Untethered jailbreak for new Apple devices running iOS 6 expected to be released on December 22nd


  • holler back girl

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand nobody cares!

  • Intelligent Individual

    Lots of people care you t**t.

  • Polo

    Does JB really makes sense anymore ? I used to customize it so much until iOS6 came. After that, and all the trouble I’ve had with it. I’ve never really bothered anymore.

    Maybe it’s just me though …

    • chrome262

      I kind of agree with you, except for intelliscreenX (which the developer works for Apple now) everything ios6 does is what I use to jailbreak for.

    • PJ

      NCSettings. That’s all I need. Why Apple hasn’t implemented wifi/bt/3g switches in the notification shade perplexes me.

  • Ant


  • haxor99

    Isn’t it illegal to jailbreak an iphone? Don’t risk it.. come to Android!

    • chrome262

      If its illegal to JB and iPhone its illegal to root an Adroid phone as well. I have done both so oh well.

  • Lukeiphone

    Wow! Amazing news!

  • Derrick

    Very sceptical about this.

  • KR15P

    I have a feeling December 22nd is gonna be a very disappointing day for a lot of people….

  • Nukies Nutt

    I am so excited to have a JB!!! OH wait will not work for wind.. heewie here I come… nuke too much rouge!

  • abc123

    People have choices. Those don’t care about jailbreaking or rooting their phones because they think its working fine why bothered. To those who are willing to try, holly sh*t!!! now this is a phone.

  • BD

    @chrome262 – It is NOT illegal to JB an android because most android companies allow for unlocked bootloaders so we can custom install our own custom ROMS, thus making the android OS more user accessible.

    • Fandroid

      @bd you do know that if you have a rooted phone your voiding warranty right?? Unless you re flash and unroot your phone and reset the counter??

  • Arcsvibe

    I smell a fake! It would be nice too! I miss SBSsettings!

  • screamer

    That is a reason to buy an iPhone but the technology on the phone needs a bit more to convince me to buy one. The price is okay because the iPhone I can sell easily after a year. Noop I have a galaxy and nothing is better.

  • alberta rocky

    Yes!? The day after the earth ends!

  • S2556

    Dream jelly bean

  • Karendar

    Now here’s the real question: How about the ATV3?

  • Mike

    People shouldn’t have to jailbreak an Iphone so they could customize their phone that they own. Apple should create a real Iphone that is actually open to customize as they like without needing to jailbreak. Why does Apple make such a dumb Iphone that is so locked down and they expect people to use only what Apple provides. With Android its so user friendly, and you can customize as you like without needing to jailbreak like Iphone. Theres lots of settings in Android that Apple doesn’t allow their users to do on Iphones. Apple is like a dictator with their Iphones, they tell the users what to do and what is only provided on the iphones, and Iphones are locked down like a dictator country lol. Iphones are like a century old dictator county the same old boring Operating system with no freedoms or any fun with anything new. With Android there’s so much freedom and Android allows the users to do what they please. And when a Iphone user runs away from the dictator country into the jailbreak country asking for refugee status they are allowed freedom but once the user tries to update they are deported back into the dictator country and given a stern slap on the wrist and not allowed into the jailbreak country again. Owning an Iphone is like giving your money to a dictator so they can tell you what to do. People should buy an android to live in freedom and enjoy their phone as they own it and aren’t told what to do, or how to use the device. With Android your the boss of the phone, use it how you please. With Iphone and there’s a problem with it, Apple will blame the user as “your holding it wrong” thats why it drops calls lmao. With Android they take responsibility why something is wrong and they fix it.

    • Dean

      Very well said. I totally agree with you.

  • nrj4life

    While I’m sure many agree with you, you’ve got your point across 6 sentences ago…

  • zrayhanx

    I m using 6.0.1 tethered .. cant wait to hav untethered

  • Borsato92

    It is a fake. Very disappointing.