Update: TELUS, Bell and SaskTel reduce iPhone 5 pricing by $100 (must sign 3-year contract)


  • Down Like Pacquiao

    f 3 year contracts

  • Mike C

    Who’s next? Let’s take a wild guess, Bell?

  • John

    Bell to repeat in less then 4 hours.

  • np


  • Hilman

    Still $79 too much for a phone with a 5 year old stale OS.

  • Omega Jimes

    My contractless Nexus 4 arrived yesterday. Screw contracts!

    • Hilman

      I agree, I am loving my N4, who has the best deal on a voice and data plan?

    • Ricky

      Hilman, the best deals come from retentions. I’m with Fido and their retentions gave me a decent deal: 200min, unlimited wkend/evening, unlimited texts, caller ID, voice mail, 2gb data all for $44+tax. If you’re more aggressive, you can get 4gb more for a couple of bucks.

    • Hilman

      Thanks Ricky!!!

  • NotSure

    Got a text from Rogers…

    Get an iphone 5 for $0 on a 3 yr with Voice & Data PLUS FAMILY INTERNET PLAN!!!

    This is worse IMO

  • cdub

    LoL 3 years..


  • Mark

    SO tired of this, doesn’t matter if they sell all these high end phones for only 0$ on ROBELLUS. It has been proving in the surveys that ppl are sick and tired of 3 year contracts.

  • Chad

    It’s not the three year contracts that bother me. It’s the way they force those who cannot buy a phone outright into the long term contacts by barely subsidizing the handset on anything shorter.

  • Jacob Newman

    You guys keep crying about 3 year contracts. Pay the non-contract price and live your life. Most people want subsidy and that to one that’s 3 years. All carriers have had 1/2/3 year pricing before too but 90% will buy on 3 year because you get up front discounts.

    • Hipster

      Dumbass, people whine about three year contracts because everyone else in the world gets their equally subsidized phones on a 2 year contract were as Canadians are forced into three years for no conscionable reason other than the monopoly of Canadian telco’s and their never ending greed.

  • mr.nice

    Is this in store (corporate?) or just online?
    If in store, is there price protection from Telus? If you bought from a corporate store, that is.
    Just re-upped the wife’s account on a 3yr a couple weeks back.

  • Nick

    New-in only…not for renewals…

  • Nek Bye

    Rogers has also discounted the iPhone by $100, but only on the 16GB model. Other models are still (at the moment) at regular price.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Bell is also offering a 100 dollar credit, but only on new activations. If you go to Source, they can give you an additional 25 with their closing tool.

  • screamer

    I get a iphone for only 79 $. That is a desl. Cheaper then the nexus 4. Maybe I should get two of them? One moment ah I have to sign for three years? Okay 10 $ a month? What 50 $? That makes 1879 $ for a phone!!!!

  • screamer

    Galaxy s3 for free

  • Ry

    They are beating them but $1 not a penny like stated in the article

    • Ry


  • CouldBHTC

    It’s for renewals and new activations, also you can trade in an old CDMA device and get another $50 off, so now you’re down to $29 on a 3 year.

  • KC

    Honestly, 3 year contracts are rediculious. In a fair world the subidy should be up front without contract and we as consumers stay because the service is good.

    Or maybe, since companies would argue that there is to high a risk of people taking phones at subisdized proices to sell abroad if there weren’t contracts, half subsidy on 1 year and full subisdy on 2 years with the option to upgrade at 18 months.

    But the point is that they can and do subsidize the crap out of pre-paid phones already, so why not treat their high value post paid customers with the same respect?

    There of course should be measures to prevent equipment gaming, maybe minimum of 2 lines per year per person without a contract or something to prevent resellers from buying a bunch of phones and never intending to use the service. I do understand there’s risks to the companies. But there is no valid excuse for the current system.

    • Kev

      You should open up a store, I would buy lots from you = ). I actually think the flex-tab system at Rogers and Telus are fine since your cancellation fee is pro-rated instead of Bell’s horrendous $20 per month + data cancellation fees. So you basicly get your phone financed (buy now pay later) and it makes no difference to sign up for 1 year or 3 years with Rogers and Telus.

  • ace

    looks like apple needs to prove a point… that they can outsell any smartphone… especially before Q4… they need the numbers… not sure this is going to help… looks like telus is phasing out the iphone 5 already to make way for the 5S coming in 4 more months LOL

  • mr.nice

    Just to tie up the loose end from my question above, went to the Corp store and they said to call in.
    Did that, and after a transfer to loyalty, I have a price adjustment coming on a bill for the $100 since I reupped on Dec 11. Thanks Telus!

    Should also mention that the S3 and Note 2 have dropped $50 since this time last week, too, on 3 yr deals )to 0 $ and 50$).