Rogers and Fido roll out HD Voice, here’s the current list of HD Voice compliant devices


  • iphoneee

    Will Apple maps work in HD?

    • WOW!

      It would be a miracle if they work period..u r asking for HD? lol

  • Matthew

    Sucks HTC One X is not on there! Surprised since the one S is.

  • Smecxkles

    What, no Blackberry? Not even the 9900?

  • Mike

    One S is on the list, but not One X???

  • Adam

    I have a galaxy nexus but no one I speak to on the phone has any of those devices

  • normal-mind

    lol no galaxy s3? but galaxy nexus!! funny!!

  • heroclass

    how does this work? Do we need to turn on 3G or do we simply call someone.

  • D

    Really? The Gnex is supported but the SGS3 is not? Huh?

  • gnote

    No Galaxy Note? LOL

  • SEXperiaProGuy

    Is that SE Pro or SE XPeria Pro?

  • E

    All of the big Android manufacturers except LG…but Google persists and give them the Nexus. God, why?

  • Adrian

    I’m actually curious, is there a reason why the iPhone is there and the galaxy s3 is not? Hd voice is something I’m not very educated on so if someone could explain that would be great

    • Pata

      HD Voice requires specific hardware. In some cases, a phone just can’t support it. However, even with phones that do have HD Voice-compliant hardware there is no guarantee that the way the carrier or manufacturer implemented it will work together. So, you can have a phone that could support it, but the carrier does not currently support that specific implementation.

  • andy c

    no GS3 and no oneX.

    but the NOKIA N8 is supported.

    you may not get the Belle software update but you can call rogers and complain in crystal clear HD voice.

    • stylinred

      lol its because its a hardware AND software issue

      all Nokias mid-high end symbian devices support HDVoice

  • Zudeo

    Wow. Rogers with two additions to their network in one year? Wide scale LTE and HD Voice? Jesus H. Next step? Voice over LTE. and for them to be the Verizon of Canada where LTE is concerned. Obviously Saskatchewan is a lost cause but w/e. Everywhere else.

    • skippypaccino

      How is Saskatchewan not covered? There’s no obstacles in the way. You only need One tower to cover the entire province. Lol

      Saskatchewan jokes never get old. 1 Internet point for me…well…1/2 a point. I’m not wearing any pants. 🙁

  • Dom

    Something is off with this list of supported devices.

  • AR

    I noticed this on Sunday. You don’t need to turn on or off anything. Network will detect if the other person has compatible device and switch to HD automatically.

  • Kevin

    A co-worker and I just tried this on our iPhone 5’s both on Rogers in an LTE area. We didn’t notice any quality difference. Is there a way to tell if its on? I know when I make a call my data goes from LTE to 3G.

  • Silverbullet

    LTE is used for only Data for all carriers. Your voice service is still routed back to old netwrok switches. Unless Voice over LTE is implemented you will not notice any differences for the voice calls over 2G/3G/LTE networks.

  • 45

    I have a GNex as do several of my friends, but who talks on the phone these days?

  • Vince

    Offers HD voice…But phones still can’t work in the basement…GTFO Rogers…

  • AR

    @Kevin. I have tried with 2 iPhone 5 on Fido network and it works. Try rebooting both devices and try again. LTE is currently for data only, all calls regardless it’s HD or not will fall back to 3G. Good luck.

  • Betty

    hopefully BB10 devices support HD voice

  • Scaaa

    @vince maybe you should move out of your moms basement then.

  • James

    This is all fine and dandy, but is there cross network support for the codec, assuming that since they are all using Polycom’s trade name for AMR-WB, one would assume compatibility. But since these are Canadian service providers we’re talking about, I’m sure they would’ve found someway top charge each other for it and pass the charges down to the customer…

    Feel free lay my suspicions to rest though, I really wanna try this with some buddies.

  • John

    Wow HD voice?! CLEARLY nothing but a marketing scheme.

  • Shafin Rehman

    For those wondering why there is no One X or GS3, or any other smartphone you might think of, Fido doesn’t carry those phones. This list only includes the phones they carry on their service. Their website contains the phones they carry, and the One X and the GS3 isn’t one of them.

  • David.

    Phone sex has just gotten better lol 🙂

  • squirrel_masher

    I’m waiting for them to bring out the 3D Bluray version.

  • Kevin

    We both just rebooted our iPhone 5’s and tried another call. Didn’t really notice any difference.

  • Brian

    Omg..I knew it.. So I got the Raider last year and it is usually muffled. I was very annoyed when I bought it but I got used to it. Last week the signal got super clear and I mean crystal clear but sounded very different. Because I am used to the muffled reception my fiance was convinced it was either her or my phone. We both have raiders btw…

    And here I was going to call Rogers and complain for having better call quality 😛

  • Fruvous

    My theory is that different families aren’t compatible because they cheaped out on the hardware and had the HD Voice processor removed.

  • Doug Mohney

    When did TELUS officially rollout HD voice service? The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) doesn’t have a date listed and I don’t have a record on it.

    – Doug Mohney
    HD Voice News.

  • Dave

    Hey will this work if I have a modded Rom on my HTC EVO3D?

    How do we test if it works?

  • Sean

    It definitely works. I was surprise at the call clarity.

    I was talking to a co-worker using my cell yesterday and I thought my co-worker had a new headset because the voice quality was very clear and the background noise was gone.

    I called him back from my desk phone to see if there was a difference, and the cell to cell phone quality was better!

    They have found a way to bring the voice forward and push the noise out of the way. (We both use the HTC EVO 3D)

  • Dave

    HD Voice my A***. They’re constantly drop call right in the middle of the city, fix that first Robber.

  • Stanislav

    People still make voice calls?

  • jimbob

    Funny because the Galaxy S3 CAN support HD Voice…

  • jimbob

    Then something doesn’t add up because Rogers offers the SGS3, the SGS3 supports HD Voice, but it isn’t in the list!