Google may have influenced Motorola’s software choices, but its hardware impact is still to come


  • Alex

    That’s some great news!

  • Sean

    I can seriously see the X phone being something amazing. Google has shows with the Nexus 4 they are not afraid of competing with the high end devices that the OEM’s make. Also Motorola is known for really good batteries in their devices and it seems like Google wants to improve this even more.

  • mark

    read more about blackberry 10

  • Ben

    ‘Drought’, not ‘Draught’

    • gnote

      Go easy Ben, it’s Daniel after all… what else would you expect?

  • zzZZzz

    Moto needs to stop with prefixes and suffixed for the RAZR brand. The Atrix doesn’t have the best reputation either considering the first one was a flop.

    New brand and more marketing it’s what Moto needs. I’m not the type of person that spends time watching TV so for me it’s mostly radio or billboards or internet ads. Can’t remember hearing about Moto, but for sure remember Galaxys.

  • deltatux

    Great to see Google has great plans for Motorola. Would like to see Motorola bounce back but I think its bad image that it gained through the years is hard to dispel.

  • Miknitro

    This is kind of exciting, I thought Google was going to let Moto stay it’s own course,which didn’t look good to me.
    If they are getting in elbow deep,yay for future Moto products and us as consumers.

  • Henaway

    I still have my original Motorola Milestone. It’s not compatible with my new carrier, but it still runs just fine. Only real ‘problem’ is that after a few years, the battery doesn’t hold up as long as it used to – and it used to go DAYS on a charge. Moto used to be an incredibly strong brand in the cell world. They let themselves fade into obscurity through a series of lackluster products and poor software updates. They can rise again, and Google can make it happen. If the X Phone can be a truly premium product with proper updates and great battery life, they can win people back. If they can run with that ‘unbreakable’ idea, they can own the universe. Kevlar and Willow Glass maybe? Flexible display? Curious to see what they actually come out with. Good luck Google!

  • Kid.Canada

    If the next Nexus is Motorola with a big screen (4.7-5″) and battery (3000 or 3300mAh) I’d buy it in a heartbeat even if the price goes up a bit due to screen size and battery. Make it happen Google!!

  • Collije

    Moto has the best radios / call quality, and usually has good hardware (their screens need improvement I admit, and please don’t continue sealed batteries). I expect some big things from Moto in the next 2 years mobile-wise

  • feadin

    I have an Atrix HD, and since it was updated to Jelly Bean, it’s been really smooth and battery life has improved. I really like it!

  • Breezy

    Moto should be one of manufacturers of Nexus devices.

  • rspear

    Meh, I’m more enthused about tizen and Ubuntu development. That is great news for all consumers.

  • Piff

    All I need to see is Nexus Maxx.