Update: The Sony Xperia ion “will be coming soon exclusively to Rogers”


  • Dc

    In Quebec?

  • Josh L.

    of course its exclusive… what mid-range or high-end Sony phone has ever come to anywhere other than Rogers… come on now…. this is not surprise lol

    • Canadian Resident

      But TELUS got the Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray? That was a mid-range device.

  • RacecarBMW

    What about the Xperia GX?

  • ruddias

    I hate when devices are exclusive.

  • Madelyn Prior

    I’ve had the X10 for a few years and the ion looks nice but I’m really holding out for the SL

  • Kezghan

    GX/SL what ever is just after this seems like the perfect android phone. I don’t see the point of the ION.

  • Theywillbepissed

    Sony is r*******d. Why release devices only to one Carrier? By doing so you are limiting your market to only half a Canada (or America, UK, etc.)

  • AK

    I still don’t swallow the Snapdragon S3, I think companies are trying to make money but at the same time they seem to underestimate the competition.

    When Sony, HTC, etc wonder why Samsung is on the top next year. Let them not wonder, they didn’t even leave space for choice, the difference between Samsung’s high-end and the rest is ridiculous in my opening, no matter how “beautiful”(used loosely) you make the phone it’s not gonna work if it’s not on par with the rest STOP PLAYING THE APPLE CARD —looks, low power, no removable battery, no sd..yes I know this one unlike some of his brothers at least has sd…etc—, you have the same Core OS…).

    Now if it comes with gingerbread to be upgraded ‘soon’ like the old xperia ion update said….they’d have slit their out throats -____-

    I want to want to buy these phones, am not even a fan of samsung, but they make it hard for me

  • Hardened

    Lots of comments:

    1. Provider exclusivity:
    – allows cheaper shipment costs to providers (based on provider branding deals), along with heavier subsidies to lock in customer contracts (lower prices normally equal more sales). Remember most providers either pay up-front or negotiate terms of payment in qtrs (months) and gauranteed and backed; so no cop-outs. Sony gets their pie in promised payments. Even if Sony goes Chp 11 Bankrupcy – they’ll get this promised revenue.

    2. Qualcomm S3 chip has LTE on board. This means cheaper production costs and cheaper supply chain costs, quicker time to market. Tegra3/S4 does NOT have LTE support on board … this means more $$ for supply chain and assembly. Choosing S3 chip = >$ device production.

    Sony plays various markets and price points, not to the extent that Nokia had in the past, or like HTC had also in the past as an OEM (yes HTC was just like Hon Hai) or like Samsung does currently.

    • joe

      The snapdragon s4 does support LTE, as it is what is used in both the htc one x and samsung galaxy sIII LTE

    • kris

      the s3 does not have lte on board its separate the s4 brings integrated lte

  • B2BB

    Sony phones are really confusing too many models with no clear flagship device.

  • 69iner

    S4 supports LTE my Galaxy S3 is running on it. Too bad Sony, you had the look but that is all. That why I bought the S3, you had potential but ruined it.

  • Deli

    Sony, releasing last year’s hardware in a great looking device. Why won’t they learn?

  • xol

    Because Sony sucks royally.. and some of you guys are still surprised?

    I made the same mistake with windows mobile phones while iPhone and Android where moving up because I was such a fanboi.

    Move on people, there’s bigger and better things out there.

  • Hardened

    Thanksbfor th S4 & lte clarification guys. My mistake.

  • Smee

    Still…it has a physical shutter button.

    And LTE, and MicroSD and direct HDMI, …


    If this had an S4 chip in it, it’d probably be the best phone on the market.

    My wife still loves her Arc, the S wasn’t really doing it for me (though the price was right) so this’ll probably be her next phone.

    Depends on pricing…has to be a fair bit cheaper than the S3 or OneX.