Bell knocks Galaxy Nexus price down to $350 outright (Nexus 4 coming soon?)


  • Dan

    I got my Galaxy Nexus from Mobilicity for around $350 back in August 2012…

    • Dave

      Got my for $249 in December.

  • Aiden

    I got my Nexus 4 for $299 why would anyone pay more for lower specs?…#Big3logic

    • ile2010

      Isn’t it $309 in Canada and isn’t there a $16.99 shipping charge?

      I don’t disagree with the fact that the N4 is a better deal, but you gotta include all costs and you should really compare it to the 16 GB N4.

  • Stephen

    It’s been 330 at Rogers for months.

  • JimSillyballs

    Wow, aren’t they so merciful. They sell you last year’s model $10 cheaper than this year’s model. When will all the dumb a*s people stop supporting these ridiculous company’s that scam and swindle their money.

  • monsterduc1000

    why in the world would you pay $350 for the galaxy nexus when you can get the vastly superior nexus 4 16 gb for the same price?

    • jellmoo

      Because you can’t?

    • sp

      at this rate…you cant get the Nexus 4 for the same price. still out of stock on the Playstore.

      but if you are lucky enough to get it from there.. koodos to you!!!

      or Kijiji/Craigslist.

  • TKG

    nexus4 is 310..
    Should be 200

  • LPP

    If Bell were to sell the Nexus 4, would they sell it at the same price that Google is offering on the Play store ($309/$359) or will they slap on an additional amount?

    • crimsona

      If Bell got the Nexus 4? $499 minimum, not a penny less. $549 more likely

    • Andrew


      Considering it’s next to impossible to currently buy a Nexus 4 through Google Play (I mean in Canada, US, and almost any other market that Google is selling their devices to) I would imagine Bell and any other of the “big 3” will likely tack on an additional amount… and get away with it.

      I don’t like it any more then anyone else, but hey… people WILL buy it

    • EvanK

      Carriers buy the N4 from LG for a higher price than the $300 offered by Google, so it’s essentially a given that it’d be pricier.

    • jellmoo

      Considering that T-Mobile sells it outright at $549, that’s probably a good ballpark for what a Canadian carrier would sell it for.

    • Lazed

      @LPP Google is subsidizing the cost of the N4 on the Play Store. LG sells it for a higher price. T-Mobile is selling it for $549 off contract, so don’t be surprised to see a similar number here in Canada.

    • sp

      you guys do know that outright in the states they sell the Nexus 4 for $549 right?

      only through Google can you get it for 308/358 or whatever the price is lol.. i lost track cause i seem to not care about the Nexus 4 anymore. built in battery and unexpandable memory…….. this time Google.. I ll pass.

      sides…its LG…. if it was Samsung…I may have gone for it!!

  • Glen

    people here whine about the gnex’s price not knowing that the nexus 4 is out of stock and so hard to find.

  • Sweet

    Overpriced. They’re probably exploiting the fact that the N4 is pretty much unavailable. But then again, I never expected Bell to offer a good deal.

  • gjeff12

    Kind of sad that this is considered a good deal. I do believe it got price dropped to $350 in the us just under a year ago.

  • Okay price

    Nexus 4 is coming to bell, most likely in 3-4 weeks.

  • Mike Monner

    Geez, I’m confused! You are all saying it’s not a good deal. Coming from Bell, I figured this is a good deal. They rarely offer deals like this. A Samsung Galaxy S II is $549 when you buy outright from Bell. This phone is $200 cheaper. What am I missing here? I got until the end of the year with Bell then the 3 year contract is done so I’m stuck with them until then.

    • jellmoo

      It’s not so much that it is a bad deal, it’s more that it isn’t an amazing great one. The phone is over a year old now, and does have some pretty big drawbacks. No expandable memory, a terrible camera, weak battery life, and specs that simply do not compare to current high end devices, and even most mid range devices available today. There is also the concern that Canadian Galaxy Nexus devices don’t get updates as quickly as unbranded or world models (though they can with some fairly simply hackery).

      The comparison being made here though to the Nexus 4 is a pretty unfair one, since that device is quite simply not available, and pretty much has been unavailable since release. Sure, the Nexus 4 is a great deal, but it may as well not exist.

      At $350, I think it’s a pretty fair deal for the budget minded consumer that doesn’t need the latest and greatest device. *BUT* you have to live with the knowledge that the device is already a year old, and it is possible that the Nexus 4 (a better device outright) *could* be available again. Someday. Maybe. Possibly.

  • parm

    Bell mobile TV app works with my nexus 4 as of this week. Didn’t before, a sign it could be coming.

  • tic tac, tactics

    Google is smart. Offer the phone cheaper on the playstore for few minutes; hype it up, and give it up to carriers. Smart move. That’s far superior than advertisements and much lower budget.

    • Mobilesyrup addict

      I would never, ever ever buy a locked phone in a contract from the big 3 that was originaly intended to break their crooked model of business!

  • Glen

    I agree that Nexus 4 might be coming to Bell with all the talks about LG speeding up production. But knowing Canadian carriers, I don’t think they’d price it like Google. They’ll probably gonna price it like any other high end device.

  • Jack

    Once the dust settles in a few weeks, Nexus 4 will be back in stock at the Play Store at its regular price. A little patience will save you 100s of dollars.

    Do not fall for the Big3 tricks! They laugh at their customers, while humiliating them, and then laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Jimmy

    Not everyone has a credit card to order a nexus 4.

  • MattyMattMatt

    This is six months late… Hopefully this means they will drop it on Virgin too.

  • Dave

    I wouldn’t even bother to buy a LG phone even it was ordered by Google.

  • Jv

    The nexus 4 is not a year old. Was released in mid November. Thats less the 3 month ago. Its a fair deal. If you want a phone get it. Otherwise move on. Its not a life or death decision.

    • jellmoo

      This story is about the Galaxy Nexus was released in November 2011, not the Nexus 4.

  • Mark

    Not interested.

  • dayafter21

    I’m not going to buy a nexus 4 from bell so they can put me on a 3 year contract or buy it outright after I know that it sold for cheaper somewhere else. I commend google and LG on pi$$ing off their customers! Good job!

  • nexus lover for life

    rip rim

  • ry29

    @jimmy, in this day and age, getting a Prepaid Visa or Visa Debit from your bank for online purchases is quite simple

  • Jeremy

    Well hopefully they do get it. I have been using an Optimus G and i love it. (Had a Galaxy Nexus before). So i think i would sell this and buy a the Nexus 4. Minus OS there really the same device and i HATE LTE!! Such a waste of battery and on hspa+ I never sit there like omg hurry up. Id trade double the battery life for waiting an extra second for a web page to load anyday. Only thing im annoyed with on nexus 4 is the locksxreen. I hate it and the animation when locking your phone does not look right any more. 4.2 is a horrible update wish i could just use 4.1 until keylime comes out hopefully in may. 🙂

  • Toy lover

    And let’s not forget that Bell lock their phones forever.

    • 4real

      if the CRTC changes take effect, they won’t be able to lock it forever. There’ll be a window

  • ile2010

    The GNex from Bell won’t be locked and the N4 won’t be locked either.

    • ile2010

      GNex wasn’t*