Sena Cases Magnetic Florence & Florence Portfolio (iPad case review)

Sena Cases has always focused on premium leather products for business professionals, and their latest products for the new iPad, Magnetic Florence and Florence Portfolio, are two such examples. Manufactured out of Italian leather, the cases are great examples of how the iPad is being incorporated into everyday life.

Both cases are available in multiple colours, notably black, tan and red, and are priced $40 apart. At $120, the Portfolio may seem a tad expensive, but you get a full-fledged business companion, including eco-friendly pen and notebook, four credit cards pockets and space for an ID. The middle flap turns over to reveal a beautiful suede insert and space for the iPad itself. The case then closes with a stylish snap.

The Magnetic Florence is a bit simpler: it provides the same enclosure style as the Portfolio without the accoutrements; this keeps it extremely thin and easy to transport. An added bonus is the tab on the back of the case that allows for two stand styles, one for typing and the other for media watching. The nature of the Portfolio’s middle section preempts the ability to stand, though you can finagle a way to prop it at a nice angle for comfortable reading.

Both cases are compatible with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad’s magnetic sleep function, so the device turns on and off when the lid opens and closes.

Back to the Portfolio, it’s hard not to be impressed with the craftsmanship of the folio; the individual stitches to the feeling of the leather to the suede lining all scream premium. Even the clasp closes with a satisfying click. Sure, I’d have loved to see something other than ‘Staples’ on the notepad and pen — this is a $120 case, remember — but the overall high quality seems to make up for it.

The Sena Cases Magnetic Florence is available for $79.95 and the Florence Portfolio is available for $119.95, plus flat-rate shipping to Canada.


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