Sony Xperia ion stock arrives at Rogers locations


  • dave

    Ah… Jelly Bean has been released. A little behind are we?

    • PayThemWithBB

      That’s a great phone indeed:
      Decent RAM, 16GB onboard, SD card, good battery even for an LTE phone AMAZING SCREEN and gingerbread.. WHAT???
      That phone COMES WITH GINGERBREAD???
      A $550 phone released in August 2012 with Gingerbread??
      EPIC FAIL, LOL!!

      Why would anybody get this phone when you can get a SGS3 for $599 (50 bucks more) and get an OS TWO VERSIONS ahead, updated for the phone for the next 18 months at least and the best re-selling value!

      I wouldn’t consider this phone a cent over $249!

  • Sean

    Ya really. Should have been released with ICS what a joke.

  • Ron Mexico

    Lol, Gingerbread and an outdated Snapdragon processor, 3 year contract? Let think… Pass!

  • Ron Mexico

    Apparently it DOES have an S4 krait processor. Guess its no slouch after all. But Gingerbread? Really Sony?

  • wewewi

    Sony: Make beleive.. it is normal to still release ANYTHING with Gingerbread at this point in 2012 (They need to try harder)

  • John

    Hey Ron, where did you see that? Everything I’ve read says it’s the older S3 processor.

  • D Kupiec

    Outdated OS, Outdated CPU and up-to-date price? What exactly is this?

  • KC

    Sony, they just can’t get their act together when it comes to mobile. I just don’t get it, they used to be cutting edge at the dawn of the SonyEricsson joint venture, then they got slower and slower and father behind. Sony blamed Ericsson, bought them out, claimed that mobile was goign to get a major push and revamp, and yet the first round of Sony Mobile devices are even further behind then the last generation of SonyEricsson devices.

    Fudge it! I loved Nokia phones. They are a junk stock now and on the verge of collapse with their fate resting entirely on people liking Bob the Builders OS for pre-schoolers on PCs. Not looking good. I loved SonyEricsson phones, well, they just can’t do much with Android it seems. I love BlackBerry, but like Nokia, they are placing their entire future in the hands of an OS that no one will get to touch until mext year which is either going to be a hit, or RIM will collapse, there really isn’t much of an inbetween possible.

    Don’t really like Apple, never been much of a fan of Vanilla ice cream and to me iOS is pretty much like the vanilla ice cream of mobile phone OS’es. Sells like mad, but entirely boring and ununteresting unless you add a few extras (jailbreak it).

    Well, I guess I’ll stick to my BlackBerry and a Samsung for now to keep me amused and hope for things to get more interesting next year.

  • Matt

    Very nice phone. Sure it sucks that it ships with Gingerbread but I could live with that. ICS is almost ready for the Ion and hopefully Jelly Bean too. Rather have this than a Galaxy S3.