Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC and LG all “welcome the news” of Google’s acquisition of Motorola


  • me

    Everyone ‘welcomes’ the news. Co-ordinate much?

    • Jay

      It was mentioned in one of the articles that Google informed the major phone manufacturers of this acquisition prior to it being announced so they knew of this move beforehand. Also, I’m sure they were prudent enough to take such an action even if it weren’t made public. You wouldn’t want to alienate your partners by pulling something so drastic right out of the blue.

    • lukehard


  • Peters~

    Look at Apple. You wanted this war. Do you truly think you can go the distance with these giants? Think again stevie jobs. Think again.

  • xenec

    Bert Nordberg looks so out of place in that picture lineup haha

  • Alex Perrier

    All of them create Android phones, which means they need some defence against patent trolls. All of the also have unique advantages, but Motorola would almost never upgrade and their phones were rather buggy. So because Motorola wasn’t that big of a competitor, and because of their patents, Google buying them just makes sense. 😀

  • Chris

    I would welcome it too if I ran one of those companies. Google has just given them a huge arsenal of patents to protect themselves. And Google paid the bill!

  • brando

    so the next nexus device going to be made by moto sweet, cant wait to see how google goes agaisnt fruit fly in the patent war to come

    • aka


      No, Andy Rubin already publicly said they will not make their Nexus line exclusively under Motorola. It’s still open to whichever manufacturer wanted to make this flagship device. Motorola will continue operations as a separate entity.

      The next Nexus will most likely be Samsung again, running Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • g0dlyfe

    so google gonna keep on developing os from stolen iOS code. apple is gonna sue them to death. google wont be allowed to promote their stolen code to help create devices from stolen apple tech. apple forever!! don’t let them steal your innovation!!!!!!!!!

  • Binku

    This made me happy cause my favorite platform is safe so far.

    Patent wars do nothing to customers, but waste money which ought to spent for researches.

  • Slype

    I think Apple may have wanted this but in the long run, they are going to regret it.

    Steve Jobs, you are about to learn (again) why a competitive and open market will always win out over a closed and proprietary one.

    • Cadet

      that is true
      just look at SE
      they used to use their own propitiatory charger, headphone slots, memory cards
      now they are going with the flow of using standard 3mm audio jack, micro usb charge ports, micro sd cards, etc etc
      which makes it more acceptable to the society

      i thought about buying the fruit product
      but then again, their accessories would cost way too much money in the long run… and we are not all as rich as mr. job

  • Ra

    I think google CEO made a promise that they will make sure that htc won’t loose in court when apple sued htc. Seems like google is just keeping the promise

  • nuclearbroccoli

    I wish they’d bought HTC instead. Why? Who wants to very that future Nexus phones are going to be Motorolas? Yuck.

  • nuclearbroccoli

    ”bet” not ”very”. Autocorrection. Grrrr..

  • patrick

    how can apple compete with these four big companies. any 1 of these companies can put out a great smartphone with in 8 android users can choose from a variety of cell phones while apple users have to wait over a year or 2 for 1 phone that sucks

    • Rio

      Android is more based towards a Tecky market. Not everyone needs a Dual-core processor in their phone and everything customizable.

      The people that go for iPhone get it because of its closed system, stability, ease of use and the vast number of apps which are approved by apple so they dont need to worry about anything.

    • Geoff

      I have never had an iPhone and have no plans to ever get one, but I understand the appeal. Waiting a year or two is really not that bad for most people, especially those on a 2 or 3 year contract. Not everyone is willing to pay $500+ for a cell phone and are happy with what they have for at least the length of the contract. In this I think that Apple dropped the ball this iteration by not bringing out the iPhone5 right when people’s iPhone 3Gs contracts are expiring.

      That being said, the iPhone doesn’t suck. Just because you and I would never touch the thing (I find it too limiting) doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great phone for a lot of people.

    • Canadaboy

      “closed system, stability, ease of use and the vast number of apps” are all techy terms as well. Non-techy buy it because it’s the “social status symbol”.

  • Marc

    I love this strategic move by Google. They’ve thrown down the gauntlet and slapped Microsoft and Apple across the face in one swift motion. The best offense us a great defense.

    • Geoff

      Isn’t it the best defence is a great offence?

    • aka

      It would be even better for Android if DoJ rules that the Nortel patent purchase by “Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, Research In Motion and Sony” were anti-competitive in nature because these companies intend to use those patents offensively.

      Can you imagine if that deal fell out, and Google ended up with those patents also?

  • Steven

    Wouldn’t mind to see a Nexus water proof and scratch proof liek the Motorola Defy. By joining force, indeed it’s only good news for the customer. The big company should learn : stop fighting amongst yourself and spend on research and please the customer!

  • EmperumanV

    Good move by Google and glad to see that the other manufactures are positive about this as stated above.

  • SmartPhonz

    Yeeeee,A motorola nexus running stock. Now that I would buy.

  • Okaey

    Please Google, get ride of the MotoBlur BS and star from scratch please !

    • aka

      Motorola already said they ditched the MotoBlur and will concentrate on pure Google experience.

  • Okaey

    …rid ?

  • M&A

    Did all these CEO’s use the same interpreter?

    Or did Googlerola’s advance notice to them include what their PR message should be?

    Your move, Jobs. Perhaps going after limping RIM?

  • aka

    All of Google’s Android partners were most likely aware of the deal and the reasoning behind the deal. I would not be surprised if they all complained to Google that they needed protection against the potential onslaught of patent litigations from Microsoft and Apple to try and put Android out of the market, once the Nortel patent bid goes through. Some of these manufacturers, namely HTC, Samsung, and even struggling Motorola, owe their recent success to Android for their cellular products.

    What would be interesting is to see whether HTC can use Google’s leverage to get out of Microsofts licensing agreement by cross licensing their patents. Microsoft makes more money through patent royalties from Android manufactures compared to WP7 licenses.

    Interesting times ahead as this story unfolds..


    I also welcome Google‘s commitment to defending Android and its partners.