Apple said to be launching dedicated podcasting app with iOS 6


  • Kid.Canada

    I don’t care for this! I just wanted widgets and so do the masses!!! Quick settings toggles atleast, is that too much to as for Apple??!!

    • Todd Wood


  • OgtheDim

    If it ain’t monetized, it isn’t a priority for Apple.

  • RayRay

    And the oblivious cows keep getting milked…

  • Kid.Canada

    @RayRay – Keep getting milked? Please enlighten us on where u read that this will be a paid app or paying at some point within the app…

  • ace

    apple is like the irish sheep herders… why do you think they wear kilts? So the sheep dont hear the zipper… LOL

  • Brandon

    What’s a podcast?

  • andy c

    i have not used android in over a year so this might have changed but doesn’t google have a dedicated podcasting app? google listen?

    i really dont see the point of this, most of the most popular podcasts can be accessed easily via rss/feed burner and every major mobile OS has a podcasting app baked into the core OS.

  • Marcus

    I think this is a good thing but not what ppl expected from iOS 6. I’m sure this will also be only available to Iphone 4S users ONLY.

  • lukeiphone

    Apple is amazing. People know that inside of themselves

  • iOS/sOI

    11:25pm on a Sunday night and he is drunk as a skunk.
    Get some help man.

  • superman

    99% of all iPhone users don’t know what podcasts are. They know texting, rearranging app icons on boring os and how to try and look cool while failing. No clue what podcasts are though.

    • Poulet

      The same could be said about Android. It might be news for you (and for the 10 ppl coming to this website) but 99% of the people use their phone only for texting and calling.
      God, I know some people with Android phones who don’t even know they are using Android…