OpenMedia wants to push through the CRTC’s “national code for wireless services,” interested in hearing your “Cellphone Horror Story”

OpenMedia – the grassroots organization that’s famous for their “Stop The Meter” campaign – is back again, this time taking on cellphone companies. They are looking to “hear your cell phone horror story today” and have launched a site called “Cellphone Horror Story” that encourages Canadians to submit their experiences about being “overcharged, put on hold for an unconscionable amount of time, or otherwise treated unfairly by a cell phone company?”

The background for this initiative is from the CRTC’s recent decision to get feedback from Canadians about possibly creating a “national code for wireless services.” The code would involve easier contract terms and conditions, plus simplifying cancelation policies.

OpenMedia states on their site that “This is your chance to fight back. We pay some of the highest cell phone fees and are forced into some of the worst contracts in the industrialized world. The Big Three cell phone conglomerates control nearly 94% of the market.” This proposed national code would involve all the carriers, even the newer players.

You can check out “Cellphone Horror Story” here and submit your thoughts, or directly reach the CRTC’s public submission process here.

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