Windows Phone 8 users complaining of random reboots, email issues

Some Windows Phone 8 users, including this author, have been experiencing random reboots and email syncing problems over the past few days.

The issue, for me at least, started a few days ago when my Nokia Lumia 920 began having email sync problems. I just stopped receiving new emails altogether. Looking into the Email settings, it appeared that all my accounts were in a perpetual state of sync. Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet reported random reboots on her Windows Phone 8X, and the behaviour, in both cases, has been corroborated by numerous users on Twitter and various WP8 forums.

Some explanations link the issue with Skype Preview for Windows Phone 8, but deleting the app did nothing to solve my ongoing issues — nor did it resolve Foley’s. She had to reset her device entirely to get things working as they should, something I have not yet endeavoured to try.

Microsoft is reportedly investigating the issue, and if it can’t be resolved server-side, which seems the most likely cause, it will likely be overcome with an OTA patch in the coming days.

Have you had any issues with your new Windows Phone 8 devices? Let us know.

Source: ZDNet

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