Samsung Canada says the “upcoming availability” of Galaxy Note II Jelly Bean upgrade will bring Multi Window support


  • Matt

    Given the previous release from Samsung Canada about upgrades to the note, S2 and S3, I wouldn’t be holding my breath for this any time soon.

    • Twosee

      RIP RIM!!!!!! 😀 😀

  • steve

    Can’t wait for this one to be released. Just another reason note 2 kicks Iphone 5s a*s

    • Rio

      By getting an update 6 months after it was advertised? Lol and a year after it was released.

  • Ben

    Samsung Canada is ridiculously vague with everything. Their Facebook page is useless. I don’t know why they even bother ‘answering’ questions. Good on you for requesting clarification, but the response will be ‘We don’t have a set dates right now, but it will definitely be in the near future. Thanks for your patience!’

  • Meh

    4.2.1 is already out and they’re only pushing 4.1.2 out “soon”? Glad I have a Nexus

    • Dalex

      Somehow I’ll live with 4.1.2 in exchange for LTE, a non glass back and outstanding battery life.

      This is by far the best Android phone on the market.

    • Brian

      What does your 4.2.1 have that our 4.1.2 won’t have?

    • Meh

      I’ll give you the great battery life, but the glass back is just as concerning as a glass front, it will shatter if dropped wrong so most phones out today are pretty vulnerable in that sense. Nexus 4 does have hidden LTE also but it’s not an advertised feature, I don’t care much about LTE but most people do so gotta give that one to the Note 2 also.

      I like the Note 2 (except that damn cheap huge chrome bezel that scratches upon looking at it), I’d like it better if it was being updated straight from Google though.

    • Dalex

      It would be nice. Although Samsung devices are so popular that the dev community for them is incredibly huge (higher than nexus devices) so you can have 4.2.1 now if you’d like.

      If you don’t like AOSP roms, the Samsung roms are usually leaked way in advance of carrier releases regardless. You can flash them with ODIN without root or any hackery.

      A lot of the changes in new stock Android releases are actually “borrowed” from some of the skins that OEMs put on their devices. Notification bar toggles and lockscreen widgets/controls come to mind from Android 4.2.1.

      I do agree with the chrome bezel thing though. Samsung never learns…

  • Kat

    I like Samsung phones (I’ve had the S2, Note and S3) but it really bothers me that it takes soooo long to get the software updates. By the time I get JellyBean on the Note the newest software will probably be released and then I’m still no futher ahead. At least Apple updates all versions of their iPhone at the same time … which is why I’m using iPhone 5.

    • John

      Exactly. You would think that Samsung devices would be updated within a month of the OS release, considering how big Samsung is in the android ecosystem, but nope.

  • Stephenbb81

    I picked up the note2 last night

    One feature I really was looking forward to is the splitscreen view

    I’m still not sold on android but the stylus on this note 2 is fantastic

  • Miknitro

    To those not happy with Samsung upgrade paths should look no further then HTC whom usually release two to three newer phones with the update before you are even considered for one.

    Never mind bonus software developed in house, if that was HTC again, you’d have to buy their newest phone an hope for updates.
    Wtg SS, keep users happy and you’ll get even more.

    Signed, an HTC OneXL owner.

  • Gizhola

    Great news! I’ve been hounding Telus about this upgrade for weeks. Hopefully they will release it when Samsung Canada releases it.

  • Enzocuban

    i’lve been using this new update since last week and all i can say is that the battery drain way slower and multi window is a lot of fun! thanks to my connection with samsung reps!

  • Dan

    Lol. I’ve had an international note 2 for months and have had multiwindow right out of the box. I think Canada is about 4 ota updates behind. Lmao.

  • Gizhola

    @Enzocuban so the battery life is even better with this upgrade? WOW! I can’t wait!

  • Youngmonsta

    They need to pick up the pace… I still waiting for the update for my orginal galaxy note still. Been patience but samsung make people want just get straight nexus phone unlocked. Google need start making nexus 32gb n or 64gb.

  • screamer

    It is not only an update it’s a bless to have it. Because it brings really multitasking to a phone what no other phone has. I hope my galaxy will get it to. Next time I will get the international version

  • screamer

    For the iPhone updates they are almost all unlocked so updates coming faster same with the galaxy family when they are unlocked it’s so much faster to get

    • scrooge

      Almost all iPhones are unlocked eh? Not sure where you got this information, but I can say it is almost definitely incorrect. The reason why iPhones get software updates at the same time is because Apple doesn’t allow carriers to dick around with the software.

      Android updates are slow because Samsung/HTC/everyone wants to skin it, which takes time…then the updates go to carriers where they install the crap that they want. Then we get it 4 months later.

  • m00rb

    Samsung Canada totally blew this update. There is no way around it. Telus is so low-tech that they will put out an update from Samsung Canada immediately when they get it. They don’t brand the Note 2 in any way shape or form.

  • tyler

    This is such a huge F up for samsung. I wanted to return my note 2 on launch because of it. 2 months later and after the s3. So stupid.

  • X87

    The note 2 is a great phone without the multi window feature.
    If this update does improve the already great battery life this phone has it will only make it better.

    No need to get mad at Samsung for a slow update when this device is already amazing as it is.

  • rspear

    Too late! I already rooted mine and put a 4.1.2 on last week. (Along with the 4.2 camera)
    I don’t think there is a 4.2 rom available for the canadian version of the note 2 yet though.

    Besides the issue of delayed updates by carriers, I’m more frustrated with not getting the most current update when it does come.

  • MC_Android

    Have it on my s2 already…

    • Ron Mexico

      Really Multi-Window on a 4.3″ screen? How’s that working for you? #liar

  • Scott

    I am sure this is more of a carrier issue as at&t have the update in the states and it is the same phone. So the update is there and done, just companies like Telus need to take there time to personalize it.