? Cell phones started massive, went small and are now going back to massive. What do people want these days? Something that works and works well. I wish Blackberry the best of luck with BB10. If you want a “phone” that has a 5 inch screen, plays games and does a ton of other things that make you so socially inept in public, then buy it and don’t boast about it.
    I hope mobilesyrup pays attention to these comments to make sure none of these “intelligent-commenters” win any of their give-a-ways. That would be a waste.


  • Darren

    SunHammer and hoo dat – thanks for some actual information, and sp for some common sense! Can’t wait to see the final product – and the final price! Wonder how badly Rogers will try to gouge me since I still have a year remaining on my Nexus S contrat. 🙁

    • sp

      I can check for you if you want to know.

  • gnarly

    I wish they spent a little more on industrial design and UI aesthetics. It would have been a pleasant surprise to have a leap in looks as well as the operating system.

    It looks really boring, I don’t know why RIM didn’t ramp up that department. And… you know that you won’t be able to modify the UI too much. Pretty much what you see is what you are going to get.

    I had a bold and a playbook, loved the playbook OS (although laggy). BB10 is going to be a great UI, it’s going to kick a*s and be faster to get stuff done than any other OS out there. But…. man I wish it were sexier.

    I hope BB10 for playbook comes out soon to satisfy my curiosity.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

    February 5th, 2013 is a date.

  • BIll Murray

    i’d take a tin can attached to a string over this any day

    • Joe Public


      So you going to pick up a new android then… Is it the new samsung galaxy s27 with chocolate cake OS matched with a 12 core processor and 22 inch screen that comes with 1000 feet of string so you can make long distant calls.

      Good on you droid-tard good on you.

  • theone

    as a industry person and probably one of the only people on this site that has actually used BB10 i can tell you… You guys are in for a surprise this OS is truly intelligent and smooth,

    i know its hard for people on the internet to be smart i know it is and its not your own fault

    its the fault of the internet for letting people that arent that bright to voice their opinions but dont judge something you haven’t seen or played with

    once it comes out see the demos and then tell us what you think

  • jess

    Got mine pre ordered through Rogers, hope its the same day or earlier 🙂

  • T1MB1T

    Wind will make this phone rock! The aws goodness will drown you all.. !!! bet plans best network 200,000,000 million strong and growing!!!! We will buy you all!

  • EddieWinslow

    Long time android user. But I am intrigued by this device. I Will be considering one for sure. all my Android apps and games that I have purchased can just be used on my nexus 7.

  • ottawa

    I am glad to see that wind is getting this phone.. I will be buying it, but in a few months when there are some good apps ready for it !!

  • Dave

    I’ll believe it when I see it in the store.

  • singh

    Sure I gonna buy. let’s see if carrier have any special plan for BB10, THAN IT GONNA BE MORE EXCITING. 6 days more to raise the curtain….WATERLOO TO NEW YORK VIA TORONTO………….

  • Peter

    Let’s see 🙂 Maybe i’ll get one with Virgin !

  • Some Guy

    Tried a BB10 Dev phone. Totally amazing. Dropping my S3 for a Z10 for sure.

  • O410E

    That is what I said last week so for the guys (and girls) who voted with their thumbs up, well done. For those who were thumbs down…D’oh!

    Let’s add them to the ‘know-it-alls’ that know squat!!


    I know when they will be available but Ive been told not to say anything. Ill just say get excited soon ppl.
    I have a Galaxy Note 2 & even Im super excited about BB10 & will have a Z10 in my hands as soon as its available .
    I think that they should have made the screen 4.5″ which is a perect size for alot of ppl & fir me personally the 5.5″ display of the Note 2 is perfect.
    If you bash BB10 your a moron because if you cant appreciate the OS they have created then you know nothing about Mobile devices & your a bandwagon type person. Ill be enoying my Z10 & my Note 2 real soon & hope you guys can get one also because it really is something special RIM has created. – KID ANDROID (Team Android Canada)