Dev-Team claims to have untethered jailbreak for new iDevices, just waiting for iOS 6.1


  • Terry

    Never owned an iPhone. Feels good, man.

    • Mexico Ron

      Exactly. I have never, ever used an Apple product because I know better. I know there are always better products that cost less. I don’t have to have used it to know that.

  • sparky

    Ok, a bit of clarification if you please:

    Is there a distinction between Jailbreaking and Unlocking? Or rather, if one jailbreaks their device, will that automatically unlock their device as well, or are the two independent of each other?

    My understanding has always been that Jailbreaking simply allows the user to bypass any DRM measures that the manufacturer has put in place – install custom software, modify code, customize, etc. Is that correct?

    Thanks for any help!

  • jonny

    Even when there was nothing better than iProducts, I still refused to buy one because they were inflexible and locked down. I knew a better open product would be just around the corner.

  • Alex

    Locked down, sure.. why do you have to root your phones again?

    • Brian

      … we don’t have to?

    • huawei4Real

      Don’t need to root our phones. Well, if you are a Samsung user you probably do, unless you want to wait months or years for vapour updates that never come. Or if you want to patch Samsung’s multitude of holes they have in their devices. But aside from that, no we don’t have to root our phones.

  • Kid.Canada

    People still use iPhones?..

  • BIll Murray

    Why does everyone on this website hate the iphone so much???

    • armourX

      Because once you know a little bit about technology, pricing, and options that are out there, you realize how much of a joke an iPhone is, with its Apple Tax, and artificial limitations.


    • Rio

      I know a lot about technology but still much prefer my iPhone. It is simply personal preference.

      I, at one point, enjoyed all that customization and random gadgets. Heck my desktop looked like it was from another planet with every possible bit of information and gadgets you could think off.

      But I cant stand that anymore and do not have time for it. I just want my phone to work without any hicups, and that is what the iPhone does best. I know when I download an app from the app store that it is made for the iPhone and will not have any hicups.

      Lastly peace of mind, if something goes wrong with my phone (no matter what company) I dont want to have to go around calling 15 different departments and then having to ship it out for a couple weeks with the hope of it being fixed. I walk into an Apple store and they give me a new one, simple.

      Yes I am paying a premium for it, but the premium is not for the hardware. It is for the stability and peace of mind and the ecosystem.

      If you had to pick between a company that offered awesome customer service and one that offered marginal service, what would you pick? – Apple

      If you had to pick a company that offered awesome specifications and top of the line components what would you pick? – Samsung

      It is what makes your life easier and what makes you happier so stop arguing with each other.

    • armourX

      Rio, Rio, Rio…

      You are willing to give up complete freedom, and put yourself into the Apple box instead. Where is the upside?

      1. The apps argument holds no water. Android market got everything covered. Heck, even Windows market now has the essentials, aside from a few apps here and there. How many apps do you have currently installed on your device that you use daily/weekly? 10? 15? Maaaaaybe 20? Are you willing to pay a premium for 20 apps?

      2. How many phones did you have to repair in the last 5 years? If more than 1, why do they break so quickly and frequently? Is it the phone… or the user?

      So tell me again why you are dying to pay 100’s more for an Apple logo, 20 apps, and a phone repair that is unlikely to even be utilized, unless you toss your phone around like a football?

    • Rio

      lol I already explained the up sides for me in my previous post, they dont necessarily need to be upsides for you.

      I am giving up nothing as I dont require this ‘freedom’. What does this freedom allow me to do? Add a few widgets to my home screen? Make my phone look fancy?

      An the APps argument is VERY Real and you have very low standards if you dont believe that. Any software developer will tell you it is just not possible to have the same quality on an android as compared to iPhone and it isnt anyones fault thats the nature of the situation.

      When a developer makes something for the iPhone it is very easy for them to optimize it to the hardware of the phone.
      Where as on Android they have to keep in mind the app is gonna be run on 100s of devices, how do you optimize it for each? you cant,

      I am a very heavy user and my iPhone takes a lot of beating. I managed to break the glass on my 4S Last year, took it to the Apple store and it was fixed for free. I just got lucky in that instance as according to the Genius he took a little bit ‘longer’ to fix it than usual hence it was free. I went through a phase where i played with my power button A LOT lol. And within a year it stopped working, NO problem. Walk into an Apple store and walk out a new one. Now tell me if any of that happen with your android what length would you have to go to fix it?

      Like I said it is personal Preference. I Prefer stability, consistency and customer service over raw power and ‘freedom’. Also last I checked the price of the S3 is no more 100$ difference from an iPhone, so I am not really paying any more.

    • armourX

      Fair enough, and it somewhat makes sense in your case, since you seem to be breaking you phones a lot. I’ve had many phones over the years, and had to repair them exactly zero times. I don’t even consider myself lucky – I just take care of my devices.

      Freedom by default is a better option. Why would you possibly take a step back from it, and not just when it comes to cellphones. I think that Franklin said it best: “Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security”. Tweak this one to your liking.

      As far as for overpaying, you absolutely are. In your post you have mentioned that Samsung offers “awesome specifications and top of the line components”, which makes it a much better phone. Yet you pay less for it.

      As for the apps, you did not answer my question. How many of them do you use on daily basis? The most frequently used apps are very well covered and optimized on both platforms, as well as in Windows ecosystem, though the latter one is still is missing a few core apps.

      The bottom line seems to be that if you abuse you phone, or have a tendency of dropping it often, it is safer to go with an iPhone, and hope that your repairs end up being free. For everything else, an iPhone has limited advantage, or none at all. This is how I read both of your posts.

  • fragmented

    i don’t hate iphones… its the iphone users that are to close minded to believe there is any thing as good if not better than an iphone, that is what i dislike. I switched, and i have never had to root any of my devices…. If you need to jailbreak your iphone, to be more like an android… Get an android!!

  • Travis

    Can’t wait to jb my 5!!! Bring it on please.

  • Superfly

    @alex…every phone manufacturer created security for their software and hardware. Only Apple will continue to try and stop you from bypassing this security. Because they are a communist , suicide loving, family destroying, bondage making, control seeking whack job company.

    • xxXXXxx

      …and they are responsible for the war in Iraq, for the fact that your wife is ugly and fat… There’s isheeps and Ihaters, but when you switch to android (GS3) and realise that this phone is sooooooo slow, even just to close the messages, and that 1 out of 5 times there’s a bug in the phone and you have to reset it, you’ll go back to being a Iquality lover…

  • Greg

    LOL. Android loving fools. I just sold my Samsung. Why? Crap materials? True. Horrible color accuracy on the screen? True. Java and it’s craptastic battery life? True. But it wasn’t even all those. It was app stability, lack of long-term updates, and poor app-o/s integration. Those things Apple nails and android blows chunks on. If you’re a sucker for latest bling, go Android. Want more apps in place of better quality apps? Go android. Want the damn thing to work well as a comm device? Apple. I hate Apple’s closed system and lock downs, but the device WORKS. I point and laugh at you, Android coolaid drinkers!

  • Cody

    Yes , I can not wait to jailbreak.. My hats really go off to the people who are working n the jail break . Thinks its horrible that people say awful things concerning the nature of where the team is at in jail breaking iPhone 5 the mini and ipad 4. Have to remember that they do it for no money. So I applaud you guys!

  • No1453

    Waiting to jailbreak my ipad 4, but have decided my next portable device (phone, tablet, whatever) will not be from Apple unless they make some move (any move, please!) to make their devices open. If every single piece of software on my iDevice has to go through the App Store (with Apple taking it’s cut each time)., it’s going to be “Goodbye Apple!”

    Listen up, Apple, because I’m seeing comments like mine more and more lately…

  • curtis

    If you never owned and idevice why comment on here?? iOS was really good 3-4yrs ago.. I enjoyed new jailbreaks but I’m now on that ANDROID tip. 2yrs in!
    Stop the cat and mouse game and switch to ANDROID!!!

  • fattyz

    all other phones are still iphone wannabees i’ll consider switching when they catch up my 3gs was jailbroken 2 yrs without the jailbreak yes it’s crap but as long as I can jailbreak it’s iphone even though I wish it was as big as android or galaxy

  • Superfly

    @xxxhole. ….. soddomite.

  • ihitmyheadalot

    Heres what i dont understand. If you dont like a product, dont use it. Its that simple. Android fans are like those religious people that show up knocking on your door constantly. You don’t want them.. have little to no value for what they have to say.. and wish they’d shut up. I love android. I think its AWESOME.. but after using both android and apple phones i refuse to not see the errors that EITHER side make. I choose the phone that suits my life based upon functionality and convenience. Sometimes thats an android handset. Sometimes its an apple one. But regardless of which im using i’m never so blind as to not see the shortcomings of either.
    At the end of the day i just can’t understand why android users cant be proud of their own self appointed superiority in silence.

  • Greg

    @Ihitmyheadalot – It’s because they aren’t secure in it’s “superiority”. This is why I say what I say – that both have strengths and weaknesses. There’s apps, build quality, battery life, stability, etc. But as a communications device right now iOS is better (battery life, settings management, notifications). As an example, I have never needed more than one email app on iOS yet I have always needed multiple on Andoid. Why? Push versus poll, sound versus vibrate, etc. Mixed settings over several vendors’ systems. On iOS this works, on Android it’s a nightmare. This does not mean iOS is better for everyone but it is certainly better for me.

  • Jimmy

    I use both android an ios.

    I find neither totally free or open I root my android and I jailbreak my ios device i like them both and they both do what I need,

    And talking about android I always take my device to get fixed, no fault of my own but because the company just can not get the bugs out of the hardware.