All SaskTel data plans now include Canada-wide data


  • kab0b

    This is excellent! I would normally blow through the 200 megs on a weekend trip to Alberta or Manitoba.

    • Brendon

      Agreed, just got back from edmonton for 4 days and couldnt use my phone
      Very happy they increased this.
      Looks like they have also upped their fairuse program so on unlimited plans you will now hit the cap at 10gb instead of 5gb

  • Cancuckle215


    I missed being able to stream my Google Music and Slacker when I’m driving around Alberta. Bought a 32GB card specifically to put music on.

    Now that I don’t have to worry about that anymore, 32GB can go back to being used for pictures, videos, etc. Sweet.

  • hayman

    fido has doubled their data on most of their plans.

  • Pro Wind

    I suspect reason for this change is wind mobile is coming there soon. They don’t want to take any chances of loosing their clients.

    • BobaFett

      Not likely. Wind runs off of Rogers towers. There is pretty scarce Rogers coverage in Saskatchewan. Most Rogers devices can’t even send a text there.

  • Porilaisten


    The Iron Curtain has fallen

  • John

    LOL, you can roam and it’ll be cheaper then using a big three brand.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Roaming in Canada. lolwut 1984

  • Cancuckle215

    They must have signed a deal with someone because earlier this year (or late last year) they said you can’t do it anymore, even though that was the biggest selling point of smartphones on Sasktel.

    I for one was choked when I went to Kenora because I had to keep leeching on to wifi everywhere I went in order to check emails and upload pics & vids on my SG3.

    Then for business, just the beginning of august, I had to do an emergency run to Edmonton, and of course, no wifi where I was working in, so I had to turn on my 3G to stay in contact with work. Well…I went over the 250MB in one day. STUPID.

    Now I’m back to where I was when I got my SGS…unlimited data anywhere. Again I say THANK GOD.

  • Vengefulspirit99

    I hope the big 3 follow suit but I’m not holding my breath.

    • 45

      The big 3 don’t charge for data roaming in Canada

  • Lewis

    my question is if this is going to apply to LTE or just 3g hspa. This essentially makes Sasktel the carrier with the best national coverage as their roaming agreements encompass telus/bell/rogers (to my understanding at least). If they’re extending this to LTE – why wouldn’t everyone simply get a Sasktel data plan and have coverage from all four carriers.

    • LeafsFan77

      @Lewis, SaskTel does not roam on the Rogers Wireless network.

  • JP

    WIND does not run off of Rogers towers. WIND has there own towers and they will/have been putting them up in Regina.

  • Joe cool

    Wind will have to have another of coverage to compete in saskatchewan.

  • arcticsushi

    The Iron Curtain has fallen…..I don’t think so. Just look next door at MTS in Manitoba.

  • danno

    @LeafsFan77: SaskTel does roam on Rogers in Manitoba, not MTS like everyone seems to think.