Bell and Virgin Mobile will now unlock the iPhone for $75

Better late than never. According to an internal doc we received it states that Bell and Virgin will finally start unlocking the iPhone – all versions – effective November 26th. Originally tipped by iPhoneInCanada, we now have all the details of how Bell and Virgin iPhone customers can get their device unlocked.

First, this will be “launched in phased approach” and to have your iPhone unlocked via Bell or Virgin you’ll need to fork over $75. This can only be accomplished by calling Bell’s Credit & Prevention or via Virgin Care. In addition, you’ll have to meet the following specifications:

– Must own iPhone outright (all models supported, Bell and Virgin)
– Must not be on contract
– Must be a post-paid Virgin Mobile or Bell Mobility customer
– $75 onetime payment via Credit Card

In addition, “the next Phase in 2013” they’ll be looking to “expand the eligibility guidelines.” We’ll have more info soon… Virgin’s internal doc on this is below

(Thanks tipster!)

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