Mobilicity proposes to make their “National Break Your Wireless Contract Day” a national holiday


  • tendenzi

    What’s mobilicity smoking these days? They need to have national pay your tab day soon, to remain relevant, I think Bell is the last incumbent to shift to a similar model as TELUS and Rogers with their subsidization agreements.

    • Tech

      What are you smoking????

    • Ryan

      Huh? Rogers still has contracts. They may give it a different name, but it’s the same old contract it always was. “FlexTAB” is just a fancy new marketing name for their “early upgrade plan”.

    • Still2Xpensive

      This is a brilliant idea, anybody can “submit” a request for ” I didn’t have cereal for bkfast”-National holiday, wether you get it or not is another thing.

      They submitted the paperwork and they get in return:
      GREAT visibility nationalwide at minumum cost
      Put the 3yr CONTRACT in the mind of people, putting pressure on the CRTC( for once!

      At the same time they are proposing a change from 36 months ( 3yrs) into 20 month contracts, Which is a great idea! Because we are Canadians and are independent ( as long as we do what the US does) we will end up with 24 month contracts ( 2yrs) just like in the US…and the rest of the world
      HOPEFULLY ….one day!

      Go for it Mobilicity; Wind its your turn to ride the wave and keep on doing noise about the 3yr contracts in Canada!

    • Greg

      So bell hasn’t joined the “device balance”/”flex tab” party yet? they must be smoking what mobilicity is smoking. XD is anyone willing to pay 20/month to get out of their contract anymore? especially if the phone isn’t even worth more than 400 bucks :/

  • nope


  • jeff


  • SkyDome

    Mobilicity: Just add towers and shut up.

    As a customer, I am getting tired of this marketing gimmicks.

    • B. Carmine

      Pretty much this

  • lukeiphone

    Why would this be national holiday? What the hell

  • ehoustoun

    lame publicity stunt

  • Lemmy

    I guess Mobilicity knows it’s my birthday on the 24th and they want to make it a holiday.

    I am month-to-month from Bell now and would love to go to Mobi but I keep hearing the reception is not good especially in Kanata (Ottawa West). What good is a phone that may not work on the 416 or 401 or Hwy 7?

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG, what a bunch of total morons, the worse marketing team on earth to match their service…meanwhile the incumbents are peeing themselves laughing. Really…these guys are i****s.

    • Love

      io ho posseduto PS2 e Xbox 1 e ti posso dire che la PS2 non mai risticua ad eguagliare al livello tecnico la macchina della microsoft.Sicuramente hanno fatto dei bellissimi giochi su PS2 ma quelli multipiatta se messi a confronto davano sempre la vittoria (e non di poco) alla Xbox..soprattutto considerando che era l’unica ad avere un sistema online funzionante

  • superman

    How is this lame? It inevitably helps us, the consumers, from taking it in the as s.

    Anyone thinking this is lame clearly is a) a tight as s with no Spence of joy in their life b) enjoys paying too much.

  • ace

    they are scrambling for customers to pay the bills. they are kinda locked down, dont have capital to expand… need customers/money to pay bills… catch 22

  • heylisten

    $300 for an HTC amaze!!! You cant even get that price for a USED phone on EBAY! Insane!

  • Alex

    If there’s no good receiptions and coverage, anything else is just worthless. So i am still with rogers.

    • Bob

      Rogers and Bell has had 30 years to build there network but they charge like it was gold. Mobilicity has only been 2 years so do the logic thinking. It takes time and money in this world which doesnt grow on trees. I have ben with Mobilicity since day one and yes someplaces is not perfect but is bell has perfect never any drop calls, I make my calls which is 90% of the time in Mobilicity and I really dont see the difference from Rogers except in my pocket which even I pay for some of my calls I am ahead $40 a month. The phone does work on the 416 or 401 but if rogers dont have towers near by then it will do the same if you are a rogers. People today need to educate them self on the system that is why this world is so messed up.

  • Quinn

    Hey Mobilicity, Canadian real estate ain’t cheap, you’ll realize this if you expand past 5 cities.

  • Alex Perrier

    i’m not sure how Mobilicity’s credits work or can be used. Is it like Chatr, where you cannot use the credits until you’ve stayed with Mobilicity for at least ten months? Is it like WIND, where you automatically get a prepaid credit and don’t have to wait out the time? It’s not clear.

    i’ll probably pass the offer since it seems complicated to me. When i tried Mobilicity’s Internet speeds earlier this year, they were disappointing for even low quality video. Since they make so little profit, i don’t expect speeds to have improved significantly, if at all.

    Mobilicity was smart with Unlimited Prepaid boxes and Multi-Month, two of its advantages that it no longer bothers to promote much. Postpaid is fine if you know how it works, and because 2 out of 5 WIND customers are postpaid, many people don’t mind signing a contract to receive a subsidized phone. Mobilicity should focus more on promoting its advantages (the few it still has) instead of suggesting that all cell phone contracts are evil.

    • AlexYouMoron

      “$200 credit is provided to customers account, in equal installments of $10 per month for 20 months.”

      Why don’t you read the article Alex? Was that so hard to understand?

  • Matthew

    Why do I see your comments on the mobilicty articles Alex you normally get a ton of dislikes. Mobilicity has much faster speeds than wind. My brother has the same phone as me and barely gets 1mb down. I’m in what you call a poor coverage area and I constantly get 3 mb Down. You already know they are improving speeds, theres a article for the plans for HSPA+ which wind says they have but my brothers blackberry 9900 still says 3G it should be H+ mobilicity is going to get better over time they are fully Canadian not like Wind that they get bought by some next foreign country. Just stop hating mobilicity provides good value for what you pay. I don’t regret a cent and have been with them for a year or more. Wind fanboy…

    • Alex Perrier

      Speeds tend to vary. i’m getting 4 to 5 Mbit/s down with WIND’s stick, but a disappointing 0.1 Mbit/s up. Mobilicity doesn’t advertise their maximum theoretical speeds.

      People can certainly try out Mobilicity for themselves and see if they like it or not. i personally don’t like them for Internet service, but talk, text and basic Internet are alright. i don’t recommend them as a company, but others can give ’em a go anyway.

      Many questions or concerns i have about Mobilicity (why is there a Teller Fee, why don’t they sell unlock codes, why do they have so little coverage, etc.) just get dodged anyway with comments like: such-and-such payment company charges a Teller Fee, phones are subsidized and thus cannot be unlocked, and those five cities are fine. Too bad, but it’s their company and that’s how they roll.

    • Matthew

      Am I talking about their data stick no, I was talking about smartphone data clearly you can’t read, you are disliked everywhere when you make comments like you do so just go to the wind forum and stay there

  • vn33

    As if the Federal Government doesn’t have enough bureaucracy to keep them from doing useful thing !!

  • whocares

    if Black People can have their month, if Women can have their ribbon week or so(soo lame), then so can Mobilicity!!!! YEAH.
    Way to go Mobilicity, fight for your freedom, its a free country. Not like in other countries, for being this stupid, they’d charge you or even shoot you for your stupidity. This is CANADA and thats why I’m sooo proud to be a Canadian. Molson, all the way baby!!! 😀

  • Radar

    Why National day? – Mobilicity has no coverage – hardly in 5 cities 🙂

  • rick

    the holiday idea is great, as long as mobilicity pays everybodys wages and for that day…

  • Acco

    I upvoted Alex. U MAD? :3

    • Acco

      Apparently 5 (and possibly more…) people can’t take some simple light hearted humour. Oh well.

  • iamkennypowers

    mobilicity has a very strong network in its coverage cities & wind builds out leaving dead spots all over. I also tether non stop with mobilicity and i never get throttled where as with wind i would be getting 0.05mbps right now lol. Winds a joke

  • idonkey

    We would prefer a “Robelus-bend over Canada” It’s just sound much better for a true north, strong and not free.

  • aregularonhofo

    Here comes the pathetic Mobilicity trolls again lying about Wind Mobile because their company is going downhill fast with no expansion…you’re lucky to get 0.05mbps on a regular day using Mobi without throttling. Get back on Lithium or find a new Med.

  • aregularonhofo

    It should have read:

    “it’s changed my life,” and “my wife went crazy divorcing me for leaving Wind Mobile.”

    • TCom

      As opposed to you you useless WIND fanboy? I’m sure knowing as much as you do about WIND – that there owners Vimpelcom are contemplating shutting them down since theyve spent over a $1B with very little to show for it?
      WIND is actually the one in bad shape, not Mobi

  • mike

    Mobi needs to start to concentrate at expanding the Home Zones and give a true huge home zone and expand to other areas and stop all these promos and marketing gimmicks. I’m a mobi customer and I want to see more Towers put up and have my home zone expanded. How long has Mobi been up and running in Ottawa and I haven’t see any expansion plans. Orleans and Barrhaven needs towers and expand as far as Carleton Place and smith falls then It will be an actual home zone.

  • OgtheDim

    Anything to make it look good to buyers and drive up the price.

  • aregularonhofo

    Oh, it’s TCom the industry expert with more allegations, I guess you haven’t heard of Telenor’s ambitions and you’ll be surprised when it happens…it’s all in the negotiations. One way or another Mobi is finished and why they have to plead for customers to join by depending on yearly pay outs to get some funds in.

  • Peacenik

    What a stupid marketing gimmick! They should spend as much energy improving their network as they do on marketing gimmicks!

  • gjeff12

    This doesn’t make sense. You can’t have a national holiday that’s only for a few cities. It would be like having a “national swim in the ocean day”. How many people don’t live near the ocean? A lot.

  • aregularonhofo

    OMG…too funny…true. Plus you get $10 per month off for 20 months thinking you’re getting a discount where you’re actually paying more considering the service is so bad and Mobilicity struggle with the handout they get. Booth said it was going to be something big and it turns out to be a joke.

  • Mobilicity is so slow like a dropped child

    Agreed. A national holiday for only 3 provinces. Thats so funny, except 7 provinces arent laughing

  • Scazzz

    It’ll only become an official day when they arn’t full of ****. NO phones, NO reception outside the cores of a few cities… Are they going to pay the <600$ cancellation fees? Retarded publicity stunt. Proof the people that run these companies have no idea wtf they are doing.

  • Burger Expert

    Coming from Scazzz, who works at Burger King.

    • Scazzz

      You’re just upset that I put you on Drive-Thru instead of up front on the cash… Its okay billy…

  • Pahech

    Apparently a lot of people can’t take a joke.

  • Francisco

    Non sembra male. La gfairca mi sembra abbastanza curata e semplice allo stesso tempo.Voglio dire che non mi sembra un gioco dove ci sono un sacco di oggetti ma non ci si capisce una mazza (vedi Star wars), mi sembra un gioco equilibrato dove ci sono gli cose necessarie , sia per avere qualcosa di decente , sia per avere uno scorrimento fluido. Speriamo si avvicini e superi Metroid Prime