Google Now ported over to Android 4.0 on any device, as long as it supports AOSP


  • dv

    Siri killer.

  • S2556

    Do they have voice recognition working now? before it wasn’t working

  • uhdoug

    Same post still no voice
    Yesterday’s news.

    • ICS

      agreed. No voice search, not worth my time.

  • Marcus

    Didn’t work on my aokp rom, keeps crashing.

    • wahyu

      Wonderful site and theme, would really like to see a bit more coenntt though!Great post all around, added your XML feed! Love this theme, too!

  • Mr. Bill

    Well isn’t this a sweet piece to look forward to aquiring.

    Knowing the fine folks that make XDA what it is, they’ll more then likely get this out to many devices in working order in likely short order.

  • Megahertz

    Carefull when trying to root your device. A friend of mind just bricked his SII last week trying to flash a rom.

  • Michael

    I have done it.
    Voice recognition doesn’t work and start up takes forever.
    When you type in a question it’s also more likely to pull up a Google Search result, which defeats the purpose of it entirely.

  • NK

    Without voice recognition (and apparently none possible with it running on ICS) it’s a bit underwhelming.

    • Julie

      as a windows mibloe developer I am not going to use windows 7 phone too many limitations and most developers are sticking to wm6 or going android. android devices are much cheaper and easier to source than the very few and costly wm7 devices.

  • Peter

    Voice search uses the media encoders of the system. In ICS, the encoders are external, but in JB, they are exposed as Java API’s (which is what Google Now is using). I’m not sure if a work-around will happen, but I doubt it.

    The learning capabilities of Google Now can take a couple days before it’s true power shines 🙂