Eastlink confirms wireless service is delayed again, now expected “early 2013”


  • Surveillance

    Eastlink is going to be a monster some day. You heard it here first!

    • Hippo

      Eastlink has a fairly small geographic footprint compared to any other provider in Canada. I have doubts that it would be cost effective for them to build their own wireless network as the infrastructure costs alone would sink them, odds are, they will partner with one of the big cellular companies as a rebranded reseller. They are probably having problems nailing down a a reasonable rate of return after the cut the cellular company will take from them. There’s no point in using a lost leader model so it seems that they will likely drag this out hoping to secure better bulk rates for pachages as the presign more customers.

    • Keith


      I’m not sure what the delay is about but the network is already built.

  • IOS

    Lol u mad? East link doesn’t have the resources. They will fail miserably. Wind has a better chance and even Wind is screwed with no iPhone.

  • James

    Another corporate giant, along the lines of WIND, Public and Mobilicity!

    Hear that, big three? Your monopoly is threatened by yet another wireless provider who promises “faster speeds and reliable coverage” yet faces constant, constant delays. How will the big three be able to compete with such a low-branded company that doesn’t have infastructure yet to support what they’re supposed to sell? How can you, with your wide selection of phones, possibly hope to compete with someone who has zero phones?

    Run Rogers! Grab Bell by the hand! And don’t forget little Timmy Telus!

    TL;DR – Good job, Eastlink. You’re like RIM with your constant delays.

  • JoeHF

    Do you think we have anther Shaw situation happening here. Cable company trying to get not wireless but finds out it’s not so easy and has constant delays. When do we get that “we give up” announcement ala Shaw?

  • RIghtcoast

    For those not in the know…Eastlink is already the premier digital cable and WiFi/telephone provider in the Maritimes. Wind just does cell phones. They do not need this to stay afloat or survive…they are doing quite well already. They just want to integrate a natural addition to their existing infrastructure. My guess is that they are a little behind in adding the additional hardware to their WiFi towers.

    • John L

      John D, You are very correct. Not only are their a number of people waiting for connection/service in Nova Scotia, while some have been supplied for a year or two now but receive an intermittent service like us. Phone communication is pointless. We have littered our yard with protest signs before and will soon display more…. Many times there has been no or limited connection yet we are always told we were online. Finally we had to resort to taking photo’s and video our computer as proof. We have gotten nothing but excuses yet the bills are sent….or should I now say, use to be.. Actually we are back on dial up. We also live close to a tower but it might as well be in Cape Breton..We’ve been told to cut down the neighbours trees, a lake is behind us causing issues, we are down hill, it’s our $300 cordless phones which we disposed of….and each time it’s a new excuse… Most out here have less issues except for one person down the street where they just pulled in, removed the equipment and left. They do not want to deal with the customers with limited connections. The guy “Will” who installed us said the signal was to high and if it was up to him he wouldn’t install…..he said he’d be back because of problems. So far, our MLA Leo Glavine has over 800 names of people like us or those still waiting to be connected. Get this, one time they were out with a big wig Tech when we had our signs up over a year ago and he told us soon we’d have access to TV……. So Cell phone isn’t all they are up to. Sorry for such a long rant.( February 24, 2013)

  • John D

    Eastlink got a contract from the Government of Nova Scotia to provide high-speed internet to rural parts of the province. This project included building towers in rural areas of the province for wireless internet. One of these such towers is located within 1km of my parents house, however they are unable to connect to it. Their only option is to use a cell-tower modem from Bell. The Bell tower is 10+ km away from their house.

    There are groups of people lobbying together in other parts of Nova Scotia, fed up with the wait for high speed. Eastlink claimed to have finished the project years ago.
    So what happened? Eastlink took the money for the high-speed project and funnelled it into their future cell phone plans. Now these towers, that were bought with government money to provide broadband to rural residents, are getting cell antennas to compete with the likes of Rogers and Bell. This has epic failure written all over it, and NS Government incompetency to help it along. The Braggs should be ashamed.

    • Daniel AJ

      John D, I completely agree on the incompetence part of the government. But it was not only Eastlink that took the money, several other companies did as well (not all have survived). The province was split up in parts.

      The failure was the decision to use Motorola Canopy as the technology for the service. Even at the time, this was outdated scrap. Why anyone would invest a dime in that is beyond me.

      Then of course, if I was Eastlink, I would have taken the money with glee. And today, of course, they reuse them. Would you rather have them build a second tower? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Daniel AJ

    Keith, the local media reports that only a fraction of the necessary tower has been built. Yes, there is coverage in Halifax, for many many months now, but according to these reports a lot of towers in NS and PEI are still missing. Do you have differing information? Please share!