Windows Phone 8 users complaining of random reboots, email issues


  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    users are complaining about many things with wp8, random reboots and email issues are the least of the problems

    • Zarniw0Op

      Clearly a troll nobhead


      That is why i always say go with the galaxy s3

    • BB King

      Get lost troll!

    • Josh L

      This would not deter me from buying it. It’s microsoft after all. It will get patched.

    • Gert

      not to be confused with Blackberry

  • John

    It is a windows phone after all….Where is the crash restore, ctrl+alt+delete.

    • EvanKr

      My Rogers 900 works fine with internet sharing, I’d imagine it shouldn’t be too much different in WP8.

  • Mitchell Leitman

    The only problem I’ve had with my Lumia 920 is lack of internet sharing. It’s a Rogers phone, unlocked (by Rogers)but being used on Bell. Otherwise, I’m loving this phone.

    • Max P

      @Mitchell Leitman: I don’t get it, I’ve got internet sharing… Ok i’m on Fido, but still, I had internet sharing out of the box…

    • AvgJoe

      Hello, I am actually planning to upgrade my windows phone 6.1 to a lumia 920 soon in the same manner you did.
      I am wondering, did you go for the month to month option or buy the phone outright? If you went month to month, which plan did you end up getting? I calculated it would be ~$30 cheaper to go month to month but that’s with Rogers 42$/month plan, is there one cheaper for the lumia? Thanks, sorry for the essay lol.

    • Ezk1el

      I have thetering working fine on my Lumia 920 with Rogers…

    • Adam

      Does it allow you to edit APN settings for MMS?

    • Keith

      You’re the first person I’ve heard of that has an unlocked Rogers L920 on Bell. I will probably go that route as soon they carry yellow or cyan models.

  • iphoneee

    if phone had apple maps, no reboots would happen

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    I see the resident shills microsoft pays to troll online forums to pat themselves on the back with fabricated support are already on the job!

    • Hilman

      Its crazy how many comment sections on various sites are packed full of how amazing WP is yet the stats don’t lie, people aren’t buying them. You would think they had the 75% market share from all the BS comments you see lol.

    • Keith


      It is because WP is a lot more popular amongst enthusiasts than it is with the general public. But enthusiasts are the leading edge and general public will catch up.

      Also WP sales are increasing and now with WP8 out the increase is definitely picking up. The Lumia 920 is selling out throughout the world.

    • phreezerburn

      Hilman, if most around you are buying out their contracts to get new devices when the wind changes direction then you certainly aren’t geographically within Canada. I’ve yet to meet even a Yank that changes phones like underwear and their plans are both insanely pliable and active in promoting adoption of the new hardware to existing users without major penalties.

  • ile2010

    No issues yet.

  • Cancuckle215

    Well…at least there is no BSoD

  • General Gustov

    All new devices and OS will have issues , thats why its best to wait to buy the shiny new toy until some issues are resolved that come with a new release


    No such issues on my 920, though I had trouble with the market for a couple days after purchasing.

    • Hugues

      The store itself was down for maintenance for everyone though, including 7.5 users like myself. Not related to WP8 or any device in particular.

    • P0NDER0SA

      Good to know… it’s been perfect for the past few days

  • hoo dat

    All that AND screen freezes. Fortuantely this is an evaluation unit loaned to me by work until I can make up my mind what I want! It’s not going to be a WP8 after this experience that’s for sure.

  • Spader

    For the past 2 or three weeks, I have also been getting periodic daily reboots. I though am still using a wp7 phone. I have not had this before today, and I have had the phone since release. I wonder if it is something to do with a recent update. Strange coincidence.

    • phreezerburn

      It’s just you. My Nokia 800 is in use every single day for my personal stuff, which I keep off of my corporate Note II and it’s never rebooted itself. Twice in the past 6 months I’ve had it dump my inbox by itself which I corrected with a push from my catch-all gmail and outlook accounts but outside of that, nada.

  • Matthew

    this was happening with my LG Optimus 7 as well, until it died.

    • Spader

      Interesting…i too have the LG optimus7. Mine isn’t dead yet and I hope it lasts another year till contract is over. Battery is getting weak though.

    • EvanKr

      You’re surprised? It is LG…

  • Ezk1el

    I just bought the Lumia 920 from Rogers.

    I haven’t experienced any of these problems. Don’t know if I’m lucky or if these problems are exagerated.

    The Lumia 920 is the best smartphone I have ever owned. It is stunning.

    • KennyPowers

      I agree. I bought the 920 last week and I thought I was having battery issues. But after 2 full discharges and charges, it now lasts nealry 2 days. My iPhone 4 would last around 10 hours. I am extremely happy with my Lumia 920. There are a few things I miss from my iPhone like custom text sounds, and the ability to control vibration. But the advantages of the Windows Phone trump these disadvantages. It’s a really nice phone. Extremely solid, feels nice in the hand, fast, respponsive, and definately no crashes or reboots.

  • jatsober

    Gmail is the culprit. Change Gmail settings to sync manually and don’t sync gmail calender and contacts and there will be no problem.

  • Bbm

    Maybe companies should take a note from RIM and carrier test their devices before an all out launch. Work out the kinks then release a flawless product. Not saying that bb10 will be flawless but it’s the only phone I have seen do carrier testing before a launch ..

    • Joe

      People bich about RIM taking so long to release BB10, but at least they are taking the time to do it right.
      I going to give the new BlackBerry a try.

    • sunJammer

      Every carrier tests phones before they release them on their network. They have to certify the phone will actually work properly on their network… this isn’t the same as quality testing that the phone hardware/software itself has no bugs.

  • pedro

    My 8X works great. I have wifi tethering too and it works great.

  • dizzle

    window is as shitty as a regular pc.

  • Bilal

    The email syncing bug is just unacceptable, seriously, WTF Microsoft. Never was syncing emails even a concern with WP7, and compounded by the fact that the PC client for WP omits key Zune features such as Wi-Fi sync, this is inexcusable failure.

    That said, I am not entirely surprised that this is a problem. I suspect moving to the NT kernel probably opened the WP OS to a lot of new variables and issues. IMO the only way to ensure WP8 as a success among its *current* users is to push frequent OTA updates – akin to Windows 8/RT.

    • SheepSix

      You know that we know that you are doing a poor job trying to sound smart right?

    • Heyman

      Is that you Seven? Hi from Canada!

  • jjt

    Ran into a couple issues the other day:

    – would go to Peoples hub to check out a contact of mine, then try to text them and be sent back to the start screen
    – same thing would happen if I tried to sync the contact across different social media platforms, back to the start screen
    – Groups wouldn’t work either, everytime I tried to open a contact from there it would send me back to the start screen
    – my Google and Facebook contacts disappeared briefly during this process
    – finally, it was laggy and freezing

    I did a RESET from the Settings > About page and everything is fine.

    I recommend backing up your Settings and App lists. Made the reset much easier after it was over.

    Everything is working fine now.

  • clark

    Ran into 2 small issues with my Lumia 920.
    Froze on lock screen after using Nokia Maps Beta.
    After I paired with a Bluetooth headphone, the hub wouldn’t play music.

    In both cases, a soft reboot cleared it up.

    Otherwise, the phone is really good.

  • skazzers

    I was very close to buying WP8 but then Nexus 4 for $309 stole the deal for me.

    I’m afraid Windows Phone will not be doing very well since it is not competitive on price.

  • Th3Grub

    I have had my Nokia Lumia 920 for 21 days now and never had a single random reboot or mail sync problems. Skype preview is installed and working.
    To me, the 920 is more stable than my previous 4.1.1 Android device.

  • Kingdom

    Since microsoft is looking into this already, the fix will be coming shortly. They can’t afford delays when it comes to promoting their new platform.

    Like someone has mentioned already, it’s always a good idea to wait a week or two, or even longer before picking up any new phone. That way you can take a look at the reviews, and if there are any glitches, the company would usually address them within the first month. Yeah, yeah, you’re a nerdy tech geek, I know; you have to have it first. Your call, I guess. I’d wait, and avoid the headaches.

    Personally, I am waiting for WP9 to come around, and I will buy the phone (preferably a Nokia) a month after the release.

  • someone

    I had random reboots before with an Android phone too… And random freezes also. So? It was a Google Nexus S phone. Those were probably OS issues.

    • someone

      Most probably OS issues, because as OS evolved, random reboots disappeared.

  • PrivateBlinky

    Daniel, can you confirm (without giving too much away) how many emal accounts you have associated on your phone, and what server sync types you’re using (POP, IMAP, Exchange)?

    Maybe that will help narrow the problem down for others with the same issue…

  • andy c

    hopefully microsoft can fix these issus.

    I was using a samsung focus for just over a year and the phone was rock solid (no crashes, freezes or reboots) I tried WP because my android phone at the time was rebooting or freezing at least twice a week.

    now on a Gnex and it is rock solid. i would not mind going back to windows phone once they get there act together.

    • DonDod

      My wife has a Samsung Focus that started randomly rebooting/freezing after a year. Performed a phone reset and all has been good for a few weeks now.

  • Azzo

    Smoked meets Windows Reboot

  • Pete

    Its the SkyDrive sync that is disruption the whole cloud server which inadvertenly affects our emails as well

  • squirrel_masher

    I’m so glad that in bringing the desktop experience to the mobile world they also included the Blue screen of death! Wouldn’t be windows without it.

  • LW81

    At least they changed the ‘blue screen of death’ to a nicer one.

  • swizzlerz

    I look forward to getting my phone. I experiences this email issue with windows 8 release candidate. thought it was nothing. hope they fix it by the time I get my wp8

  • QballDS

    Yup – had the exact same problem as the author. All email accounts were perpetually syncing and I was not getting any email delivered to my phone.

    Did a complete erase yesterday and everything seems to be working fine.

    I just redownloaded Skype – I really hope that’s not the issue!

  • Hammley

    I just got the HTC Windows 8 phone. Everytime my phone syncs the emails that were previously in my inbox disappear. Very annoying!

  • h

    I am having email issues and battery issues Nokia is testing me now so is windows phone 8

  • h

    I have the same issue emails don’t synch up or show up