Update: Winner announced in our Windows Phone 8X by HTC contest


  • Miknitro

    I could use it for my wife as a replacement to her near dead one now.

    • Ron

      If you loved your wife you’d buy here a new phone! 🙂

    • Darth Paton


    • Eduardo

      Yes please!! I’d really like to give win8 a try!

      Good luck everyone.

    • Eduardo

      When will the winner be announced?

  • ASH

    Can I win once in my life for a change?

  • Kim DeCoste

    Would love a new phone…my ancient Blackberry Curve has more than overstayed it’s welcome

  • Jesse

    DUDE! I’ve been waiting forever for this contest! My mom needs a new phone and I’ve been thinking of this one, maybe this’ll be my lucky day.

  • kirilmatt

    I wouldnt mind a new phone!

  • Leo Conway

    would love to pickup a great in windows phone! Good Luck All

  • Scott Robertson

    nice phone

  • Chris

    Awesome, thanks MobileSyrup! BIG want! Few understand my deep love for WP haha! #nerd

  • Reolin

    Very nice phone. Good luck to all.

  • Tina Johnson

    I would love this!!

  • Chuckie


  • Cole Doyle

    Does anybody actually win one of these contests? I’ll believe you if I win

  • George

    me me me!!

  • Kashtin

    All I can say is….DO WANT!

  • Gill

    I really need this.


    My wifes phone just died & I cant afford to buy her another one so winning one would kick a*s. Help a brother out Ian & choose me to win please sir 🙂

  • EvanK

    What I would do for a WP8 handset… thanks MobileSyrup!

  • Carl

    I’ll like this!

  • ryan

    Yes please

  • Lirodon

    Its unlocked, right?

  • LJK

    You guys rock.

  • pauly

    Yes!!! Please

  • stacey dempsey

    I follow on twitter @roswello and tweeted and I follow on facebook google plus as stacey dempsey

  • Rafael

    liked, commented and shared….

  • Cody

    It’s my mom’s birthday in two weeks and she desperately needs a new phone to replace her worn out LG Keybo. Please, phone gods, make me the best son ever.

  • shubham lahoti

    just retweeted the contest shared ir one facebook
    +i on g+ shared on all my 5 pages on facebook anything more i can do plz tell me

    • Hadi

      I like to win this phone because its my first time to have such kind of phone

  • petertinh

    Great contest. Please give me a chance to win.

  • James

    I would love this phone. Windows Phone 8 is amazing.

  • TimH

    Well, sure, I’ll take one please!

  • Wia


  • William Pitcher

    Did anyone else look at the picture and just for a second think, “That phone is huge!” 😉

  • Christine Y

    I still have a flip phone – 6 years old – one of the first to have a camera!!! If there’s someone out there who needs a new phone… it’s me!!!

  • Doris Calvert

    Awesome follow on all your sites! thank you!

  • Joe


  • Ghulam shabbir

    I love it but i can ‘t afford it sorry

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    Please say my name… I m really mad for this phone….

  • Kedy

    Pls giv it 2 me pls pls pls

  • MattyMattMatt

    This is a sick phone. WP8, being so simple, ends up being very smooth.

  • sina

    i beg.

  • Natalie

    Maybe this time, I’ll be lucky….

  • Andy Kabasubabo Koni

    Like everyone, id love to win.
    Who wouldn’t want such as smooth experience.
    Good luck to Everyone, you deserve it as much as me

  • kayn

    I’ve become interested in dabbling in WP8 a little and this would give me that opportunity. All you have to do is choose me.

  • Rajath

    Wow..i have no hopes of winning cuz i havent won anything in my life!!! but this is sooo cool!!

  • Kezghan

    This is a great phone. Thanks Mobilesyrup!

  • Aleb

    The beats audio enhancement on this phone is insane!! I compared it with the Lumia 920 and is definitely a killer feature

  • uday

    I want this pls

  • K.R.Prabhakaran Nair

    The handy phone with sleek looks. My present to my girl in Harvard

  • Olanipekun AdEsEyE

    am gona give a try if I will be lucky to be a winner this time around

  • mohammed ibrahim

    i pray to be the lucky winner

  • jonesmali

    i need dat phone badly and i need it for my self and not for any one else,i just need a phone this period of time and m hoping on the wining please just help me out sir……………

  • Jason

    All the a*s kissing and phoney sob stories on this comment thread are hilarious. What people will do for free things. lol. You want it that bad… go buy it.

  • leye

    I will very happy if im lucy to win one. I ve never dream of having it in my life!

  • leye

    I will very happy if im lucy to win it. I ve never dream of it in my life!

  • Kristopher Davis

    I’d love to win but never do, my cereal boxes even come without the prize 🙁

  • Jonathan W.

    Here’s to hoping that I get one. And of course, congrats to whoever gets it in the end if it’s not me!

  • Hadi

    I actually need that phone wp8 b/cos i never met with a person that has type of phone its great

  • S2556

    Would love to win!

  • Md. Khezir Mahmud Khan

    I am say the true thing that i would not able to gave any phone to my loving wife by purchase so, if i get this i must gave her as surprised

  • IdowuOlamilekan

    And i love my mummy ooo and i want to buy her new phone

  • vi

    kg k

  • Boakye-Tenkorang Moses

    Nice one, wish i win it, would really come in handy at with the skydrive.


    ya just competing ya self but it’s wit me now….oooh! thanks lord.

  • kalpesh bhavar

    Far better than android kiddos. Awesome phone. It’s rocks

  • kalpesh bhavar

    Far better than android kiddos. Awesome phone. It’s rocks. Keep it up…….

  • mgbeokwere onyeka

    u guyz hav lots of reali kool stufs…i hope i win smday…kip up d gud work

  • Aziz

    I like this content
    And i want x8 pone ya

  • Asif

    I wants chat with girls

  • Abba yusif

    I like it because its most womderful world.

  • nicasio gapasin

    Mobilesyrup, thank you

  • lucky

    thats superb

  • mean

    wow nice WP

  • wilson b.laihee

    nothing compares this new htc windows 8 phone.

  • Javier

    I whan

  • Maxwell

    .Nice window phone.

  • Maxwell

    NIce window phone,lov this.

  • Maxwell

    Nice one,I lov Windon phone.

  • kayfanny

    HTC WP8its a phone I’ve alwez iMagined owning possessing it’ld be a dream come true

  • Rajesh Singh

    I would like to have it in my pocket ASAP.

  • kayfanny

    HTC WP8 is a phone I’ve alwez iMagined owning possessing it’ld be a dream come true

  • Rajesh Singh

    Yss I wanna have it….

  • Rajesh Singh

    Looks gud, lets see its performance.

  • Mike

    i am in! Hope to win a Win Phone 8 for development reasons!

  • Anjani kumar anjana

    Great Phone as shows it feature and good combination of windows with htc. love it

  • Krishna

    Yep. I like the idea of a free gift. Shared, liked and following too!
    Good luck all of you!

  • skantha

    At least this one for me!

  • shaequionne

    I need a new phone badly

  • jimmy

    wish i could win this one.

  • mahesh prasad


  • mahesh prasad

    very nice phone

  • mahesh prasad

    nice phone

  • Anand Mahure

    nice Opportunity..

  • kenny

    I will be very happy if I can win one. I have always dream of winning one of this best phone one day

  • ridwan

    thanks to mobile syrup for this.i wish am the lucky winner of the phone

  • ridwan

    thanks to mobile syrup for this.i wish i could be the lucky winner of the phone

  • Wes

    Awesome, Gimme Gimme!

  • jason defty

    I would love this just got the kids New phone’s

  • guru

    awesome, i like it very much………

  • Baziliopwaili

    Iwill be very happey if i will win this big content….

  • Paul Gilbert

    Would love to have a smartphone running Windows 8. Desperately need a new phone.

  • Steeve Francillon

    My lucky day!

  • Himanshu

    It is seriously a nice phone. I would love it if I get it , but my luck has never been so great so I know that I should not have hope as it is certain that I am not the one to win this phone.

  • R.Michael Sanders

    Hopefully I win!!!

  • R.Michael Sanders

    Hopefully I win!

  • thinesh raja

    If I win,it is my first phone.

  • Matthew

    love to pair this with my new surface!!!

  • daredeshouka

    I would love to show this off! My LG Quantum is so slow and heavy and stuck on WP 7.5. GL everyone!

  • Jonah

    Really awesome contest. I’ve really liked how MobileSyrup gives each platform a fair shake when writings articles and reviews.

  • ender

    please !!!

  • sf735768

    Sounds good to me! I’d love to win one!

  • bill

    Want one please

  • rhythm kr barman

    luks 2b a gud fon wanna try it maself 1st

  • aviking

    The only way I am ever going to get a Windows phone is if it is given to me because I am not going to pay for one.

    So send it my way 😛

  • sunil gandhi

    wanted to see the smile on my daughter”s face.

  • Scott

    One of the small reasons why I love this website!!!

  • zinckey

    yeah baby!

  • Scott V.

    My Daughter is turning 16, she would love this.

  • Tushar Mehan

    Need this very badly…..
    will be so good if it gets mine…….

  • Vin

    Pick Me….Pick Me….

  • OMG BASEDGOD #taskforce #tybg

    Would love to try out WP8. Giving me this phone is a great step in that direction MS.

  • AznBoy00

    We all know that everyone wants one, so how about me 😀

  • gramz

    i won a free unlock code some time ago was really stupid

  • jermiah


  • Graham

    Very cool phone! Good luck everyone!

  • 1day

    Someday…remember..Someday i will WIN THIS PHONE

  • Brian J

    yes please, i would love to try a windows phone

  • mike gordon

    i need one. my last phone was junk (iphone 3GS) so many issues i shot it. seriously with a 300 win mag.

  • Jesse

    Would greatly love this at the moment!

  • Andrew

    I’d be willing to test the waters of Windows Phone with a freebie! 🙂

  • khaled


  • spades

    Would be an awesome upgrade!

  • Hel

    Pick Me! Pick Me!! Pick Me!!!

  • nekkidtruth

    This would seriously make my ridiculously crappy month.

  • Kirk

    This phone looks amazing! Good luck to everyone that is trying to win.

  • Cody

    Love HTC’s designs with WP. Thanks MS!

  • Maxwell


  • Kim

    I would love to win this, as I do not have any access to any phone..it would be great to have a phone…

  • Chris Rodgers

    I want one. I’ve never won any mobile devices.

  • Catherine Brown


  • Debbie Bashford

    fingers crossed

  • Stephanie M.

    Yes please!!!

  • Martin

    I’ll like this!

  • svik

    would love to win this

  • Gerald Johnson

    Could use a new phone

  • Lori Glebe

    Would use this phone

  • Patricia Johnson

    Could use a new phone

  • Garnet L

    I could use this!

  • bettyanne

    Happy Birthday to me!

  • Josee B

    This would be a great gift for my husband!

  • harry c

    thank u

  • Cindy P

    I follow and retweeted @cindylee137
    friend on Facebook Google+ and Pinterest
    Thanks I would so love to win a new phone

  • shane anderson

    wicked phone!

  • Stuart Roberts

    This is one amazing phone!

  • Rosa C.

    I would Love this phone please!

  • Rosa C.

    I would really LOVE this phone please!

  • Dorothy Pyefinch

    Looks SPECTACULAR! With four young grandson’s, I certainly would be able to shoot many video’s of them …

  • Nitin Kamra

    This will be perfect to get this for my b-day

  • Cuong Nguyen

    Wow… It’s so great!! 😛

  • Laura Feist

    I sure would like to win this

  • Laura Feist

    Love to win this

  • Laura Feist

    Yes I want this

  • Laura Feist

    Yes this would be nice

  • Richard Hall

    The only way is to win it.

  • swizzlerz

    retweeted. Ide like to have this phone.

  • Alexa Nernberg

    I would be thrilled to Win a Windows Phone 8X by HTC! Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

  • Michael

    I’d like this a lot. A lot.

  • daniel norr

    Love to win

  • cjworld

    This would be sweet to win !

  • Stephen Palmquist

    A great phone, I need a new one.

  • Michael

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • thomas rusinak

    i am smartphoneless lovbe to win

  • thomas rusinak

    i am smartphonless…love to win!

  • Benji

    Man, here’s hoping this could replace my dead LG.

  • ryan f

    The new operating system looks amazing, and the phone looks very stylish and sleek. Love the new design.

  • william fraser

    like this!!!

  • Glenn Maguire

    pick me!

  • Frank

    now who wouldn’t want a new phone,

  • mak

    my sons birthday is comeing up and it would mean the world to him to get this phone we don’t have much money to buy him a new phone so please help

  • Lynne B

    This would be a great phone to win!

  • Rosemary Berndt

    I have a dinosaur phone, so I could really use a new phone.

  • Marlene V.

    I am a forum member (intensev5)

  • alex

    I would love to win this time. Eecially for windows phone 8

  • Elizabeth Handel

    Of course I want to win, doesn’t everybody. I haven’t got one so I need it more.

  • Patricia B

    Good luck everyone.

  • sabndeep kumar

    this is very good phone.this look and feature is very best.this phone useful very easy.internet speed very good fast.i like very much phone.

  • Susanne Feeley

    my partner could really use this phone

  • marc-andre taillefer

    i would like this

  • Melissa

    i want it, I never win anything.

  • Phani

    Living with Windows Phone 8 on the HTC 8X

  • William Mills

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • krupal shukla

    i like this phone & HTC as a company as well, they have launched product which are at par with apple.

  • Vish

    Does anyone actually know anyone that’s ever won a phone?

  • Damon Jacobs


  • Pat Drouillard

    would love to win

  • Richard Handel

    I would like to give this phone to my wife. Her birthday is also coming up.

  • nicola bechis

    i really wish i could win this, mobilesyrup is really nice to hold competitions like this

  • laura feist, mrs

    love to win this device

  • Craig gage

    Wow…. my lids would be so jealous

  • Andrew Ostaszewski

    Would love to get one of these







  • Ann

    Let us have some fun! Love HTC!

  • Ann

    Contests are fun esp when you win htc phone baby! Thanks for the fantastic contest!

  • Tomasz

    Ohhhohhh gimmee

  • B.F.


  • Betty S

    I have never had my own phone so this would be great

  • D.Nagaraja Rao

    Wooooooooh Waaaaaaav

  • Sumeet

    Entered again..

    • Sumeet

      Not sure if contest is open to India.

  • Frank

    Yes I need this. This would be my first time winning anything.

  • squirrel_masher

    Hope I made the contest deadline

  • Laurie Cockburn

    I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed

  • Vince

    Oh YES!! I’d KILL for one of these!! j/k 😉

  • GonePro

    i want it but i know i wont win it 🙁

  • Paul

    I upgraded my phone but my wife’s phone has a sticky main key so winning this new phone would be awesome, and put me in the good books!

  • mola

    Me please