Nokia sells 4.4 million Lumia devices in Q4 2012, reports $584 million operating profit


  • hoo dat

    I’m quietly cheering for Nokia despite the fact I don’t particularly like any of their product right now. That’s not to say I think it’s garbage, quite the opposite, it just doesn’t suit my needs.

    One concern is not so much for Nokia but for WP; out of 6.6M devices shipped a full 33% of them were Symbian. I appreciate that the older system is selling well in developing countries and on low end devices but surely Windows should be doing much better than this compared to an obsolete OS?

  • hoo dat

    Fed up of posts disappearing into the ether.

    • Woodman

      Better than rim

    • Moderator

      If you write anything negative about RIM, the posts will be deleted. Thank you and have a nice day.

      GO RIM GO!

    • QC_Al

      LOL @woodman…better than RIM? Let’s see how long it takes them to sell 4.4M BB10 devices shall we? Actually (if you can find a sales figure somewhere) let’s see how long it takes RIM to sell more BB10 devices than WP8 regardless of manufacturer. My bet is it’ll take less than a month.

    • Ian

      @ Moderator:
      This is a free to speech long as it doesn’t offend anybody.
      We love “fights” because increases the clicks/views of our ads, which in turn increase our revenue, time on site, and unique visitors per month.

      So all the RIP-RIM are welcome (they are not rude/disrispectful), because they always cause a stir and a minimum of 13 additional posts.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      People downvoted this comment? You people make me sick! Nokia is in MUCH BETTER financial shape than RIM. Delusional rimmers, kneel down and lick!

  • RPG

    Good for Nokia, and for WP in general.
    While it pails in comparison to the iPhone (47m sold last quarter is wow), still a good trend.
    Plus their stock is making me money so go nokia go 🙂

    My prediction is WP will get 10% of smartphone market next year, 10% for RIM, and apple/android will split the other ~80%.

    Not sure why everyone is so obsessed with market share thou;
    Porsche is <5% of the car market, and as an owner I would never want it to be much more 🙂

    The Lumia 920 is by far the best smartphone available today, but like a Porsche, it's not for everyone.

  • screamer

    I was a big fan of nokia back in Germany. But I have no idea how Windows phones are and just to try spend 600 $ mh noop

  • Jonah

    I was really disappointed when Nokia sold the Lumia 900 knowing that in just months is would be outshined by WP 8. They should have at least offered a deal on a new WP8 handset.

    Saying that I still love my 900 way more than I have anything else I’ve used. Well, except the camera.

  • Adopted.

    Will my post about p***s go through?

  • Miknitro

    Out of 80 million, 5 million were WP?

  • Miknitro

    Elop should be run off!

    Nokia giving away mapping to offset Os royalty costs going forward..writing is on the wall.
    WP is like the plague for them.

  • drone

    Lol.. how on Earth is this phone ” by far the best smartphone available today”. You must be drunk if you actually believe that.

  • Tomatoes11

    The Lumia 920 is way too big, that was their problem. It is bigger than the Xperia Z which is ridiculous considering the Xperia Z has a way bigger screen.

    • Jack

      You should stop pouring coffee at Tim Horton’s, march into Stephen Elop’s office and tell him to get out of your chair.

  • Rob

    So it’s the best smartphone on the market, yet this is the first I’ve heard of it, I think Nokia owns in the “phone” department, the phone is ultimately the last thing I use on my S3, the Internet being first, the camera being second, games being third, the OS, maps, notes, music, etc, etc, then phone. I personally believe phones should be left to the companies that specialize in that area.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      This is the FIRST you’ve heard of the 920? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA


      What a lemming.

  • Mike

    Ya thats 4.4 Million devices shipped to carriers, doesn’t mean 4.4 Million sold to consumers. Most of these devices are sitting on the shelves not selling to consumers. Windows Phone isn’t selling that much to consumers. Consumers are flocking to either Android or IOS only these days.