Google and Motorola working on the “X Phone” to take on Apple and Samsung


  • GuiSim

    But .. but.. they just released the Nexus 4 ! 😉

    • Motorola is dead.

      Too little, too late.

  • Kevin Thom

    The only reason I’d buy another Motorola phone after being dicked around by Moto for so long with this Atrix is if the X stands for NeXus.

    • Chris S

      A friend of mine has an Atrix (with Bell) and seems to love his.

    • Kevin Thom

      The phone itself is fantastic. What is not fantastic is its locked bootloader and Motorola’s broken promises about delivering ICS to this fully capable device. Right now I’m running a ROM cooked up by a teenage boy in his parents’ basement that runs circles around the software that came with the phone.

  • Haxor99

    Bring it on!

  • Nib

    Woo innovation! Go Google!

  • Gio

    Google and motorola can make something very special,cant wait to see whats coming from these two in collaboration.

  • Rich

    Isn’t it really just Android vs Android right now?

    For the most part, people are reasonably committed to their platforms and are increasingly less likely to sway as time goes on.

    The only ones -truly- competing against the iOS/Android fan base are WP8 & Blackberry.

    • Vic

      Rich- that is exactly what I’ve been saying all along. Hardware-wise, all phones are becoming the same- It’s the OS that’s the selling point. And the reason Apple is doing so well is because they make demo phones more readily available in stores. I couldn’t find a single WIndows phone to demo until the MS pop-store opened in the Eaton Centre.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      Like cannibals, the fandroids will soon eat each other alive, while iOS will continue to be strong and Windows Phone will become a third force in the industry.

    • til-bar

      There are still a high % of the population in north america and europe that don’t have smartphones that can be won. Like Vic says, those new uses are swooned by pretty stores, demo units and a vast customer support team at Apple stores. But they are also won over by premium industrial design. If I were new to the smartphone realm and you put an iphone 5 in one hand and a Razr HD/S3 in the other I’d probably pick the iPhone. If Google and Motorola can make a device with strong industrial design (which I doubt), then they would stand a chance.

      As a Nexus 4 user though, it is LG that is moving forward with industrial design…

  • Trevor

    Elop hasn’t killed Nokia yet!

  • Scott

    I am excited and I hope they allow an X maxx I want a smartphone that has really good battery life but the moto skinned phones were never for me. I love my nexus 4 but I would have been happier if it was slightly thicker to accommodate a larger battery.

  • screamer

    Motorola made this year very well. They had a bunch of good phones on the market and even there software kids awesome. Motocast is very good…

  • Lirodon

    Hmm, an X is the Nexus logo…

    “Motorola Nexus X”
    “Motorola Atrix Nexus”?

  • ckizzle

    Awesome news. I’m loving my razr HD right now and would definitely consider buying another Motorola/Google phone.

    For those that don’t know, Motorola “skinned” android is very light and almost like stock android. Doesn’t come with all the bloat of Samsung devices.

  • D

    If the Razr HD Maxx had good camera I would take it over the GS3.

  • D

    Although I’ll probably be switching back to a BB when 10 comes around.

    • John

      And you’re going to spend the next 3 years wishing you had made a better purchasing choice.

  • Therm0

    This is fantastic. My XT910 is a great phone (which is getting Jellybean, supposedly) and I’d be all over a Google/Moto phone. Their antenna is one of the best and I can get bars in places others can’t.

  • Plazmic Flame

    Nexus branded Razr Maxx HD!! Thats all we need!

    • EvanK

      I honestly don’t care too much about the phone itself, what I want is the 3000+ MAh battery.

  • DrBadass

    Must be made with adamantium.

  • cg

    Why will chrome on my nexus 7 no longer open the comments on this site?

    • Piff

      Its not just Chrome. Every mobile browser won’t open the comments.

  • Derek

    If Motorola wasn’t a big bag of douche for lying to their customers all the time and locking down their stuff as much as possible, I might consider this. Until they start opening up their other stuff, I won’t even consider purchasing this device; Nexus or not. I will not support a company that treats its customers as well as the developer community the way Motorola continually has in the past.

  • Alex

    Bring HTC back to nexus family…. Moto is not a friend of me, as well as crap LG.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    I don’t understand what’s going on. I fully expected to come into these comments and see someone say “RIP Apple”, but it’s nowhere to be seen.

  • jonny

    It will be best for consumers if there are 4 distinct phone varieties. Samsung, Google/Moto, Apple, RIM.

    Less than for will keep prices high and they wont need to innovate as much.

  • jonny

    I want a Moogle phone!

  • Piff

    Its already been said but this gone needs that 3000 mah battery. And maybe that laptop dock.

  • Dave

    Motorola Nexus 5? Bring It On!

  • Zeake

    xPhone > iPhone

  • PWRocketS

    Android got its market share due to Samsung great product this year. But now Google just want to throw Samsung under the bus. I doubt they will get one customer from Apple.

    • Imrightyourewrong

      YES, I love it! Google throwing Samsung under the bus, Samsung Exynos chips having major kernel flaws, and S3s now randomly dying after 150-200 days due to corrupted NAND which completely bricks the phones. Android is becoming such a mess, down with the evil Android empire and Google!

    • Ron Mexico

      You got that backwards, you’re already in bed with the greedy evil Empire, the turtleneck Empire. Enjoy!

    • CommonSence

      I wouldn’t say they are throwing Samsung under the bus at all, what they are trying to do is encourage healthy growth inside the android ‘ecosystem’. If you let one company rule your OS then android will just be looked at as a google/samsung thing where Google wants it to be a open system. This move is just one of those things to show it, healthy competition to drive innovation. Then also the term ‘throwing under the bus’ is implying that google forcefully backed and endorsed the S3, where to google the S3 was just a product that a company made using their open system that just did really well finally putting a crack in the iOS market share.

  • Imrightyourewrong

    Hahahaha, try again Fandroid. I don’t use Apple products, nor Google products. If I had to choose, I’d easily choose Apple.

    With Google, YOU are the product. Like a bunch of cattle to the slaughter.

    I used Symbian for a long time, and now I use Windows Phone.

    • CommonSence

      Just looking at your name shows reason is above you. Please don’t feed the trolls

  • Rio

    Benadable Screen? I cann BS right after reading that.

    Whats the point of a bendable screen? If you screen is flexible then the chances of other compnents inside of your phone that are not flexible are more likely to fail.

  • feadin

    I really like my Atrix HD, especially with the recent Jelly Bean update. It’s smoother, and battery life and camera have improved.

  • nate44

    Nexus 4 can beat them easily. oh wait, it doesnt exist in stores.

  • Kevin

    What are the chances it will have an embedded projector, like Microvision’s laser SHOW-WX? That would help the X Phone stick out from the pack. Motorola made a deal with Microvision some time back … I wonder what will come of that?