WIND releasing the LG Optimus 4X HD and Huawei Ascend G312 on October 18th


  • Jimbo

    I’m using this phone right now and it is excellent. It sips battery. 6 hours into my day and I still have 82% left with moderate use. Great screen, fast. Now if we can get the bootloader unlocked.

    • Emmanuel

      whaaat? 6hrs of use with only 12% drain what was the screen on time for that? thats unachievable with the one x

  • Pablo Moses

    Againg Wind is moving forward.

  • tech

    Loving how wind keeps stacking new phones. Previously worst part about wind was their phone choices. Now need NEXUS, LUMIA 920 and then BB10! 😀

  • Bruce

    920 might come, its said that they are developing pentaband chips for it.

  • Peter

    Excellent screen and Battery… Finally, does it means LG returns game and there is no eternal winner in smart phone market. Good job! LG.

  • Jimbo

    @Emmanuel, 18% drain over 6 hours with 32 minutes of screen time.

    My favorite phone so far and I’ve had the SIII and the Motorola Atrix HD.

  • holler back girl

    hehehehe “Wind Releasing”

  • Customer

    And Koodo still has only old a*s android phones. Hoping they catch up soon or they will be dropped.

  • ToniCipriani

    If only they have the QWERTY variant of the G312…

  • serpico

    Nice to see new hardware available at Wind . How about some improvements in reception ?

    Calgary , one example : walk on 7 AVE , go east . Once you walk in front of The Bay ( or you enter the store ) you loose the signal . And that is inside the Wind Home area .

    There are so many such example , unfortunately .

  • Nathaniel James


    • 0defaced


      Also, quit being so f**king opinionated. If you had a bad experience, learn from it……but don’t try to be a teacher.

  • cheenachatze

    The LG is competitively priced against the likes of GS3, but the Huwawei is overpriced for what it is. This is the cheapest 4″ Android that Wind is offering. Potential buyers will compare it to the ZTE N860 at Public Mobile, which offers 4.3″ screen for $150-$250, depending on the current sale.

  • Just that guy

    No thank you LG
    You screwed me over twice and you could make a phone that prints out money and i would not touch it
    thats what you get for screwing over your customers

  • GGG

    I’m gonna give one more chance with this phone. It supports FOTA as well meaning it should get software updates. 2x didn’t have any FOTA support.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Can we expect any price drops on wind’s current dual core android offerings? The amaze, one s, razr v now seem overpriced …

    • Wind-E

      well the amaze is being discontinued, i haven’t seen them in most displays

  • Zeake

    LG = Like Garbage.

  • Anono

    They arrived in store today, the box includes a few NFC tags, one specifically for your car. Pretty nice device, feels light though.

  • JohnN

    Aren’t people funny!
    We want our phones to be light, but not to feel light.

  • yard

    wind is mothar yard