Canadians receiving Nexus 7 shipping confirmation from Google


  • AllenAndrewStewart

    Not me. Sigh…

  • Jonathan

    I Just received my confirmation a few minutes ago.

  • Mark

    Not me… yet. Maybe the 16gb ones will be a bit later? I notice most of the notifications are for the 8gb model.

  • Threecube

    Got my confirmation about 30 minutes ago. Gonna be my first experience with Android.

  • Dave

    Received my last saturday from Staple, others people got their from NCIX as well. Google Play Store really screw up on this one, hahaaa!

    • Derek

      I did the same. Ordered a 16GB from Staples on July 10th (FREE SHIPPING!!). They promised it for the 23rd and delivered it on the 16th.

  • Hinds2009

    Got mine also! Hoping to get it Thursday! Friday latest!

  • Jimmy

    Nope not here either……16 GB ordered on July 2 have heard absolutely nothing from Google…NOTHING.

  • Redth

    Got my email. Just hope the printed label isn’t days away from actually shipping.

  • fansari

    I am still waiting for my confirmation….arghhhhhhhhhhh

  • dirtychoncho

    Ordered a 16gb on June 27 and no shipping notice yet. :'(

  • chkamran

    Still waiting for that email. I have ordered the 16GB model.

  • Canadian Resident

    My shipment confirmation for my 8GB N7 just came in. – Manitoba

  • nickb

    Am I crazy? Play store won’t let me buy one, I get error “seller does not accept payment from your region”… where are Canadians able to order them?

  • fansari

    Did anyone pre-order a 16GB version and received shipping a confirmation yet?

  • William

    I pre-ordered the 8GB model and received an email 7:40 PM this evening. Should be here by Thursday evening.

  • Isaac

    16G: Jun 29 You placed an order with Google Canada Corp. on Jun 29. Google Wallet sent a copy of this receipt to xxx
    And still nothing ,,,,

  • Ivan

    Ordered the 16Gb june 9th and nothing so far…

    • Ivan

      Meant july 9th

  • Jeff

    Pre-ordered Jun 28, 16Gb, nothing yet…

  • Jordi

    Should get mine delivered to my door tomorrow, good ‘ol NCIX 🙂

  • Andrew

    I still haven’t heard anything either and I ordered a 16GB right after the I/O keynote on June 27.

  • SkyDome

    Same as other 16GB purchasers … nothing yet.

    Dear Google, good business sense is to please people who ordered more expensive model first, not tho those cheapskates that ordered 8GB to save 50 bucks 😉

  • ghostrider

    Had ordered on the 27th, here in Canada…
    Nothing yet, will update once there is activity on my google play order

  • BlueBagodah

    It looks like it’s only the 8GB models that are being shipped.
    I ordered the 16GB on the 28th, still nothing. Hopefully early tomorrow.
    At least I just got my Jellybean update to my Galaxy Nexus to play with until then.

    • Will

      Did you get your Galaxy Nexus from Bell on Dec 8th?

  • superfly

    Got my confirmation 4 minutes ago. Delivery date is Monday the 23rd. Hope it actually gets here before the weekend.

  • superfly

    Oh…I am from rural Alberta.

  • superfly

    Preorder mine on June 27th

  • superfly

    8 GB version

  • Steven

    I did too. And, it came in late afternoon today. I actually sent them an angry email last night to ask to cancel my pre-order since it’s now available in store. Me paying shipping fee doesn’t make sense any more. I didn’t get a reply and instead I got the shipping confirmation. Hehe.

  • Steven

    Actually, just double checked. I put in the tracking number and got this “A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status–including the scheduled delivery date–will be updated.” Apparently, it’s not actually shipped yet.

  • JustAnotherDan

    No shipping confirmation for me yet.
    I ordered on July 2nd.

  • Mark

    I ordered my 16gb on the 28th and still haven’t received any info.

  • G

    Ordered 2 16gig during IO. Nothing yet.

  • htc

    Pre ordrered 16gb june 29th in vancouver still nothing.

  • Isaac

    this is the last time I pre-order anything from google !!! but nevertheless I can’t wait to play with my 16GB toy 🙂 hummm I guess Steve Jobe is really getting angry there ….

  • Matty

    My 8 gb shipped, apparently the eta is Monday next week, so much for two day shipping. Really regretting pre ordering, $20 for shipping and I still get it later than those who picked it up at retail.

  • Drew Freyling

    Just got mine!!

  • Sweet

    Pre-ordered the 16GB on July 9 and still haven’t hear anything from Google. And people ordered from NCIX already got their orders ><. Then what's the point of paying extra $19.99 when others paid $0 for shipping fee and received their tablet earlier then us? Stupid Google.

  • Isaac

    Yesenia, this thread is about nexus 7 please stop the scam s’il vous plait …

  • Sukrut Daga

    Ordered 16GB on the 27th. No confirmation yet.

  • bummy

    My 8GB got confirmed 🙂 Hope to get it this week!

    • bummy

      My ETA on UPS says July 23rd.

  • David

    @Steven Because I got the email tonight. I’m sure it will be given to UPS tomorrow morning. It is after hours/

  • Pandarus

    Ordered my 16GB on Jun 27th… no confirmation yet

  • skarphace

    A friend let me get my hands on it in staples the other day, really really impressed and just got my confirmation a couple of hours ago can’t wait 🙂

  • Acco

    Yeah. Looks like it’s 8GB’s shipping out. :<

  • roman20

    Ordered 8GB version an hour after the keynote. It shipped tonight from Louisville, KY (not Google Canada corp on Dundas, LoL).
    Should be in my hands Thursday end of day.

  • David

    @roman20 weird, I did as well. I preordered it the second I could from the google play store. Anyone know where to get that Asus smart cover?

  • @pcasmiro

    ordered 16gb on june 28th, no word so far. Sounds like the 8gb did ship first

  • David

    Scheduled Delivery:
    Thursday, 07/19/2012, By End of Day
    Last Location:
    Departed – Louisville, KY, United States, Monday, 07/16/2012

  • A. Carmine

    Shoot me now

  • Jon

    no confirmation for me, and what’s with not shipping priority like we paid for? i want a complete shipping refund. What a complete disaster from google.

  • Jimmy

    So what is everyone thinking about Google’s customer service? I’m a bit put off that we all spent $20.00 extra for 2 day shipping and we get the tablet much later than those that didn’t pre-order at all. It sounds like those of us that ordered 16 GB are out of luck because Google sent the supply to the retail stores before us. I was under the understanding from I/O that they would not be available thru retail. That is why I jumped on the Google play store band wagon. Did I misunderstand? I really think they owe us a couple of things…One an Apology, Two our shipping charges back and three another $25.00 credit in the play store on top of the one we are getting when and if we ever see the tablet. What are your thoughts?

    • Threecube

      Yeah they were pretty misleading with the whole selling in retail stores. I do think we should at least get an extra Google play credit.

    • abc123

      First, you are right. Second, I hope that we all learned the lesson NOT TO ORDER DEVICES THROUGH THE PLAY STORE ever again.

      For those that got shipping notices for delivery > 2 days, I think you have a legitimate reason to get your shipping charges refunded. If they said 2 days, it is 2 business days not 7.

  • Chris

    16GB pre-ordered only an hour after keynote, no confirmation. Won’t be pre-ordering from Google Play ever again. 20 bucks more for shipping and we get it later than those from NCIX (and they probably paid less for shipping if my NCIX experiences are any indication).

  • cruz

    nothing here 🙁 ordered 29th

  • jeff

    Good grief 16gb June 27 at 2pm MST. Nothing yet. F’ing bullshit. I agree I want reparations

  • neilo

    Same as many others, ordered a16gb to ship to vancouver just after the keynote finished and not heard a ‘bean’ yet! I hope they watch how apple release iPhone 5 to see how to release a product correctly, learn from their own mistakes and release their next phone they way we would expect.
    An apology credit would be nice, if only for the shipping.

  • peebos

    Ordered 16GB version an hour after Google i/o and no notice yet. Yes it sucks that others got theirs in stores sooner but this way I don’t have to get off my lazy a*s and go looking for one. It just magically appears at my house one day!

    Some people here need to relax a bit, this is far from an unmitigated disaster. So what if you have to wait a few more days or spent an extra $20, big deal.

  • Steven

    @Peebo Actually, I think we should all stand up for ourselves and let Google know we are not happy about their service. We are being punished with a shipping fee and receiving the product late on a pre-order for what? For loving their product and supporting them? That’s ridiculous. Google should know better than that.

  • fred

    i got it from Vision today locally..

  • Andy Warhol

    I can’t say that I’m satisfied with my pre-purchase experience either. I emailed them, for what it’s worth, so at least they can’t turn a blind eye to the whole thing. Honestly, I wouldn’t care about waiting if I didn’t have to pay shipping, but knowing that this whole pre-sale ordeal actually cost me MORE than buying it in store (and hasn’t shipped yet) really bugs me. I’d love them to offer an additional Play Store credit or something, but I don’t really see that happening…

  • Mark

    Folks – do like I just did – find the transaction for your 16gb purchase. Get to the Google Wallet / Invoice page. In the verbage near the top, there’s a clickable link for “Contact Google Canada Corp”. It will bring you to a contact page that pre-fills in details about your order.

    Write a polite message requesting your shipping fees refunded, since Google has failed to deliver these items yet (considering local stores have them and you won’t have to pay shipping costs). Here’s what I wrote:

    “Hello. I ordered this through the Google Play store in order to get the device as fast as possible. But my order hasn’t even shipped yet, and local stores in the Vancouver area have the Nexus 7 16gb models on the shelf, ready to buy and I wouldn’t have to pay shipping costs to buy it locally.

    Since you haven’t delivered this in a timely manner, but have charged my credit card, I’ll still wait for the tablet to ship from Google, but I’d like the shipping costs refunded.”

    I don’t know if they will comply, but if they have dozens, if not hundreds complaining about the late deliveries, well a) it’s one way to let them know we’re not happy and b) maybe they will do something about it.

  • Mark

    I forgot to add – I have concerns about this shipping from the US via UPS. I better not be dinged at the door for extra duties and brokerage fees. UPS really sucks when it comes to delivery in Canada from the US.

    • Jon

      If you paid local tax like i did than there won’t be extra fees as that is illegal.

    • Keefer73

      @Mark the Nexus 7s are shipped to Canadian from Toronto Ontario, they should not be going through the US.

  • Jeff

    Ordered 16GB on the 28th at 12h30. No confirmation yet. I’m from Quebec City.

  • Stephan

    Ordered a 16G from NCIX Sunday night, its coming in today. 🙂

  • Haackers

    I ordered a 16gb on June 28th and still no word. Good job Google with pre-orders… NOT!!! I had the same expirence with the iPad 1, I pre-ordered it and could have walked in a Best Buy and bought one before my pre-order was shipped.

  • kerr

    Got my conformation

  • Philippe Archambault

    It seems that Google can’t keep track of their own products. Last Friday, a rep told me that my Nexus7 had been shipped. Yesterday, another rep told me that my tablet just left the warehouse and that I should get it on Wednesday, at the latest. This morning, UPS confirm that they just got my package and I will receive it by the end of the day this Thursday. So, when Google charges you 20 $ for a two days shipping, it means at least 3 days (if they don’t lie about the day it was sent). To quote SNL: “Really?”

  • Nicole

    Now I’m REALLY glad I picked one up at FutureShop! Their release date was August 10th originally, and now the date is July 19th. Heck, from how fast my orders have shipped to me in the past (free shipping), because the warehouse is in Vancouver – I’m assuming I’ll most likely get it either Friday (which would be great), or Monday (which will be fine). We still get the play credit which is awesome too.

    I originally had planned to order via the Play store, and I’m really glad I didn’t now. Main reason I didn’t order through there was actually that I noticed they ship with UPS. Additional fees for shipping 2 to Canada.. $20 shipping (obviously combined), about $50 taxes, and something like $60+ in brokerage fees. All I remember when figuring it out, was that 2 units in Canada was around $590, and 2 from the play store after all the fees was about $700 or just over, Canadian.

    Hopefully Google has a deal with UPS to skirt some of those fees.. but I don’t see it happening with how things have gone so far ..

    • Jon

      If you paid taxes on your purchase then brokerage fees on behalf of ups are illegal and you should refuse the shipment.

  • Vince

    Got one at Staples.

    Couple of issues…
    Browser not as smooth as the Galaxy Note on ICS.
    Slingplayer crashes.

    Overall a decent value.

  • Alex

    16 gig here near Montreal, ordered minutes after the Canadian Playstore availability went up.

    Still nothing.

    If mine comes from the Sates and I get the UPS standard brokerage fees.

    I will be mad.

    But as of right now, it’s still mid July…till Friday?

  • TP

    Ordered mine on July 3rd, absolutely nothing. I even sent an email with a few questions on July 6th, never heard back from them. While I really like Google’s products, I can’t seem to like their customer services.

  • Andrew Goldenberg

    Got my shipping notification last night. Says it will be delivered Friday, however it is already in Cincinnati and its Tuesday.

  • gates

    I agree with Mark, Jimmy and many others. I too ordered the 16Gb on June 27 to be able to get before it appears on the retail shelves. When I first saw ASUS show a similar tablet at the 2012 CES in January, I knew I wanted it get it. Google messed up by pre-shipping to retailers, they should completely honoured the Play Store purchases first. If I could I would cancel my online store and pick one up at my local Staples. I really hope Google ships from a Canadian warehouse to avoid the UPS duty fees, etc. Goggle should goodwill all 16GB owners a $50 PlayStore credit for the mess they created.

  • Jesse

    Ordered a 16GB on June 29th and nothing yet – grrr! My buddy walked into a store in Vancouver yesterday and easily grabbed a Nexus 7. What was the point of pre-ordering and spending $20 on shipping???

  • Jean-Michel

    Got my confirmation email last night.

  • superfly

    Last Location:Departed – Hodgkins, IL, United States, Tuesday, 07/17/2012

  • G5Man

    I ordered the 16 GB on July 5th and nothing yet. Not a word. It is very clear to me Google is in its infancy when it comes to handling customer facing communication and shipping products.

    Every aspect of this has been basically a disaster. And not a word from Google. At this point they should be going into damage control and figuring out how to stem the flow of the negative reaction they are getting. But nothing. Silence.

    This is why Apple wins.

  • Tonkadan

    16go ordered from PlayStore
    Location: Quebec, Canada
    Credit card not charged, no shipping information for now.

    I just Called Bureau En gros (french version of Stapples) and there was one 16 go remaining. It is now reserved for me I’ll pick it up at noon for less then it was expected ordering from Play Store (Shipping + maybe importation fees). Screw you google.

    p.s.: There’s supposed to have some remaining at Bureau En Gros Levis and Beauport.

    • Tonkadan

      Update: Got it. Thank you Bureau En Gros. Screw you Google!

  • Kris

    Picked mine up at a local Visions yesterday!

  • Jason Benwell

    I got a shipment notification at 9:37 this morning for an 8GB model. There’s no information yet on UPS tracking.

  • HTCmachine

    I just canceled mine at the play store. I sent them an email and I hope they get it in time. I don’t feel like wasting 20 on shipping when I can walk over to staples. As soon as they confirm its cancelled i will go buy one locally.

    • Benny Blanco

      Ordered mine on the 28th … 16gb and still nothing.

      Called Google to Cancel but they said any orders done before July 1st was sent out for shipping processing … and cancelling was no longer an option.

      I would simply have to refuse the shipping at the door if I still didnt want the package!!!

  • fuzzzysteve

    I’m really quite annoyed that I am paying shipping from google and yet I could get it from NCIX without shipping fee. I tried to be patient but I’m contacting my rep at NCIX (business customer) and getting one on order. whoever ships first can have my money.

    Google (or Asus) shouldn’t have sent product to retail until google pre-orders were filled.

    oh, and from Manitoba and obviously nothing. 16GB

  • Steven

    I just sent an email to Google Canada in my Google Wallet account and asked them to credit the shipping charge or give us a $25 extra play store credit. I also left the link of this page so that they can come see our comments for themselves. I am calling on all of you to send in your complaint as well. Let’s make this happen. Thanks.

    • Nik

      Not saying i’m not annoyed… pre-ordered that 16gb model but nothing yet… but as far as this being a DISASTER OF UNMITGATED PROPORTIONS like many are freaking out about… give it a day or two before we start jumping out of buildings.

      That being said, I went to my Google wallet account and clicked the “contact Google” option and did give them a passive aggressive piece of my mind!

      It makes no sense that they are slow rolling the Play Store orders when they are making the MOST margin from Play Store sales (no retail mark up and no shipping!). They should definitely extend a better credit to us play store purchasees

  • fansari

    Anyone had any luck finding a 16GB version in Ottawa/Gatineau Area? I am tempted to cancel the preorder and save the shipping….

  • dirtychoncho

    do the retailer nexus 7 include the $25 gift card and transformers installed like the playstore pre-order?

  • D

    Ordered the 8G model and have no confirmation. Credit card was charged when ordered. I sent an email to ask for order status and shipping method on Saturday, never received a replied. Maybe overreacting but really, pre-orders should have been shipped first since we’re paying extra for shipping and didn’t get a choice on what shipping method and had to pay for 2 day shipping.

  • Sandeep

    Received the shipping confirmation today morning. Can’t wait…

    • fansari

      8 or 16gb?

  • fotoboi5

    ordered 16gb on the June 27th and keep emailing them about cancellation of the nexus 7. No followup emails from them, i even called them to cancel and told them that how long does it take to cancel the order ?!? nothing at all 🙁

  • Jonah

    Picked mine up at a staples here in Ottawa this morning. I guess I’m glad I didn’t pre-order.

  • ngraham

    I am also p****d that having preordered this device as soon as it was announced and Knowing I will incur a shipping fee – it is very annoying to know that people can walk into a store and get this device before me .
    i have had no notification of my shipping either

  • Jesse

    FYI, I just called the Google play store as I was going to cancel my order and get it locally. After over an hour on hold I spoke to a guy and he said that all the orders (16gb and 8gb) have been delivered to UPS and were in the process of being tagged etc but that UPS was super overwhelmed with the volume. Apparently the devices were shipped to Canada on Friday. UPS is telling them that they expect all devices to be delivered by Thursday (I’m sceptical). He said that the devices ordered from Google will have their Asus warranty handled by Google with a replacement shipped to you and prepaid shipping for your warranty item back to Google/Asus where if you buy in store you deal with Asus on your own.

    Long story short – I couldn’t cancel my order as it has already gone to UPS for shipping, just UPS hasn’t tagged it yet. He said if I was really wanting to stop it I would have to wait until after UPS has tagged it and given a tracking number and to call and cancel it then and they could request a package intercept. The Google number is on your email confirmation – 1-855-836-3987.

    Hope that helps and saves someone else over an hour on hold.

    • Stephane

      Hi Jesse, I called them yesterday and the rep i hit (after also 1hour on hold) was pretty much useless. He said he didnt knew, that after 1 hour of ordering, he’s not able to cancel, etc, (which is not true as a co-worker cancelled next day after ordering).
      I also sent a note to Google Canada Corp, and no reply at all. They’re ignoring us.
      I would have expected more customer ethic from them. This is a big failure from Google.
      I paid an extra 20$ to make sure i’m getting it first in line. Apparently, extra 20$ is not worth anything with Google.

  • superfly

    Still stuck at ” Hodgkins, IN, United States 07/17/2012 5:15 Departure Scan” It has been 10 hours at this status

  • BombSquad

    Come on google, get your stuff together. I had friends walk into retail stores in AB and pick it up already with no shipping charges, I ordered mine July 4th and havent heard anything. And yet I cant cancel! What kind of a way to run a business is this?

  • Jason

    What number are you using to call them about cancelling?

  • hapa

    pre-ordered on GP on June 28
    Didn’t receive a confirmation
    Pre ordered on Staples on July 8 as well and got word that I can pick up tablet today. Nice job Google. 1 hour oon hold today with Google to find out the o key way to cancel my
    riginal order is to refuse delivery after UpS receives it.

  • spy

    just received this info from google play.

    An update on Nexus 7 pre-order shipping status
    We’ve had incredible demand for our new Nexus 7 tablet and are shipping them as quickly as possible. When your device ships you will receive a notification from Google Play with a shipping tracking number. We will have all orders placed through July 13 processed and shipped soon. Orders placed after July 13 will ship according to the quoted timeframe when you purchased and we will update you with a tracking number when we’ve shipped. Thanks for your patience.

    Below are more specific details by country for devices ordered through July 13. If the below information is not true for you, and you ordered on or before July 13, please reach out to our support team so we can investigate.

    In the US:

    We’ve shipped all standalone Nexus 7 8GB orders (e.g.: those without a case, charger or Nexus Q). By the end of day on July 19 (PDT), we will have shipped all standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through July 11 (PDT), and upgraded these orders to overnight shipping. We will process the remaining standalone Nexus 7 16GB orders by the end of next week with overnight shipping.

    If you ordered your tablet with a case, charger or Nexus Q, your Nexus 7 will ship this week with overnight shipping, in some cases ahead of the rest of your order. But don’t worry, the rest of your order will be on its way soon.

    In Canada:

    We’ve shipped all Nexus 7 8GB orders. We are in the process of shipping Nexus 7 16GB orders and will ship them in 1-2 weeks.

    In the UK:

    All Nexus 7 8GB orders will ship by July 20 (BST). All Nexus 7 16GB orders placed through June 30 (BST), will ship by July 20 (BST). The remaining Nexus 7 16GB orders will ship next week.

    In Australia:

    All Nexus 7 8GB and Nexus 7 16GB orders will be fulfilled by the end of day on July 19 (AEST) and will arrive in 3-5 days.

  • Jesbull

    Just received an email with a 1 to 2 week delay for shipment. It was my first time pre-ordering anything. It will be the last. How frustrating it is to see the tablet sold retail now… and I even paid for shipping. Dumb mistake.

  • Liohn

    Received an e-mail from Play tonight telling me my 8GB (ordered July 11th) was shipped, with a tracking number.
    UPS says it did in fact go out this evening, only it went out Standard shipping, not 2-day, which is what Google charged us for.
    Scheduled delivery is Monday, 23rd. I’ve e-mailed Google asking for a refund on shipping.

  • Stever

    I just got the same 1~2 week notice, this is complete bs. Seriously, why did we all pre-order? I ordered mine inside the first 24 hours, it’s not like I did it yesterday…

  • darren

    when i pre-ordered i thought i would get the device at least at the same time as it was released in stores not after! the fact that people are walking into retailers and getting the device and i pre-ordered for what? to pay for shipping and get the device late? this is an absolute joke.

  • neilo

    Its frustrating that we’re at the back of the list, but some one has to be. Maybe they used preorder to decide where to send their stock, based on geographical demand. That MAY explain why different continents were shipped before their northern neighbours. I’m just greatful for the notification to at least letting us know what’s going on, even if it’s as vague as 1 – 2 weeks.
    The wait would still be softened by a shipping credit or removing the restriction on Canadian store content…

  • katzwisker

    Preordered July 4th. Just got the email saying shipping in 1-2 weeks. Went down to Best Buy in NW Calgary (they had just received ANOTHER shipment!)
    Picked up the 16GB Nexus 7 for $259.99 + GST. Saved myself $20 shipping and tons of aggravation. Good bye Google Play!!!!!!

  • D

    I received an email stating my order had shipped, then an hour later I received the email stating that my order will ship in 1-2 weeks. And now I’m seeing that message that all Canadian 8G were shipped. UPS doesn’t have a shipping label yet for my order. So, what the hell is going on? Too much contradictory information. First and last device order from Google Play.

  • Sibbz (UK)

    Preordered 2x16gb on the 6th july still no shipping confirmation. Figured the £9.99 shipping would be worth it and that google customers were most likely to be the first to receive it. How wrong was i? Spent almost 3 hours on the phone to google over the past 3 days. Both monday and tuesday i was told that i should expect the confirmation that day, never came :0( i thought i’d save my self the shipping, cancel my order and buy else were. I can’t do this either. More than a little angry right now……..

  • Max

    To be honest, I never thought Google would mess up this bad. I understand they aren’t a manufacturing company and I never expected them to have done a flawless release…however, what they did to Canadians with the 16gb Nexus 7 is horrendous. I have been a loyal android fan since Froyo and was among the first to buy the Nexus One, and from there on multiple Android devices like Nexus S, S2, and Transformer Prime.
    When Google announced the Nexus 7, I debated about getting it considering I own a tablet already, before I finally made a preorder through the Play Store. They advertised the product with the impression that only the preorders will get an additional $25 credit and “additional content”. However, not only is the N7 available to retailers, those features are included as well. The slap to the face came when they decided to send the 16gb N7 stock to USA and UK so we are on the bottom of the priorities. Guess what? The loyal customers who preordered are even lower than the retailers because Staples and London Drugs were selling them on shelf. My friend who didn’t even know about the N7 and happened to be at a local Staples at the time stumbled across the Nexus 7 and picked one up. That’s sad while I was left in the dark about my preorder status and finally, a week after the USA customers started receiving shipping notifications, got a notification myself – my order is delayed 1 – 2 weeks. What so I paid an extra $20 so I could receive my device later than everyone else and get shitty service?

    Thanks Google for taking a nice big dump on a long time android fan. Last time I preorder from your store; actually the iPad 2 refurbished for 300 is looking pretty good…

    • Wes

      Well said!
      I am in exactly the same boat, but what I find most frustrating about it all is that I can’t simply cancel my pre-order and go get one off the shelf. Sure, they say I can “refuse delivery”, but that sounds like a good way to pay twice. I’m torn – I’m trying to stand by Google, but they are not giving me a lot of reasons (lately) that they deserve my loyalty. For now, I guess I’ll just continue to pay extra for the privilege of waiting for an undetermined (and moving) shipping date… chalk this one up to experience.

  • never by pre order again

    ordered 8gb on 13 July, receive cinfirm @17 july 1604, will arrive by 24th to abbotsford

  • Dan

    I just picked up a nexus 7 16 gig at futureshop and cancelled my order with google since there was no confirmation. I just got the email saying it wasn’t processed yet and nothing’s been charged to my credit card. I saved money just picking it up in store

  • John

    Ordered June 28, got shipping label confirmation email on July 16 (but no expected delivery date). It apparently left Hodgkins, IL yesterday morning with expected delivery now July 23.

    Not a peep from Google Canada regarding changing delivery destination nor the “2 day shipping” that turned into 5 business day shipping – technically 7 actual days for the bargain price of $19.

    I’ve opted to wait instead of trying to cancel or refuse delivery and get it locally which I could have from many places.

    Thanks Google…it’s amazing how something as simple as fumbling the delivering a hot product can ruin much of the positive vibe from the item itself.

  • Keefer73

    Ordered my 16gb Nexus 7 yesterday at 5:30 central time and I haven’t heard anything yet (though on the webpage it said it ships in two days). I was unable to find any detailed shipping information and am not able to track my delivery… hope it comes soon though.

  • Isaac

    Ok, Guys I have a 7 Millions $ question!
    I need to cancel my 16GB order placed on June 29, I sent them email from google play and also just talked to the support team telling them I want to cancel my order but the guy told me I can’t cancel it and the only thing I can do is to refuse the package.
    Seems like there are people that successfully canceled their order, please advice how did you managed to cancel it.

    Just went to future shop & best buy in Mississauga, they have delivery on Fridays and you can get it Saturday morning with delivery fee, hassle and stress free ( and two more days in the week, I don’t remember the days that the guy told me ).

    Waiting 2 more weeks for the shipment to be release and only god knows when it will be in my doore step while I can get it from future shope, best buy or staples (we have lot of those stores in Canada) make no sens to me anymore.

    The take out from this story is:


    and I can’t do nothing about it, that’s my sad story, the canadian customer that google moved to the end of the line.


  • Ray2Jerry

    Good news people, the 16GB models are now finally shipping to Canada… Just got my confirmation from my June 27th order… Expect yours soon! rAy

  • Max

    I can confirm that. I just got the email for the 16gb nexus 7 from Edmonton. However, I am going to refuse delivery. Google screwed up this release and I just bought one already from London drugs with no delivery costs!

  • neilo

    I can confirm too, ordered 16Gb on the 27th, and just received notification a label has been printed and I have a tracking number!

  • Leo C.

    I can confirm too, ordered 16Gb on the 27th, and just received notification and I have a tracking number!

  • john

    In Canada. I ordered by Nexus 7 16Gb on Jun 27 and received my email that it is on its way.

  • neilo

    My 16Gb is being shipped from Louisville, KY, United States, expected delivery 26th 🙁
    However, I prefer it this way rather than the notice earlier this week that it would ship 1-2 weeks.

  • slowkow

    Happy for you guys, but I am about to lose it. GOOGLE Where is my god dam nexus. You are just across the street from me for goodness sake.
    16gb June 28

  • Dave

    I just received notification that my Nexus 7 16GB has shipped from Louisville Ky. and will arrive in four days. i.e. shipped Friday, to arrive next Wednesday. How is this two day delivery??

  • john

    Just checked Staples website which is showing the Nexus 7 16Gb as in stock… What a nightmare, but I’d rather wait the few extra days, than deal with rejecting the order and get my money back from Google.

  • Simon

    Got my notification that my Nexus 7 16GB has shipped from Louisville. I wonder if I’ll have to pay customs…

  • Greg

    Frustrated. I am from Vancouver, ordered my 16GB last June 27 and finally got my confirmation email yesterday (July 19). I am supposed to be happy thinking that I’ll get it in 2 days (I paid $19 for a UPS 2-day shipping). When I tracked the package, the tracking details indicated I would get my package on July 26. After waiting to speak to a representative from Google Play for almost an hour, the representative confirmed that those in Canada who ordered the 16 GB with a 2 day shipping window will get theirs delivered after a week instead because of Canadian border delays. No refunds for shipping.

    I am a loyal Android / Google fan but I am very frustrated with this very, very bad customer service. First, the delay. Next, the 2 day shipping misrepresentation to those living in Canada.

  • Isaac

    Ok,I can’t exercice this waiting anymore, just got the 16G from best buy 1200 Brant, Berlington if you live around, they have them on stock right now , just RUN there NOW 🙂

  • Mark

    Just called them and wanted to cancel as a store 5 minutes away from me has some in stock, but they won’t let me as its already being “processed”. She put me on hold to talk to a shipping specialist who said I should have a tracking number in a day or two and it should ship, let me quote, “in uh 2-3….maybe 3-5…maybe 2-3 days to a week uh depending on the tracking number information”. So basically I was getting BS’d into not being able to cancel and go buy one right now. Also asked about the two day shipping and she said its not actually two day shipping, its just standard shipping but apparently all ups shipping is called “2 day shipping”. Sort of like mcdonalds “all beef patties”. She said if I don’t want it I have to refuse shipment, even though UPS just drops them on your door and runs away without even knocking or ringing the door bell.

    Anyways, this taught me to never preorder again from them. If I don’t get a tracking number by maybe monday or tuesday I’ll just go buy one and when the new one arrives I’ll either sell it to a friend or call them and get information on how to send it back, since the lady told me to refuse shipment for a full refund. Ah well.

  • Dave

    I haven’t yet had a reply to my compliant about the shipping from Louisville, but researching the UPS site, I see that they have three levels of service to get a package to me. Google appears to have chosen the slowest (ups standard). The two others are UPS Worldwide Expedited and Worldwide Saver, the last of which should have gotten it to me in two days. As Desi used to say, “they got some ‘splainin’ to do!”

  • Sweet

    For god sick, ordered on July 9 and still haven’t got anything from Google and UPS yet (Toronto Canada). Was on hold for like an hour and half on friday and was told that I have to pay for the re-stocking fee when I return the device to Google. Are you serious Google? Just letting everybody knows it takes at least 2-3 weeks for UPS to return the package to Google. Restocking fee will be charged when Google refunds you the money.

    • Jason

      Still better than me. Preordered on June 28th and still haven’t received any tracking number, etc. Also haven’t received replies to the 2 emails I sent to Google Canada via Google Wallet or the email I sent to the Devices support team via Google Play.

      Makes me hesitant to deal with Google Play to purchase apps/content when (or if) I ever get the Nexus 7. I think consumers might be safer to just deal with Amazon’s app store.

  • Wes

    Pre-ordered a 16Gb on the 12th, received a shipping notification (well, a UPS tracking number anyway) today.

  • Danny

    Ordered a 16GB 4th of july, got an email at 4a.m. this morning from Play store. Should receive it thursday.
    Montreal area.

  • slokow

    It seems like ppl that ordered 16 gb on June 28 have not received any notifications while ppl up to July 12 are expecting UPS shipment this week.

    Google you really screwed us!!!!

  • Tyler

    I pre ordered a 16gb from Vancouver on the 28th. Got my delivery notice this morning. It is expected on monday the 30th. 7 day shipping NOT the 2 day shipping I was forced to pay for!

  • Kyle R

    Mine is in the mail as we speak, Has UPS been CHARGING custom FEES??? mine is coming monday its in OHIO this morning, ohh cant wait to play with it !!!!! Just upgraded my nexus galaxy to JB 4.1 as well so readdy to go, YEAHHH BOI

  • Kyle R

    Jul 24
    Google Canada Corp. charged your credit card for CAD312.66. “GOOGLE *Google Play” will appear on your billing statement.

    Jul 24
    Google Canada Corp. shipped your order.
    Track UPS package #1Z7F38*********

    Jul 19
    Google Canada Corp. received your order.

    Jul 19
    You placed an order with Google Canada Corp. on Jul 19. Google Wallet sent a copy of this receipt to

    so yeah I just ordered the 16gb on 19th of july and will have it 100% monday =)

  • Wes

    My new unit is getting a better summer vacation than I am! Here’s it’s travel itinerary (so far):
    24 July – Google hands it over to the UPS travel agent
    25 July – Louisville, Kentucky
    26 July – Columbus, Ohio
    26 July – Middleburg Heights, Ohio
    26/27 July – East Syracuse, New York
    27 July – Plattsburgh, New York
    27/28 July – Lachine, Quebec