HTC’s double-edged sword: Android, Windows Phone and being a contender


  • X87

    HTC makes great quality devices. Huge fan of there products and design. Truly unique software and user experience. I’m pretty excited for there next line of devices.

    • Darth Paton

      I agree, Htc puts real heart into its devices. Their designs are always really high quality and unique, something you can’t always say about Samsung. I just can’t understand how a mediocre product (iPhone) can sell like hotcakes and the HTC one X cannot.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    hey HTC, you wanna know why you are doing so bad? no sd card slot and non removable battery. People want functionality not looks. If they were basing their choice of phone on looks not functionality, they’d get an iphone. They are trying to be the jack of all trades but it’s the worst thing being “just another phone company”. so how does HTC get back in the game? start listening to what their customers want and not try to be “just good enough”.

    • ASH


    • Geoff

      If this was true then HTC would have a greater market share than Apple.
      Personally, I love the ability to swap out the battery and add an SD card. That being said, I haven’t actually added and SD card because I haven’t actually needed to.

      Turns out what people want is not an SD card slot; they want enough space on the phone for their needs. They don’t want to swap out a battery; they want a phone that lasts long enough that they don’t need to worry about their phone dying prematurely. Now, I’m not saying that HTC has actually managed to fulfill these needs, I’m just saying that you’re technically being too specific with your request.

  • Chris

    Maybe if HTC would at least create a line of phones and stick with it. Samsung stuck with Galaxy, HTC just releases phones with random names every month… and with insufficient batteries

  • Hooligan

    these wp8 phones look nice, wish fido had them out already.

    • gwydionjhr

      It would be nice if Fido carried anything Windows Phone.

  • mmathieum

    I like HTC hardware but I’ll only buy a Nexus device.

    (loved my HTC/Google Nexus One)

    (I will choose HTC over Samsung anytime but having a Nexus is the 1st criteria)

  • gwydionjhr

    I’m really excited with the designs of the new WP8 phones by HTC. (although the fit and finish of the USB at the base of the 8X could use a little work) I’m also more than a little curious to see if HTC held back the Zenith to WOW us just a little bit more at the actual launch of WP8.

    This fall is going to be amazing!

  • Keith

    HTC is upping the Windows Phone game but they still trail Nokia by a long shot when it comes to the display, camera, exclusive, apps, design, build quality, support, RAM, GLONASS, OIS and I could go on.


    I think it would be awesome instead of having the phones compete against each other, allow the user the option of flashing either WP8 or Android. Or better yet, have a dual boot phone. (of course all this on hardware that is compatible with both OSs)

    • lord E

      HTC HD2 has been using both Windows metro and Android for years…XDA developers….


      True, but imagine the marketing ability if it was done officially.

  • Art Vandelay

    Non-user-replaceable battery is just wrong. All Li-Ion batteries age, especially when constantly exposed to heat (caused by charging or processor..etc) Usually after or within 1 year people will start to notice loss of battery life. Apple started this non-replaceable battery trend so they can milk the sheep another 80+ bucks when the battery dies. That’s like 10X to 20X the markup.

  • Shawn Payne

    HTC needs to fire their marketing department. In Canada, the ad campaign was a joke for such great devices like the One X and One S.

    • Tomatoes

      It wasn’t the marketing. It is because their handsets sucked.

  • Miguel

    I honestly think HTC got the short stick here. They make amazing, well designed devices. But as Daniel said it comes down to three words: Apple and Samsung. They were honestly the first companies to make their respective OS’s widely popular (i.e. No one knew a lot about android until Samsung came into the picture). I guarantee if HTC marketed their phones as early and as well as Samsung did, they’d be at the top of the Android heap.

    That being said, I commend HTC for making the market competitive. It’s hard to dethrone the two behemoths when they have such a following already. Their phones are great, they just don’t have the mind share that the market leaders have.

    Just my two cents.

  • zed

    I’d really like to try the 8X, but again no SD card. Granted 32gb internal should be enough, but the 16 (in reality about 12) on my 1S are barely sufficient.

    Honestly, having an SD card is way less of a pain to introduce than replaceable batteries – just put it next to the sim card tray.

  • lord E

    Untl batteries run for two days and apple et al introduce 100 gig cards…I’m sticking with my maps and Galaxy S111

  • Tomatoes

    HTC sucks and after my laundry list of HTC One X issues, I have sworn off of them. Fortunately for them, I might have to eat my own words and get an 8x if the Lumia 920 is as big as it seems.

    I am hoping that the 920 is smaller than it looks though.

    • Lemon

      What issues buddy?

    • Keith

      Actually the 8X is about the same size as the Lumia 920 though it is thinner and lighter. The smallish 4.3″ screen in such a large body as the 8X is its worst attribute.

  • Gestault

    Hey HTC did you by chance even bother to look at the Nokia Lumia. Everything that phone offers is better so tell my why should I buy your phone?

  • Fred

    The content of this article is great but the way it’s written is a little too dramatic for me

  • Nataku

    Sigh I would love to try out this phone and replace my HTC radar for the new phone… But I can’t unless they can make a version that works on wind mobile’s network….>_< Please for once give wind the option to obtain nicer windows phone

  • handheld addict

    After reading the comments by HTCs’ North America boss, I’m worried. He sounds like he doesn’t have a clue. Yes, design quality is very important. But equally, if not more important are features and internal hardware quality, like functional wi-fi, and battery life. When a company messes stuff up like that…. Not good.

  • stylinred

    i really like these offerings by HTC

    granted the designs are awfully familiar….

    but still nice colour choices and the material seems like it has a rubbery feel to it which will be a + if it is

    but atm the lumias seem to have the better offering the only positive the htc has over it is that the htc’s dont weigh a tonne

  • POW

    The sad thing about htc is that even though they were pioneers in the android space (Desire) and one of the first available in Canada, they’ve always suffered from quality issues. I remember when I had an HTC s720 with Windows Mobile 6 on it, and the phone always crashed. Chalking that up to poor software integration with Microsoft I blindly rushed and spent full price on the Desire just to watch it suffer from terrible battery life, not enough memory for even a few apps, and then crashing and power cycling while using basic maps. Ive had two HTC phones, a total of 4 replacement devices on warranty and they will never see another dime from me.