Windows Phone 7.8 demonstrated on unreleased Nokia Lumia 510, could begin rolling out this week


  • Puleen Patel

    Looking forward to getting WP 7.8 on my Lumia 800. Hopefully gives it a new life. 🙂 If not I’ll have to look for a buyer… 🙂

  • David

    “One nice feature exclusive, it seems, to Nokia phones is the ability to keep WiFi on in the background when the screen is off.” hahaha you’re joking, right?! No Windows Phone can keep WiFi on while screen is off?! I think they should patent this new feature… it’s so ingenious! Enough sarcasm lol

    • WP74Life

      Meanwhile David and his friends are buying their 3 battery pack for their android because they can’t last a day.

    • Braumin

      It’s because WiFi uses a ton of battery. If you are charging your phone, WiFi stays on even with the phone locked.

    • bobfreeze

      On my Lumia 710 I use the Tune-in radio app under WiFi (data disconnected), and it can play for hours with the screen off/locked.

      So that comment about WiFi disconnecting is only partly true…

  • pats


  • bobfreeze

    Not sure what is meant by the Wifi-Screen comment, but I know for a fact that my tune-in radio app works for hours over wifi (since my data is disconnected) after the screen turns off.


  • David

    @Braumin If WiFi uses more battery than 3G, then Windows Phone WiFi drivers are in serious need of a complete re-write because it makes no sense!

    • WP74Life

      You know nothing about WP don’t you ?
      He meant that wi-fi consume battery, so it’s logic that the device shut it down while it is sleeping.
      Wi-fi does not consume more than 3G. I know you’re used to battery drain and huge consumption but trust me, it does not happen on WP.

  • NeverSeenAny1UseWP7or8inPublicNeverEver

    Can any commenter here besides me pass a turing test? Didn’t think so

    • TheonlyplaceIhangISmymomhouseSoidontseeanyWP

      Take a look at my name, cool heh ?

  • swizzlerz

    In big business its called a write off. you spend money on something to write off the income tax on that income. thus you pay less taxes. I am fairly certain they can afford it. look at google? they have yet to pull a profit on android.