Bell and Virgin Mobile will now unlock the iPhone for $75


  • oldschool

    Well that is about as rotten and crooked as it gets. Glad I don’t own an iphone and even more glad I’m not with bell.

    • DoubleDipping

      What am I missing??

      If you go not only to Bell and/or Virgin but to ANYONE and buy A phone paying the Outright price: Isn’t their obligation to provide you with the unlock code at no extra cost??

      -If you are in a contract and want to use the phone out of the country; shouldn’t they provide you with the unlock code at no extra cost?? YOU ARE IN A CONTRACT, and you will pay for the outright price of the phone one way or another, plus you are bringin them extra revenue, by being a subscriber.

      -Are we to asume that if you are a ROBELUS customer and need to leave the country; you HAVE to get a second phone or PAY EXTRA to unlock the phone that you are already paying for (or paid for)

      -I shall call thou…
      “Sir ROBELUS, lord of DOUBLE DIPPER-land!

    • DoubleDipping

      So basically ROBELUS’s message is:
      “Please don’t deplete/waste our phone stock buying outright phones from us; we need them for the 3yr-contract customers; if you want to buy an outright phone, just buy the international versions, or a Nexus phone that comes unlocked”

      -Message Received ROBELUS
      As Robocop would put it:
      “Thank you for your Cooperation”

    • Munir

      “- Must own iPhone outright” is this a JOKE? Are you kidding me?!!!!

    • boojay

      IF you ask me, the sheeps deserve it.

    • Masked Bandito

      It’s good that they require a contract. It prevents people from wasting sales reps time and losing out on commission.

  • Louis Cloutier

    So what they’re saying is “we’ll charge you $75 to get rid of something we forced upon you for our own good”? O_o

  • David

    This is just pathetic… These carriers are pretty much tarnishing the usability of the phone even further just to squeeze more of their customer’s money.

    Unfortunately, two wrongs do not make a right.

  • General Gustov

    Wow , talk about a money grab pffffffff , Nexus 4 really is the best phone 🙂

  • Sean

    So….you have to own the phone outright and can’t be on a contract.

    Why don’t people just buy it directly from Apple then??

  • Donot

    Telus charges $35 and you don’T have all that crappy requirements.

  • arid

    rofl this is even worse that rogers’ policy

  • Dave

    Wow, this is a blatant, disgusting money grab. When will people learn, vote with your wallet, stop being herded like sheep and milked like cows people…

  • Miknitro

    More cash grabbing ways by one of the big 3, go figure

  • Metoo

    Takes a lot to treat customers worse that Rogers. Congrats bell, you’ve done it!


  • General Tao

    I’m so glad i don’t subscribe to any of bell’s services. These guys are crooks!

    • Netguru

      I agree. I waited a long time to be able to turn my home into a Bell-free zone and there is no way I’ll ever entrust any of my services to them again.

  • Hal

    I just unlocked my Note 2 using a web service for $19,so what is Bell doing that justifies $75? Oh, right, they don’t have to justify anything!! Whats worse, I don’t expect better from any of the big three anymore…

  • zzZZzz

    Most people didn’t know about how difficult it is to unlock an iPhone, they just assumed it’s the same 10-20$ charge for any other phone. Wrong! That’s why most people can’t vote with their wallets since they didn’t know.

    But since now, I see more wising up. Carrier locking is BS, no matter which carrier. At least unlock the phone for free once the contract is up or it’s paid in full.

  • Max

    But will they unlock my BB10?

    • DoubleDipping

      They only Unlock phones that you CAN TOUCH and that DO Exist!

      But ask me in a month: maybe ROBELUS will start charging $50 for “Vapourware-unlocking fee” pre-unlocking your BB10 (if you have put $50 for pre-order on 3yr plan) and once you can touch the phone, they will charge you $25 for “Hardware unlocking fee”.

      ROBELUS: Expect the unexpected…and the $73 ARPU.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Just another reason why people should avoid the iphone as its locked tighter than a chastity belt. They know they got you locked into their network already, just be happy its only 75 clams.

    As a consumer you need to do your own research, why you choose a phone which offers no choice, no control, no flexibility is beyond me. You deserve everything you get. Keep paying lmao.

  • Justin

    I’m being told I have to go into a Virgin Mobile store to have my iPhone unlocked. is this true?

    • Anonymous

      No. If you are a Bell customer you deal with Bell Kiosks/Stores

      If you are a Virgin customer you deal with Virgin Kiosks/Stores.

      If the Bell people tell you otherwise, they are dicking you around.

  • roman

    That’s disgusting.
    My household has been completely Robellus free for 2 years now, because of crap like this.

    • skazzers

      LMAO! $75 to unlock a phone!

      That is almost 1/4th the price of the Nexus 4 after taxes.

  • Justin

    Apparently it hasn’t taken effect at Virgin yet. No one knows what I’m talking about. Really frustrating.

  • Dalex

    Hey, maybe its part of the Apple tax? 😛

    If you are gullible enough to buy one… pay up?

  • anona

    These commonets.. Calm down peole. At least they are doing it.. There’s no law that says they have to.

    • fordomatic69

      Why not just wait for Bill C-343 to pass? With enough petition signatures, the CRTC hearings and if we can get involved, we might get this provate members bill passed.

  • MattyMattMatt

    So once youve had your iphone for three years and it is useless and you are still with bell, you can get it unlocked? Dumb.

  • Eric

    And I thought Telus was a crook back in the days when they were charging $50! Only in Canada…

  • Lukeiphone

    This is soooooo sad

  • Dave

    No wonder why Canadian households are in record debt…

    • anona

      By your logic, it’s because they are buying iPhones when they don’t need them.

  • deltatux

    If you want to buy it “outright”, why not just get it unlocked at the Apple Store so you don’t need to get it through Bell and have them charge you another $75?

    • Sean

      Some people (myself included), can’t afford to plunk down the money all at once for an unlocked phone from Apple. Instead, they chose to pay for it over time through a subsidized contract with the carrier.

      Once that contract is over, you have effectively paid for the phone in full, which should then be unlocked for free. I had heard that Bell would allow you to unlock the phone after being on a contract for +30 days, which would have been great. Unfortunately, all they’ve done is make the worst iPhone unlocking policy in the Canadian market.

  • D

    $75?!?! Are you effing kidding me?

  • some guy

    WOW!!!!! $75!?!?
    I mean they are getting people to bend over for their plans, but now $75 to unlock an iPhone???

    Sounds like they just took away the lube.

  • Rommy

    Bah-bah, little ship.

    To own an IPhone you MUST:

    – pay the Apple Tax
    – sign a 3-year
    – be on a plan that is over $50/month
    – and now the unlocking is $75

    Why do you hate your money so much, sheep? You are being robbed by both Robelus AND Apple, and all you do is smile, and hand over your redit card. I hope you will wake up one day soon. I really do.

  • RilelFreeman


  • David

    Just wait for the new wireless code to be implemented. Hopefully by that time no phone sold in Canada will be locked.

  • Noel

    Wow, like Fido (and unlike Telus who only makes you wait 3 mos after you enter into a contract), they’ll unlock your phone 3 years later when your already buying a newer model and don’t need the unlock anymore. Sheesh!!!

  • Lirodon

    This is ridiclous. Purely ridiclous. This is clear proof that even if you buy a phone from a carrier outright, you still don’t own it. You’ve effectively rented it for full price, and you still can’t do anything you want with it.

    Personally, if the CRTC is aiming for reform in the public interest now, how about they make it a mandate for phones supplied by carriers to be unlocked immediately upon purchase if they are bought at full price? I thought locking was supposed to be more of a ploy to use in conjunction with carrier subsidies (i.e. Oh you can buy it at a discount, but you HAVE to begin a contract with us, and you can only use it on our network). If you’re buying the phone unsubsidized (and thus giving the carrier about 70% more money for the phone), why even bother?

    • thevmax

      And people wonder why jailbreak/unlock???

  • mike

    Wind gives you the unlock code after 3 months of service.

    • Don

      It’s been 6 months for a while now, and it’ll cost you $10. Still, beats ther HELL out of this robbery. I am glad I have switched to Wind a long time ago. No more headaches.

  • John

    Virgin isn’t doing it yet 🙁

  • John

    As soon as my contract is up I’m leaving ROBELUS for good. They are theives, plain and simple.

  • jPhoneUser

    so let me get this straight.

    bell gives a 75$ rebate on new contracts and then charges 75$ to unlock the phone ?

  • gtp20


    I wouldn’t pay $75 for an Iphone let alone having one unlocked.

    • Jeronimo

      I definitely would buy an iPhone for $75… then sell it to a silly sheep for 7x the price.

  • estilker

    Called Virgin Mobile and they are still not unlocking any iphones. Apparently they had a number of people inquiring today. Could this be a hoax, or has Bell started doing it and not Virgin?

  • estilker

    Called Bell as well, they are not unlocking any iphones. Please someone chime in who can confirm.

  • JT

    What a joke. Can’t believe Virgin isn’t unlocking iPhones. Feel cheated.

  • JT

    I called Bell and Bell IS unlocking iPhones, but he couldn’t comment as to why Virgin wasn’t unlocking them. But speak to a knowledgeable rep and they can help you out.

  • Greg

    Phones should never be locked if your buying them outright. and when your contract is over they should be forced to unlock them for free. These phones are not owned by the cellular company, the phone is owned by the buyer and should be allowed to do what they please with the phones and use them on any company they so choose as well.

  • BreathLess

    They are last to implement this and they make Rogers look like a good deal and telus a hot deal. All should be matching telus requirements which does seem fair. (After 3 months of being a customer and $35 to unlock after. )

  • LugNutsMcGruff

    Or you can go to eBay and unlock your phone for $10

  • max

    Unfortunately you can’t unlock your iphone on ebay for 10$

  • Toy lover

    They should call it what it is. An extortion fee.



  • aDev

    someone should sue for the right for our phones to be unlocked free. Cause technically we own the physical device and we shouldn’t be restricted by where we can use it.

  • Ciph3ro

    Hahaha, they lock it then charge you to unlock it. Imagine if they would do that with cars so you could only service it at one dealership. I don’t understand why people put up with this capitalist crap.

    Nexus all the way! Way to go Google!! 🙂

  • Tyrone

    75 dollars?? Thats basically a month bill if you own the phone. Good think I do this myself for free or just go to Pacific Mall to unlock your iphone for 10 bucks.

    This is such a joke.

  • vanabb

    Bell will not unlock my iphone even though my contact is paid off. They say I must first be on a 30-day pre-paid term, and then after 30 days they will ‘allow’ me to pay and unlock.

    Trouble is I am now in Germany and cannot activate a new SIM card from here… !#@$. Calling Apple to see what they can do.

  • jalpa

    can i unlock my bell canada iphone

    i dont have account in bell canada

    any one can unlock my iphone

  • Sean

    Here’s a little tidbit…the iPhone 4 was released in Canada on 30 Jul 2010! That means if you got an iPhone 4 on a 3 year contract the day it was released…you STILL have to wait another 8 MONTHS to fall into the eligible criteria.

    So this really only applies to those with a 3Gs or those who ponied up the full price with no contract (and if you did that, you should have purchased it unlocked directly from Apple to begin with).

    Thank you Bell.

  • nikki

    Hey guys, so I posted a couple weeks ago about Bell unlocking phones for $75…what a joke right?

    Well browsing through the comments you probably got the same message I did when I called. Again. Today.

    You have to pay 400 to get out of your contract (I am moving to the USA) and don’t need Bell. So, I said f it. I’ll pay your blood money, get out of my contract & can I unlock my phone? [cont’d]

  • nikki

    [cont’d] The rep said no problem I’ll transfer you to the proper dept. He’s gone for a bit, then comes back & says I am really sorry but the rep I spoke with, she says you can’t get your phone unlocked EVEN if you pay off your contract [even he was flabbergasted]. Why: B/c paying off my contract is cancelling it which isn’t the same as my contract automatically ending, therefore they won’t unlock my phone. ????

  • nikki

    PS. I realised I posted the message about iphone bell unlocking on another forum titled: ‘telus-will-now-unlock-your-iphone-for-50-starts-june-1st’
    It’s a scam. someone got this phone for me as a moving to NL b/day present & now I’m stuck (I had no idea about the monopolistic parasites that are your mobile companies!) I miss my tmobile!

  • rico

    There are just asses. now as I am living in africa I cant use my phone because of the locking s**t. I am off contract but still cant use the phone

  • Kevin

    Bell unlocked my phone for free when I threatened to jump ship to Telus with my 3 phones and turbo stick

    • toysandme

      Love it! Money talks, BS walks!

  • Josh

    What is Bell’s Credit & Prevention number?

    EDIT: I called their support number and they are telling me the only way they will unlock it is if we still have a current account with Bell, which makes no sense at all to me.

    EDIT 2: I called back and demanded. They still refused. Not only do you need a current account in good standing, you have to have had it for 90 days minimum! So, after you pay them for a $35 activation fee, pay for at least 90 days service, then you are allowed to pay them $75 to get the phone unlocked. What a crock! Go elsewhere. Bell is the worst.

    EDIT 3: After 12 phone calls to Bell with a request to unlock, 6 times being told I need an active account, and once slipping through that part and the request going through to the team (who is suppose to call me within 24-48 hours), followed by 6 phone calls after the times expired, each requesting the team to call me, They finally called me but only send a message (no actual phonecall). I called them back at 1-800-509-9904 right away. They took my IMEI, took my credit card info, took my email address, put me on hold for 5 minutes, came back and said to follow the instructions on the email they sent (which I made sure came through while I was on the phone), said thank you and hung up. GOOD GOD! It only took two weeks.

    By the way, you don’t have to restore your phone or delete anything once you get your IMEI unlocked. For example, if you are Jailbroken or just don’t want to go through the hassle.

    1. Load iTunes and plug your phone in.
    2. Back up your phone (just in case).
    3. With the phone still plugged in, remove your old sim card and replace the old sim card with your ‘new’ one.
    4. Wait for the activation required to show on the phone.
    5. Turn the phone off
    6. Tun the phone on. Let the activation required show up.
    7. Unplug the phone from the cable to your computer.
    8. Plug the phone back in. You will likely get an error. It’s OK.
    9. Unplug and plug in the phone again. You should see the Congratulations message in iTunes.

    Good luck to all. Know it’s possible but next time you want to get an iPhone, go next door to the Apple store and buy one for the same price that is already unlocked.

    • Nishit

      Hi bro(Josh),
      Can you plz share ur experience in detail, like what and all info you had to provide to Bell credit & prevention cell ??
      about your phone offcourse

    • mh

      i’m with virgin but i have a bell iphone 4s which i bought on craigslist. i would like my phone unlocked too. so i’m assuming that i would have to go through the same hassle as you right? how do i prove that i didn’t steal my phone from the original owner?


    • Swilt

      Hey guys thanks for this, I have been battling this issue for a long time and all I did to get it resolved was to call the above number (1-800-509-9904) and request it be unlocked. They seemed bewildered that I got their number but when asked if I got a request, I said yes. Presumably there is a vetting process I curtailed by calling them directly.
      Needless to say it ended up resulting in an email in 48 hours as they promised followed by a phone call back and getting it unlocked permanently WITHOUT having to re-subscribe and cancel.
      Good luck!

    • Bobby Pham

      THANK YOU JOSH!!!! From your story and the number you’ve provided I don’t have to deal with Bell’s bull****
      Thank you again!

  • Ben Rolleman

    hmm hope to give this a try… I’m on contract tho… but I’ll see… can’t wait to call customer retention in a couple of weeks (after the new iPhone comes out… just incase I can actually negotiate a good deal)

  • waleed saeed

    hey sir i have iphone 4 canada bell how to unlock in pakistan ..7.0.2 virson modem firmware 04.05.12 any solution to unlock or sim is working plzz tell me any one plxx help