Update: Microsoft Office for iOS and Android apparently will be available March 2013


  • Zstraw

    Amazing news! Addresses one of the biggest problems for mobile as productivity devices. Wonder how much it’ll cost.

  • shoo

    I will actually buy this…with money

  • Welcome2DSwamp

    Polaris office works for me and its free.

  • zzZZzz

    Productivity wise, we’ll always be restricted by the input means of a smartphone, exception maybe for the Note 1,2. Basic editing/viewing is currently done with Polaris Office as previous user mentioned and, in my opinion, that’s sufficient.

  • Astralmind

    Kingsoft Office is actually pretty awesome since the last update … and free.

    • shoo

      does it finally support bullet lists now?

  • nrj4life

    Office on the Note 2 would be amazing! Sadly, I doubt there would be any incorporation for the S Pen.

  • Dalex

    Here’s hoping that when they say Android, they also mean Tablets. I don’t give two ***** about docs on my phone, but my tablet would love to have the real MS office and not a stretched out phone version.

  • pacalis

    Releasing same month as BB10 with support for all other platforms. It was a good run RIM.

  • Grekoff

    When is it coming for Playbook?

    • gurtej08

      They already have docs to go which can do word, excel and powerpoint

  • Stuntman

    All I want is a spreadsheet app where I can press the key on my Transformer keyboard and have the cursor advanced to the next cell to the right. This is exactly how it works on Excel on my PC. So far, Polaris Office, Google Docs and OfficeSuite does NOT do this.

    Can anyone please, tell me if there currently exists a spreadsheet app that has this feature?

    I am looking forward to MS Office for Android for this specific feature. It makes creating spreadsheets faster and more convenient than having to take my hand off my keyboard to tap the next cell on the screen with my finger.

  • Paul

    Too late to the party in my mind, but I say that reservedly. It will have to be not too expensive and offer things other programs don’t and be useful. Otherwise I see no real need to change what I am using now.

  • S S

    This will likely be combined with the new Office 365/2013 Subscription model. Buy only one license and have access to it on your desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile device, etc.

    Great news for small businesses.

  • superfly

    It is never coming to any OS but windows. Trust me, I know. Never going to happen.

  • Varroa

    It will probably just be a web version that you can access via a browser or something for iOS or Android.

  • Shenzen

    will this be released for bb10?