With latest update, Press is now the best Google Reader app for Android, by far


  • daguy

    The method of navigating between articles in full view seems pretty tacked on to me. I would have liked to see something that was gesture based instead.

    Absolutely the best Google Reader client on Android.

    • Randy S

      Check out the app EasyRSS – you can swipe up and down to see next and previous articles (respectively) and swipe right to go back to the article list.

      Overall, it sounds to me like all these updates to Press make it just closer to as good as EasyRSS (which can also star articles without leaving the app, as other comments have desired).

  • harpoon

    all I want is the ability to star something without going into the actual article a la iOS’ Reeder app and I’ve not a single complaint as I use starring to go back and read stuff when I have more time.

  • Mark

    If it doesn’t have a widget, it isn’t the best. Until it does, official reader app is king

  • bossman74

    @harpoon GReader allows me to star or un-star an article without opening it.

  • big t i t s n hoo ker lips

    People actually still read books these days? I thought everyone were too busy reading and posting Stu pid Facebook statuses.

    North America have gone full r****d with Facebook.

  • Senseless

    I think feedly is still the best Google Reader / feed app, by far….

    • Senseless

      There is even a chrome browser extension with feedly, so you can have everything synchronized.

  • nima

    I personally prefer the stock reader. This one seems to be form over function. I go through over a hundred items at once, I don’t want to keep reaching for a back button.

  • drxcheng

    Why you want $2 press when you have free Google current, flipboard, pulse…

  • harpoon

    @bossman74 I know, but if that was in Press I’m just saying for me it’d be perfect. To me it has form and function

  • Brad

    Press doesn’t even come close to the speed, readability, and just plain hawtness of Feedly, imo at least…

    • Fluxman

      I have to say, I like these articles, just because I can find better apps that people recommend in the comments. From my 15 min or so of using Feedly, I can say I love it.

  • Colin V

    not even close, refunded.

    needs to be way faster, MUST have widget, swipe article to article

    google reader is still king even with its issues.

  • simian

    Going to give it a try but Feedly is still the ring of the readers IMHO.