Rogers says new customers will not pay the GRRF, but charges will be rolled into the Monthly Service Fee


  • David

    Another BS. Brought to you by Robbers.

    • SAM


    • Dave

      “Although government costs still remain, including the government regulatory costs in the monthly service fee allows us to communicate pricing more effectively. It will be much easier for customers to understand.”

      Well! there was, there is NO government regulatory costs period. Robbers has to make more excuse to ripp-off more money from people. The whole world know that so shut up Robbers.

    • NGRRF

      This is an insult to all Canadians!
      Where is the CRTC in all this??

      So there was a Service Access Fee, there was some noise and Rogers changed it to GRFF, same bogus charge. Charge for WHAT EXACLTY ??? this is pure profit that helps inmensely to keep the ARPU.

      ITs pretty evident that all they need to do is ad or replace a letter and then the CRTC will leave them alone until the next class suit comes around (another 2-3 yrs) so now all they do is call it NEW-GRRF or NGRRF and they are fine??
      And all the people with olde plans (the only ones worth having and the only competitive ones) still have the GRFF.

      And now they offer you the choice to NOT PAY GRFF only if you move to the uncompetitive plans that somehow always end up around $60 ( their new ARPU for 2012)

      Hopefully the class suit keeps on making enough noise to remove the GRRF from old plans AND from any future plans AND ge get a check in the mail like with the overcharges with BELL.
      Then is up to the THREE yr contracts!
      OR just let AT&T and T-mobile get into Canada and we will see the big threee dropping their stupid 36 months contracts within the momth! But why should they do that when they have the CRTC in the pocket??

      CRTC, please prove me wrong!, please!

    • Anonymous

      I can bet that CRTC is well sponsored by the big three!!! I wouldn’t expect ANY reaction from CRTC!

      T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, ANYONE PLEASE COME TO CANADA!!!!

  • YoMama


    • YoMama



    Gov Regulations Fees should not ever be separate anyway. It’s a cost of doing business and if you can’t put it in the regular rate maybe you should switch industry. I have yet to see a separate “CEO Ferrari Recovery Fee”.

  • zzzZZZZzz

    Rogers – always hilarious!

  • Hub

    They are grandfathering plans because if they did apply the new charge, it would be a visible increase. I’m sure they have revamped the current plan that include the charge to be different so one can’t compare directly.

    At least it will bring clarity into the advertising of plans. But that’s not really a victory.

  • Tom

    I guess they read about the class action lawsuit getting approved to go after them for these deceptive fees.

  • EvanK

    “The monthly service fee now takes into account government regulatory costs. There is no additional $2 charge.”

    It was always integrated into the monthly service fee, Robbers was just looking for another cash grab.

  • kin

    How strange that they decide this mere days after the supreme court allowed a lawsuit against the major 3 for the old access fees. *sarcasm *

  • jonny

    Looks like they are expecting to lose that class action lawsuit about these deceptive fees.

  • Mike

    So instead of **cking you over this way, we’re gonna **ck you over that way.

  • metoo

    Running scared from the multibillion dollar lawsuit I see.

    The only reason they aren’t applying this to existing contracts is that if they were to raise your plan price it would void your contract and allow you to leave them without penalty. They can’t have that.

  • metoo

    So, per second billing for Fido, increased plan prices across the board. Great.

    My guesses for what comes next:
    -$5/month charge for online billing, $10 for paper
    -per minute overage charges increased
    -long distance rates increased
    -data overage rates increased
    -roaming rates increased
    -CID and VM rates increased

    basically, expect lots and lots of new costs.

  • Non

    So this is why they fired about 500 employees couple of weeks ago.

    • Dewey

      Actually they’re firing 5000 employees, you missed an order of magnitude.

    • NGRRF

      Wasn’t it Rogers 3-500 and RIM 5,000 people less?

  • Darren

    The GRRF isn’t even a real thing. It’s a made up fee by Rogers to offset the cost of doing business and increase revenue (money grab). It’s just the Rogers replacement for the non-legit system access fee that use to be charged. I don’t know how they can even call it a Government Regulatory Recovery Fee when it has nothing to do with any government. This should be completely illegal.

    • c

      There are other definitions of the word ‘government’. In this case, it is not the political definition.

  • deltatux

    Rogers fails to state to whom this government is being paid to, probably it was all for the Government of Rogers >.>”. The Canadian government will never see a single cent of that “Government Regulatory Recovery Fee”.

    • c

      Again — there are other definitions of the word ‘government’. In this case, it is not the political definition.

  • bob

    so you’re not paying it because it’s being rolled into your plan…. SO YOURE STILL PAYING IT!

  • Ramzy

    The problem is caused by the Monopoly of Rogers, Bell, Telus, Shaw, Videotron. When Wind Mobile tried to step in, Rogers quickly created Chatter. Rogers lobby has everything under control in the CRTC. That’s how things work.

    Never go with a Monopoly, go with a Reseller.

    BTW, I have a prepaid phone for over 10 years. I only pay $10 plus taxes. I used Skype with Wi-Fi a lot.

    • Dave

      Could use Dell Voice or netTalk, they’re way better, you could call any numbers on wifi without the need of any app on the other end.

  • Not Fooled

    The sole purpose of any separate fee is so they can quote a lower per-month rate to try to make their pathetic offers look cheaper.

    Other than overage charges, the telecartels should be forced to quote one monthly rate with all fees included, just like the airlines have been forced to do.

    But then that would require a CRTC that wasn’t impotent and in the pocket of the telecartels. Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Tom

    I love how Rogers attempts to deflect responsibility and blame to the “government” for these fees. The government has nothing to do with them. Such BS.

    • Anonymous

      LOVE and ROGERS don’t go together!

    • c

      No representative is allowed to say it’s from the Canadian Government, if you have a representative that does this. Complain to their manager for bad service. This is a governing fee, as in, “to rule” or “administrate”.

      I am not saying it is acceptable, I am saying everywhere is very misinformed.

  • Bubbles

    THey will do smth to compensate this.. Maybe will increase plans by $5 instead of this b/s fee. Or will decrease local calling areas and start charging LD + Airtime in more areas.. Always the same stuff… Just start charging transparent prices. In any case you will be forced by competition in few years to do this its better to come clean now.. At least people will respect brand more and it wont need some multi million dollar facelift in the future.

  • J

    Bottom line if you compare price plan value accross the big three, Rogers loses everytime. If their increasing even more, expect way fewer new activations for them.

  • Rob

    well the funny thing about this GRRF or SAF is that we’ve been taxed on these fees forever….The right thing is for them to charge it separate and not charge HST on it, not hide it and tax it.


    Just like I said in the earlier article,, if they can’t charge the extra fees they’ll just add it into the rate plan.

  • Robbers suck

    Yet another way that these brutal companies are sucking the life dry of all of their customers. Instead of attempting to retain their customer base they seem to be increasingly alienating them and tacking on charges, increases rate plans, and scamming you many other ways. Meanwhile they throw flashy things like free xbox’s and free music that serve the purpose of distracting you from the monthly fees they’re stealing from you. I’d rather have a root canal than be a customer of theirs. Thankfully I’ve found myself with a company that does none of the above. Go Mobilicity!

  • Raj

    Can I use this as a reason to cancel my contract with them?

    • bob

      no you cant because they’re not changing your plan

  • Slype

    Thanks for the laugh of the week Rogers. Your complete disrepect for the consumer is so great that it borders on the ridiculous. I can only imagine how you would rule a small country in the pacific ocean if you could. You would make every dictator appear to be loving and generous in comparison.

  • Matty G

    Well, you know, Rogers believes that lying to customers should be covered under freedom of speech.

    My service is better than Rogers, because you can go anywhere with your phone. But I just started Large Phone Conglomerate International yesterday with the change I had in my pocket. Give me money now?

  • Plazmic

    Robbers still robbing. What’s new?

  • Mani

    “New customers will not pay the GRRF but its included in the plane.”
    WOW! Way to go ROGERS!

  • JohnMike

    Anyone noticed the old recovery fee was 2.53 and now they chharge 3$. They increased their price.

    I quit rogers now… they take their custommers for r*****s.

    • DL

      I noticed that too. Some of their plans were like, $52.13 or $62.13 which would include the $2.13 GRRF. Now their plans are $53.00 and $63.00. Sneaky way of increasing their fees by 87 cents per month. Talk about nickel and diming your customers.

  • Robbers123

    Let’s take QC for exemple = 2.53¢ GRRF is now ‘rolled into’ a fat 3$ ,that’s 0.47¢ more a month PER QC Customer(new ones atLeast)
    Nice loophole

  • No Sir Don’t like it

    “Why am I being charged an additional $2 on my monthly service fee?
    The monthly service fee now takes into account government regulatory costs. There is no additional $2 charge.”

    LOL I guess the morons are somewhat right it’s not $2 it’s $1.81 still don’t appreciate all the smoke and mirrors,It would still be nice to get new carrier in Canada the big 3 have raped us for years with not so much as a kiss to thanks us for being their @ss puppets.