Swype beta updated with rapid-type mode and social integration


  • Andy

    trouble installing…says installing, but nothing happens after several minutes. It never took this long before.

    Can you swype a blackberry keyboard without cleaning it?

  • Billy Bob

    Swype died the moment touch screens became fingerprint magnets.

  • Alpha

    So, does this mean that Swype will now upload your entire contact list and all your SMS and emails to Dragon’s servers to “help” the voice recognition?

  • Darren

    Cannot update. Why don’t they just make it available in the Google Play store?

  • Preacher

    I had to un-install the old swype i had and install fresh from beta, but im loving it.

  • Darren

    Duh – I just went to the Swype site on my phone and installed it directly from there. Now I csan switch between versions of Swype, neat to compare features.

  • STY

    I actually don’t like swype, since my active fingers block my view of the next letters sometimes, so lifting my fingers is a better option.

  • Hammam

    Swiftkey > Swype

  • Eric

    How do you do this across device syncing? I have a phone and a fire both running ICS and the latest swype beta, but can’t figure out how to sync the dictionary.

    “The new beta brings cloud-synced dictionaries, so your added words will be kept current across devices. This is very convenient for those who either have two or more Android phones or a phone and a tablet and want to maintain concurrent dictionaries.”