Here’s Bell’s latest Android OS 4.0 upgrade schedule (Note, Optimus LTE, Incredible S)


  • Radapple

    What. A. Joke. Jellybean is coming out you foolish fools! Get with it!!!!

  • ace

    So jelly bean Q4 2013? What takes so long>>?????

    • Mark

      Quality control.

    • Caboose

      @Mark This is a load of crap! We have custom ROMs that are out sooner, and are faster and more stable than the ones released by a carrier. And the custom ROMs are done with not nearly the amount of support that a carrier ROM would have. It’s Bell dragging it’s heels, and trying to make all the bloat and crap work. If they’d just release a vanilla ROM and none of the garbage that comes with a carrier ROM, then it wouldn’t take as long!

  • joe

    There is always something new comming however it is not always easy to.upgrade the os. Unlike custom rims people expect the upgrades to be perfect. This takes time

    • AlDente

      And that is why getting a Google phone is ALWAYS the best thing to do if you want the latest upgrades!

    • Auth

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  • Wendy

    Don’t complain. I’ve been waiting for 2.3.5 for SGS1 for a year now.

    • Caboose

      Stop waiting. Root the phone, and install ICS via CyanogenMod 9. It’s very stable, and works great!

  • Jamesy563

    Galaxy Note is supposed to get 4.1 Jelly Bean instead of 4.0 Ice Cream.

  • Brendan M

    Surprised to see the incredible s there.
    Not bad support for such an old device.

    That being said, anyone still waiting on official updates is a chump. I’ve been on JB for a week now.

  • {JPM}

    Good thing I bought a flagship phone like the Atrix…

    • kevy

      Yeah me too…luckily or not mine went mechanical in it’s 13th month so I paid the 150.00 for a Samsung Galaxy S2 which got ICS 4.0.3. Still not happy that a flag ship phone was released with little support or expected life span and that I had to pay to get a replacement.

  • Kris

    +Wendy dont hold you breath…the GS1 will never get 2.3.5 (or higher). the device is no longer being updated by bell.

  • Lazzy

    WTF NO 4.0 FOR BB 9900

  • Pierce

    Root, flash ROM… everyone can have the latest android right now!!

  • A

    geez and Jelly Bean will be out in July… go figure…

  • jake

    How about 4.1 for Nexus? Or even 4.0.3 or 4.0.4? Little ridiculous.

    • Brad F

      Nexus should get an OTA update directly from Google.

    • Jeff

      Should get one OTA but doesn’t. Still sitting at 4.0.1 on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • irbo

    @Brad F: any idea when Nexus gets 4.1?

  • Crunch204

    Nice going on the incredible S update. Lots of ppl will be happy with that

  • Phuzzykiller

    Step 01 – Root phone
    Step 02 – Install ClockworkMod and do back-up
    Step 03 – Flash Cyanogenmod (or preferred AOSP-based ROM)

    Problem solved…. you’ll never have to wait on a carrier again, and won’t have the bloatware. :D:D:D

  • Deli

    i used to swear by Cyanogenmod. I have had 18 android phones these last 2 years, all high end. But Cyanogenmod just doesn’t cut it for me. But I can understand where people are frustrated with waiting.

    Google already announced in the last forum that they will send out the new update development packages 2-3months to the OEMs. This will help with the rollout times.

    FYI, some of the ROMs out there are not ready for retail use. some are even missing drivers for cameras, other hdw. You can’t release it to retail in that condition.

  • stalemate

    Let’s take a deep breath and relax, comfortable in the knowledge that even without 4.1, our phones still have a better OS than iPhones.

    • anon3

      Hah. You must be joking stalemate.

  • Checkplease

    Already got it this morning!

  • Tom Thumb

    FYI,I received an OTA Android 4.04 update for my Galaxy Note from Samsung about 10 p.m.EST.the release was 254.3MB an took about 45 min. to download and install.


  • D Ly

    Just imagine if something wasn’t working properly with the carrier ROM, you’ll have thousands of ppl bringing in their phones to get it fix. If their warranty is still intact. But can you imagine the cost of logistics it that was to happen. So yeah, it is gonna take them a long time to release a proper software update that has everything running on it as it should. For those who can’t wait custom ROMS are your solution.

  • Pierre J.

    No ICS 4.0 for my Incredible S from Bell Canada.

    Those schedules are big jokes.

  • Serge G

    Where is my Incredible S??? It looks like it was removed from the list 🙁

  • the wise one

    just got the nexus from wind last week. flashed to yakju and voila running jellybean 4.1. always buy a nexus

  • graham

    What in the crap. Incredible S***!

    C’mon Bell.


  • cdnlad75

    This is laughable. I just got Jelly Bean on my Nexus S phone through Rogers and Bell is just now introducing Ice Cream Sandwich to select phones in August 2012? These phones will be an entire operating system behind the Nexus phones!!

  • Just Another Guy

    My Incredible S still doesn’t have ICS yet! What’s taking them so long to release the update? I have’t heard anything about it getting cancelled or postponed… I just don’t like having to wait around like this. If my phone isn’t going to be updated they should at least tell us so I can stop checking for it manually every morning. Major piss off.

  • adam

    Talked to a bell rep today, they have no time frame for ics for the incredible s. Guy said it might not even happen this YEAR!

  • graham

    Still hoping for tomorrow for the Incredible S 🙂

  • Jonathan

    I guess the HTC Incredible S is stuck on gingerbread like the HTC Desire HD, but without an explanation and apology from HTC. Turns out the incredible S has been updated to 4.0 in every country except for canada(bell). Anyways, the estimated update timeframe has already passed, so looks like the Incredible S is officially not getting ICS.

    • Pierre J.

      My thinking exactly.

      July has now gone by without any ICS update for the Bell Incredible S.

      Bell Mobility support on twitter don’t know anything.
      Official reason : no details available.

  • graham

    Can’t we get some sort of custom ROM for ICS to throw it on our Bell phones? Or will that not work…?

  • Just Another Guy

    Would the Incredible S ICS update become available if you were to pay and have your phone unlocked?

    • annon

      I have the Incredible S form Virgin and it is unlock but I didn’t get the update either

  • girabutter

    why is my s2 hd lte taking as much time as a damn tablet to upgrade. That dont make no sense shouldnt it have come out as the same time as the original s2 seeing as its basically the same damn phone. I will never get this upgrading process :S

  • candy287

    motherf—ing bell, it promise that the 4.0 is available this week and now its no where to be found.

  • Alberto

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