Rogers says new customers will not pay the GRRF, but charges will be rolled into the Monthly Service Fee

Rogers axed the System Access Fee back in 2009, but created the creative Government Regulatory Recovery Fee (GRRF). Depending what province you reside in determined the fee, which ranged between $1.93 and $3.35/month. According to an internal doc we received, effective today, Rogers has decided to stop charging a separate GRRF. However, the doc states this only applies to “new activations and existing customers migrating to an in-market plan will be affected by this change. Existing customers will be grandfathered; their invoice will remain the same.” In addition, “a message will appear on invoices that indicates government regulatory costs are included in the Monthly Service Fee.”

Rogers seems to be bundling in and rounding the price of the monthly plans up. The reasoning: “Although government costs still remain, including the government regulatory costs in the monthly service fee allows us to communicate pricing more effectively. It will be much easier for customers to understand.”

Here’s some details from the doc:

Why am I being charged an additional $2 on my monthly service fee?
The monthly service fee now takes into account government regulatory costs. There is no additional $2 charge.

Is my current plan going to change?
No, current customers are not impacted unless they change their plan to an in market version

Why is my overall cost increasing?
Costs to existing customers are not increasing. This change only impacts new customers who have the opportunity to determine if the price is fair for the service offering.

(Thanks tipster!)

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