HTC Q2 2012 results indicate a 57.8% drop in net profits


  • urm

    Whhutt? I didnt see this coming.

  • Andy Warhol

    After the “Apple Embargo” they faced in the USA, I’m sure they’re just relieved to be breaking even…

    • metoo

      Nothing to do with the injunction Andy. They are failing all on their own.

      Android is a bloodbath for every vendor involved, except Samsung. Seems like the quickest way to kill a mobile company is to sign them up with Android.

  • AK

    sd card, more than 16 gb option and a battery that can be changed instead of it becoming useless half way through the contract…am I the only one who thinks this would have made a real difference for them?

    They aren’t even available on most carriers….I saw this coming, so they must have also!

  • asdkjfklasj

    main reasons why the one x isn’t doing so well:
    1. multitasking issue (reason i didn’t get one)
    2. not a lot of marketing. (where’s the commercials?)

    I see the S III EVERYWHERE. In commercials at the theatre, on TV, on YouTube, in the mall, ads on a website, etc etc. One X? I’ve yet to see any advertisements :(.

    • elgoog

      i heard an ad on radio from rogers…. but that bout it.
      And personally i dont mind the multitasking, nor do i mind the non removable battery (since i can always get a huge external battery. that and a phone will still have decent battery life after 2.5 years, i mean look at the iphone 4!)
      The only thing i mind is lack of micro sd slot, but even then i can adapt…
      So yes i agree that it is because of lack of marketing. Like nobody i know has any idea about htc phones, but when they hear samsung or apple, they know a lot more.

  • JustMeAndMe

    Greed has its price…
    As smartphones prices go up and up people think twice whether they change their device every year. If they pushed prices of their phone below $300 (or so) there wouldn’t be drop but upward growing trend.

  • RyanOver

    I’m tellin you why… HTC is making his phones exclusive to some carriers. like The One X the EVO 3D was exclusive to rogers, people don’t change carrier because of a phone.. samsung and Apple get it, they’re realising their phone on every single carrier..
    More exclusivity less custumer…. sony don’t get too…
    I want the HTC One X so bad but it is just on Rogers, I’m not leaving Bell.. and the SGS3 is awesome if your friend have it too, otherwise is crap.. too many feature that are exclusive to galaxy s3 owners

    • Mike

      One X is going to Telus too.

  • astudent

    Poor HTC. I still love you. Now make me an epic Windows Phone.

    Also, I know a lot of people are complaining about the lack of features on the One X. All HTC did was take a page out of the iPhone book and apply it. Yet a lot of people are not happy. Either people are hypocrites when it comes to non-apple products OR HTC just lost their sense of reality for who their target market actually is.

    • Geoff

      Yes, HTC took a page out of the iPhone book. Except the people who don’t care about those things are the ones buying iPhones already. Plus, this is one way that HTC has differentiated itself from Samsung and other Android makers, and it’s a change for the worse from the point of the consumer.

      Basically, you can’t compare it to iPhone. If people want an iOs device they are forced to get a phone with a non-removable battery. If people want Android, they have choice – and they are choosing the phone where you can replace the battery or add memory.

  • AllanVS

    How many years was the iPhone exclusive to ONE carrier in the US and Canada?

  • CDL

    I have the HTC One X and love it. Though I wanted the quad-core edition and had to special order it to Canada from Singapore. Now I have an incredible phone but without HTC Watch as they don’t offer that service in Asia. My only problems with HTC remain device fragmentation and an ad campaign no where near as good as the “You Need a Phone That Gets You” (done to the song Sinnerman)

  • Frank

    Htc Sensation still beats the One X….One x is sexy and the screen wow. But No expandable sd slot and no irremovable batt that was the deal breaker. I have 32 gigs on my phone and about 20 is full with videos games, pics that I like to carry around. One x actually only has 9 free gigs and this is before you install all ur apps! So u might have 7 free? what? I don’t like the cloud uses too much data! My Sensations battery died about a month ago…got a new one and I’m good…that would not be the case with the one x…so yes Htc needs to bring one a One x 2with all these features once again.

  • Dylan K

    Still rocking my EVO 3D from last year (got ICS yesterday, woo!) and it sucks to see a company that makes good phones do so poorly. The One series was a step behind with the aforementioned issues. Also, I loved the heft that the Raider and Evo 3D brought, they felt solid, unlike most other phones that feel light and easy to break. It’s why I got it over the other devices at the time.

    Thin doesn’t always mean better. It just means more compromise on design (such as the lack of battery and SD card slot)

  • Deli

    i used to use HTC all the time until the S2 came out. I bought the Sensation for my gf but she eventually succumbed to the S2, Note and now S3.

    The non-replaceable battery and non-expandable memory was dealbreaker for me. Sigh.

    S3 sold me on the Smart Stay tech.

  • Hooligan

    if no sd & non removable battery is such a big desl,why do so many people have iphones?

  • andrew

    Man I keep seeing these posts “I bought my girl the note and she wanted the s3 so I bought her the s3 and myself the s3”
    first off damn.
    second where do you get all this money

  • ericzxvc

    I don’t know about other countries but they completely failed in Canada because they decided to make their flagship device (the One X) carrier exclusive. Can you imagine if the iPhone or the GS3 was a carrier exclusive? Doing that is just a stupid decision. I was thinking of getting the One X but I’m on Bell, so I waited for the GS3.