Videotron releases the Nokia Lumia 710 with a retail price of $300


  • hoo dat

    Videotron’s back to their old tricks again; that’s a cool $100 more than WIND!

  • Amanda

    Why pay for a lower powered phone with a dead OS when you can get a considerably high spec unlocked Galaxy Nexus for only $100 or $50 more?

    • StanLee

      Because it’s a Windows Phone, which is really cool! Duh!

    • Aiden

      Windows phone is optimizied.A 1.4ghz processor on a Windows phone works like 1.5ghz dual-core Android.

    • Bob

      yeah right. Windows Phone is so optimized that WP8 won’t run on single core devices.

  • Richard

    Do they warn customers that the phone is already obsolete when they make a sale?

  • Amanda

    @Aiden, people who say those statements don’t know what they’re talking about and are pure MS fanboys. Besides, any slight legginess goes away with Android 4.0 and especially 4.1 (Jellybean) which is will be present on the unlocked Galaxy Nexus in a couple of weeks.

    • nexusCFX

      That’s bullshit. My dad’s Galaxy Nexus from Bell stuttered right out of the box, just stock 4.0.1 with no installed apps. Every time you scroll backwards in the app drawer or in the homescreens it runs at something between 15 and 20 frames per second.

  • Ron Mexico

    That because 4.0.1 still had some bugs. 4.1 is buttery smooth. Don’t believe it? I don’t care. I’m loving Jelly Bean. Enjoy your dead WP7

  • Slype

    I got both phones and while the GN is my primary phone (and preferred phone), the 710 is stil a nice phone for people who are looking into smartphones and don’t care about OS upgrades. There are a lot of great things about Window Phones.


    That is not normal, my GN was smooth out of the box and it still is even with the plethora of apps I have on it now. Who did you buy it from?

    • nexusCFX

      Right from Bell, and it is normal. You clearly just don’t have the eyesight to notice animations running at a sub 60fps framerate. Anyone accustomed to high framerates such as FPS gamers can clearly see it, even in some parts of the Jellybean user interface. Yours is not smooth and if I were to come there right now I could point out several areas where it isn’t just due to the inherently less efficient Java code that runs the Android UI.

      How do I know it’s normal? Because I’ve seen it on every Galaxy Nexus I sell *wink wink*.

  • astudent

    Did Videotron even bother to look at the rogers price?

  • Simble

    $200 for this phone on wind is a steal. Gorilla glass, 1.4Ghz snapdragon and a smooth interesting OS. Probably a good introduction to W7 even just for those who are curious