Microsoft job posting hints at Office coming to iOS


  • superfly

    Stupid idea.. ..just keep office on the surface tablets. Why give the competition the only thing unique about your brand. Crazy

    • Hemies

      i just applied to the job and they called me for it! wish me luck folks!

  • Richard

    Microsoft has a lot more about it’s company that’s unique than Apple has: Server, it’s entire Dynamics line,.Net, it’s ECM practice (SharePoint), Xbox…… And that’s just to name a few.

    Putting the most widely used office app on iOS just helps them broaden their market that much more.

  • BB

    i agree microsoft will make a crap load of money from putting it on ios and android, but i would leave it on microsoft tablet and try get some of the market first and then give to apple.

  • Rio

    Dont forget, Microsoft is a Software company not hardware.

    Also if they can provide a decent mobile word editor, that would be amazing. Right now Pages on iOS is awesome but is limited by compatibility with commonly used word

    • BB

      I know they are software, but don’t forget they are also trying to gain marketshare and giving apple microsoft office will not help users by microsoft tablets.

  • Netguru

    This is a very smart idea for Microsoft for several reasons:
    1) It supports their Mac users who also use iPhones and iPads;
    2) Porting Office to iOS and Android will yield huge sales volumes and profits;
    3) Getting Android and iOS users onto Office will also make anyone thinking about switching to Surface and/or WP8 more comfortable doing so.

  • shoo

    can’t wait to pirate this!

    • Theywillbepissed

      Go to hell

  • Apple Sales Guy


    Sometimes it is tough to admit that ios rocks your socks. But by swallowing your pride, and expanding onto ios, the worlds greatest mobile platform; it will only help you make more money and reach a higher level of success (just not as much as Apple)