Update: Koodo to increase “City Koodo” plan by $5/month


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  • superfly

    Just pay $10 more for nation wide unlimited.

  • Sean

    Koodo is the low cost carrier so when Telus increases prices Koodo should get a cheaper plan not the other way around

  • David

    Still need a whole lot of competition. If there is true competition then we won’t be seeing price increases.

  • Will

    Really? Fido and virgin are already at 35$ Prices need to FALL not RAISE!

    • Rashypoo

      Are already, more like have been forever. Other carriers like Virgin and Fido will follow suit very soon! No one is safe from price increases, the market will follow!

      I guess the only real “city” deal left is Chatr!

  • Carlos

    They don’t see much competition anymore since Wind is turning more like the big three

  • Mike

    Chatr (ie. Rogers) $25 unlimited voice, with provincial LD charges included. Koodo, you want $40?

  • zzZZzz

    bummers, usually such an increase is followed closely by similar priced brands, ie virgin and fido. hope it won’t though

  • ActivesiN

    o how nice of them…o wait nm its an increase not discount

  • dimsum

    Wow…i love how its increased and there really is no legitimate reason for that.

    I don’t see wind becoming the big three…only because their plans are still much better value. But who knows….once wind hits the 1 million+ subs I could be eating my words.

  • Obvious

    If it’s in their brochure now its probably available nationwide now, i.e. not a zone based plan, want LD add the other plans, no LD use city Koodo…. that’s worth the $5 imo

    • Daniel AJ

      The whole idea of Long Distance charges is a rip-off when it comes to modern networks.

  • askldjfkasldj

    within a week, we’ll be seeing virgin and fido raise by $5 too, but atleast virgin has good phones.

  • Radar

    I like my WIND Mobile; $40 Unlimited Canada wide Talk/Text/Data.

  • jonny

    I get unlimited everything in Canada, and even unlimited calls to the US for $40 a month. And I got a free Nexus S too.

    If a sucker doesnt do their homework before they choose a company, they deserve to pay more.

    • marorun

      Well Wind plans are nice.
      But the reception is so crappy thats my friend changed from Wind to Koodo lol.

      Its all question of quality for the Bucks.
      You can have better phone selection and better plan but if the network is crappy its useless.

      Its like Public mobile and even Fido (the network is clearly not always on par with Rogers…)

      Someone who only want to pay lower and lower and always get more deserve to get crappy network lol

  • MaX

    It would be a good deal if it included unlimited texting…

  • G203

    The problem is that the newbies are not having a very reliable network. Sure, they offer cheaper rates and unlimited data. If I am using it for personal purpose, then I am ok to miss a call or two. But since I am running my own business, it need something more reliable and Koodo is really not a bad choice.

  • mike

    if koodo raises the price for an extra $5 bucks, they should include an extra feature with that increase to make it worth the increase and have a reason for it. other than that its just ripping customers off by an extra $5 fee. is that a $5 hidden fee or something perhaps system access fee like rogers but just say its a plain $5 increase…lol wouldn’t be surprised

  • Fred

    This is crazy! I guess Canada is the only country where mobile service fees is going anything but down. With the big 3 Robelus having their child companies (Chat-r/Koodoo/etc) working as syndicates, price fixing is inevitable. Wind/Mobilitcity are really our last hope to save us from their monopolies.

  • mike

    @Fred mobilicity and wind will not save Canada or decrease prices in the future. anyone who thinks that have problems. once mobilicity and wind has the same number of customers as the big 3 they will start to act like big 3 and eventually have the same prices and same features as big 3. and will soon become big 5. mobilicity and winds prices are low for now just to a tract new customers and to help build the network across Canada. but seriously once they get the subs they need they will increase prices for sure its inevitable.

  • Mark Ewing

    There is also the cost of maintaining the networks here. Maintaining the number of towers in our country to provide the needed coverage ain’t cheap. At least that is what I have to tell people at work who ask about why the prices at Wind and Mobilicity are so much cheaper. Those two carriers have almost no coverage outside of major centers while Bell, Telus, and Rogers actually have real nationwide coverage. That covers Koodo, Fido, Chatr, Virgin, and Solo.

  • Piff

    @ Ewing, that is only a half truth or a half explanation. The new entrants are catering to the portion of the population that lives in major urban areas. And yes, should you move into a Wind Away Zone you will roam and still pay less to use a “better” network.

    So to say that maintaining a larger network is the reason for charging more is plain BS especially since the backbone of their network has already paid for itself.

  • kwu

    With “Maintenance” being so expensive or so people claim on theses towers…I would love to see the real dollar figure of how much it costs. Because Mark clearly it doesn’t cost that much when the CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s…and such all make multi-million dollar salaries…live in Million dollar mansions and drive a ferrari if not probably a couple luxury cars.

    I personally believe it’s nothing but just pushing the limits to see how much money they can take from their clients and using “Maintenance” costs as a poor excuse.

  • kwu

    I mean for example…for a company such as blackberry not doing so hot right now…but some how there CEO has gotten a nice hefty raise from 1 million…to 10 million. I’m sure Telus, Rogers and Bell head honchos are not far behind.

  • metoo

    Koodo and virgin will follow soon. Rogers doesnt make moves unless they all agree first.

    And anyone suggesting Chatr is a joke. They are zoned. Make or receive a call outside your zone and pay $0.50/minute plus long distance. Koodo is not zoned.

  • winduser

    Well the Govt had a chance to give 700 mhz allowance to the newbies, this would of allowed the newbies to solve some of the indoor reception problems

    However our puppets didnt allow that to happen, even though they gave a huge amount of spectrum away to the big 3 when they started out.

  • Roger

    for 40$ at Virgin, you get Unlim City, Unlim international texting, VM and CID.

    guess thats gonna change soon.

  • pots

    Publicmobile is 19.00 unlimited province calling

  • Jatt n Juliet

    Hi, Price increase it not gr8 though but the value with $5.00 is that no LD across canada, travel like you travel with wind no zones every local city becomes your local calling area. I thik this is still better so whenever i go with my fido zone based plan from toronto to niagara I pay LD to make and receive call while in niagara, but koodo incoming call in niagara falls is free n outgoing is free with the local area…….Awesome koodo…”Fido in my opinion is a contract b***h”

  • Piff

    @Roger, if Virgin threw in 2gb of data that would be killer.

  • zack

    Does this increase effect current koodo city customers?

  • MailmanDelivers

    Does not affect current Koodo Customers

    City Koodo will be available across Canada after this change has been made