Upcoming Rogers Sony Xperia ion pricing revealed


  • hinds

    Like Sony but launching with gingerbread is not acceptable whatsoever!

  • Brandon

    Lost me at gingerbread, come on were already on jellybean 4.1.1, it puzles me why phones with gingerbread are still being released.

  • GingerbreadInJuly

    Just a Galaxy Nexus for $350-$400 or a SGS3 with JB or even a SGS2.

    Any phone with GB should be no more than $200. It has been proven that the performance gets greatly imporved with Software almost as much as with software; not to mention the user experience!

    $550 for a Gingerbread phone in August when you can a SGS3 for $599 with ICS and JB in August??
    They should just as well release the phone in bright Yellow and call it “Xperia-Walkman” it comes with Gingerbread and instead of SD Card it comes with a TAPE (holds 90 mins of audio per side!)

  • monsterduc1000

    Little late to the game with this one. ics and the new dual core krait processor at the least.

    • Max

      It does have the Krait S4, same processor as the One X/SGSIII

  • roger

    Why anyone would get this phone is beyond me.
    Complete mistep with GingerBread amoung other things…

  • monsterduc1000

    Max, you might want to head over to gsmarena to get the review on the performance of the S3 chipset in this phone, not the S4 🙂

  • Haythem

    @ Max
    It doesn’t have the S4 with krait. This junk comes with the Qualcomm MSM8260 Snapdragon S3, same processor as the HTC sensation from last year.

    Sony is trying to sell us a phone that has last year’s specs and last year’s OS for nearly as much a new High End phone with ICS. They are also charging more than the Galaxy Nexus which is more up to date despite having been released way back in November.

    This phone should be no more than $399.

  • chris

    … patiently waiting for the GX…

  • Yesenia

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