Rogers HTC One X Review (Video)


  • JL

    It’s the best phone on the market by far. The S3 has a lot to live to.

    • l forgot my meds

      No Retina.
      No good.

    • Jimmy Key


    • stylinred

      you realize “retina” is just a term apple uses to relate a High PPI screen right? and its a term they use very loosely considering they used it for the new ipad

      not only that the iphone4s and the oneX have virtually the same PPI so if the OneX was an Apple product it would be called a Retina display…

    • Duane Ward


  • Peter

    Listen RIM, this is how you come back from a slump. As soon as HTC realized the house was burning, they immediately focused on making the highest quality phone on the market.

  • guy fawkes

    Auto Screen is much too high on this device, you can get away with less than 30% and it is still readable in sunlight, and in indoor its totally fine. With that I go through an entire day with over 4hrs of screen on time. International can’t do this though, only the s4 based one xl

  • lol

    lol beats audio and beats headphone are such crap cant believe u use those things

  • Tom

    “At the time of writing this review for the One X, it’s currently Canada’s most powerful Android device.”

    Isn’t it the most powerful smartphone of any OS, anywhere?

    • Nate

      nope. we have the dual core not quad core

    • stylinred

      wouldn’t the Meizu MX be the most powerful?

  • W

    WIND mobile user here. It’s too bad, ’cause I really wanted this phone as my next. Guess I’ll have to wait and see if the Galaxy 3 has pentaband support for us AWS HSPA+ users..sigh…

  • trev

    Dammit now I want this phone. Have had not thing but Samsung android phones would like to try HTC.

  • lol

    this phone really is crazy, mine lasts 4hours of screen on time everyday! i love it, the s3 really has a lot to live up to to impress me now.

  • dreamchaserjc

    I’m a one X owner and I must say its an awesome device. Battery life & storage are the biggest drawback for the device, but they are not a disaster. I manage to get well over a day on standby with LTE on.

    But what I would really like to know is why would HTC release such a gorgeous device without having a case or holder available at the same time for purchase.

  • leobg

    The wind user up there, this phone has AWS and will work just fine with AWS providers.

    • Michael

      Actually, those bands are blocked. There is no AWS.

  • Nino

    I owned HTC Legend. It was such a good phone for about a year and then problems began to surface. Battery life down, the battery bar on the notification bar would never go to full, unless you reboot the phone, the digitizer screen malfunctioned and I had to replace it, The GPS would not lock on anymore! I don’t know if I would want to go back to HTC again. I got the Samsung Focus from rogers. I know it’s more than a year and a half old, but I have to tell you, I’ve never owned such a stable and fast phone. It almost never freezes or slows down, and battery life for the past 5 months been great.

    • Ida

      They are all android but are ovailerd with different skins’.Most of the Droids have MotoBlurMost HTC Phones have HTC sense (tht big clock)Samsung phones have TouchWizAnd LG mostly has stock android

  • jon_d0e1

    how is this the best phone when it doesn’t even have quad core??? LOL

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    “On paper the device has it all, both outside and in”

    Sorry, no it doesn’t; not even close. A small list of things that are missing:

    -uSD slot
    -Removable battery
    -Quad core CPU.
    -16GB of storage on a phone that seems to have been optimized for camera/video use.

    I understand about the lack of quad core CPU with the current issue of the Tegra 3 and the LTE chip sets not getting along, but two things could have been done to address this, one on HTC’s side, one on Rogers side:

    a. Use some other quad core CPU (OMAP as an example)(HTC side). They re-designed the motherboard anyway, so they should have re-designed it for a differet quad core chipset.

    b.Sell the international, non-LTE version of the One X as an alternative to the LTE One X. Most of the country still doesn’t have LTE, so the HSPA+ version would be fine for a lot of folks (Rogers).

    The unibody construction is nice, but for heavy users, a replaceable battery is much more useful. I don’t know why people think that a 4 hour screen on time is acceptable; it isn’t for people who are using the phone for a full day. While design aesthetics are important for the sales of the unit intially, what makes a phone great is day in and day out usability. In the case of most Android phones, this is still an issue due to battery time. 16GB of on board storage, of which about 10GB or so would be usable, is unacceptable on a phone that purports to be the “best” phone out there, especially in light of the unavailability of a uSD slot. I know about cloud storage, and how it can be used to store pictures and movies, but in a country where data is still fairly expensive, does anybody really think this is a viable alternative?

    The next phone that will become the “holy grail” will probably be the RAZR HD in Maxx form. If, and when that phone is released, I will make it my regular phone. Until such time, I will continue to use my iPhone 4S, which does give me full day usability, in addition to storage options up to 64GB.

    I wonder if Wind could get the international version of the One X? The quad core, and most likely lower power draw of the HSPA chip set, along with the 32GB of onboard flash would do very well, I would imagine.


    • Rio


      USB SLOT AND removable battery?

      Get with the times man

    • Techie

      Really Dude LTE Devices on Rogers are backwards compatible for all radios EDGE/3G/HSPA+. Do some research.

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    I couldn’t go back and edit my previous email, so please change

    “A small list of things that are missing.” to “A small list of issues/problems”.

  • Milpool

    Why the hell are we so complacent on battery life? Struggles to last nine hours on a charge and you score it a 7?

    A score of “7” represents “decent”. There is nothing decent about that. That should score a 2 or 3. Battery tech needs to improve, and fast. A smartphone should be capable of moderate use for 80 to 90 hours before needing to be charged.

    • John Doh


  • chris

    yuuppppp ill wait for the one s same internal specs, i can live without the screen coming from an HTC wildfire s, and the storage is perfectly fine for me coming from 150mb of app storage having to delete facebook app once a week to make room for my score app whenever im following specific games, plus the battery life in the one s is amazing ive heard.

  • wewewi

    16gb storage and lack of microSD are deal-breakers. Sad.

    Gimme the EVO 4G LTE!!

  • bobo jones

    Hiding the pre installed apps is a feature of I C S , and has nothing to do with the maker of the phone , so all phones with I C S will be able to do it.

  • Zeake

    Battery score should be 3 at the highest. Terrible terrible terrible we shouldn’t have to stress over battery life, it’s like hiving to fill up on gas every day. wth!

  • Samiam

    @L Forgot My Meds

    The HTC screen is vastly superior to the retina display that Apple does not even make themselves…

    • trojjanhorse

      Guess who makes the retina display for Apple… Answer: Samsung!
      They even claimed that they don’t mind making displays for Apple, since they have AMOLED HD which is by far superior.

  • paul

    When it comes to benchmarks, I am surprised you only got 1900 ish on vellamo, mine easily reaches almost 2300. And battery with my regular use and LTE always on, I get 30hrs without a problem, with my previous phone and same usage barely got through the day..

  • Andy Warhol

    As much as I’d love to love the HTC One series, I can’t justify not having a 32GB option. If you’re going to “go the apple way” with regards to a closed design & internal battery, at least give the consumers a CHOICE. 16GB is great for a good number of people, but for those who need more (and use it on a daily basis), at least give them the option of paying more for a higher capacity device (and no, Dropbox doesn’t count).

    • Phil

      Naw, you’d just get one of those Y’ USB adapters and hook the power lead to a polatbre Li-ion battery that outputs at least 1A and it should provide enough power upstream.

  • Jesse

    I seriously would consider this, but I’ve already had Android leave a bad taste in my mouth before. As “awesome” as it may be, I’m certain after 30 days of use, you’ll start seeing the good ol force closes and slow-downs.

  • Jude Brown

    I just ordered 3 of these for myself and staff. Last phone was a Nexus S that was unbearable until ICS came on. Now the UI is good, but the phone is slow. After having tested a friends LG (dual core) that is well over a year old and still very fast I think it comes down to horsepower (at least in the Android world). If this doesn’t work out next year we will be moving to Windows Phone 8.

    • stylinred

      if its for your business you should be using symbian phones or even the N9 (harmattan/meego os)

      since android is very similar to those OS’ and at least with those phones your battery life will last you a couple work days of use since the OS’ are efficient enough to not need heavyduty CPUs/GPUs

      and things will be running smooth and secure

      it might be something to look into

  • Jer

    Decent but the low battery is a turn off, im waiting on S3 and possibly iphone 5.

  • David

    For those concerned about battery life, don’t be. Under real world circumstances, it will last all day and then some.

    I bought a One X on Thursday and the battery life is astounding. I’m currently at 19% remaining after 17h 41m 2s on battery, with regular use of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a few calls, a ton of SMS, browsing, and Google Navigation. Granted, I don’t have much LTE reception around here, but I didn’t disable it. On my first day with it, using the phone like crazy, it lasted just over 9 hours.

    Also, I’m not sure why the review says “As soon as HTC allows users to unlock the device’s bootloader”, you already can! I unlocked mine the day I got it though HTC’s developer website.

  • Mathieu

    It would be the best smartphone if it was running Android 4.0 without HTC Sense.

    • paul

      you clearly havent tried sense 4. i also have a evo 3d, and sense was slow. this one x? i havent found anything slow about.
      honestly, i look at my asus transformer, and ICS looks dumb…

  • Vito

    Having bought the Galaxy S2, Galaxy Nexus and the One X, I’d like to share perspective on battery life. For my “regular” use, I get more than a full day out of all those phones.

    As a test, I did not charge my One X the other night. It lasted the full day and then until 9:30pm the next day – that was over 37hrs. As I have a job, I’m not surfing YouTube on my phone all day. I am checking emails, using Google Reader, Gtalk and taking some calls. I’d say about 1.5-2hrs of screen on time a day.

    Standby life is also pretty good, I lose less than 1% per hour (about 2% every 3hrs) with the screen off and Gmail/Gtalk running in the background.

    Yes, it “only” has 16GB of storage – of which only 10GB is user accessible. To put that in perspective, that’s over 2 hours of 1080p video recording on the phone (@9mbps). Since all of my music is in “the cloud”, I don’t need to store music on the device. The only thing I really need the storage for is pics and video – and it has more than enough for me. I would have willingly traded the microSD slot for 25GB of Dropbox space. Your mileage may vary.

    Daniel is definitely correct about default background apps running in the background. It seems the default apps HTC has syncing keep the phone awake and chew up battery. I suggest when first setting up your phone (or after a factory reset) to choose “No” when asked if you want to run background services. Then, after you’ve completed setup, you can go into accounts and just enable the apps you want to run in the background (i.e. Google services that use push notifications). Stay away from apps that poll (or “check”) every 15 minutes.

    As for the size of the device, I found it too big at first (I still the the GS2 is the perfect size) but I have gotten over it. Being right handed, the power button was a bit of a challenge to operate with one hand but I am getting pretty good at it – it has yet to slip out of my hand when I wake it from sleep but I an constantly aware there is a chance that may happen. I type with the same hand with which I hold the phone and I have no problem doing that. I didn’t hate the stock keyboard, but I installed SwiftKey X as the arrow keys along the bottom raise the whole keyboard up and it was difficult for me to get accustomed to.

    Lastly, I love this phone. It is currently my daily driver (at least until the GS3). I cannot describe how nice it feels in your hand. While the Galaxy S 2 still holds it’s own, this phone makes the Galaxy Nexus feel like a Nexus S – cheap and plasticky. The hardware is beautiful enough to slap an Apple logo on – and that’s probably the best compliment I can give it.

  • H(ilarious) T(otal) C(rap)

    Just more cheap plastic Android garbage, it probably won’t last a month before it has to be sent in for warranty work.

    • Lazed

      @H(ilarious) T(otal) C(rap): I think you’ve confused HTC for LG.

  • the wise one

    I really like this phone, but is it just me or does the green colour in the menus look worse than the stock ICS blue? Other than that small caveat, AMAZING PHONE. Need to replace an aging LG Dare.

  • BB1983

    I bought this phone on Friday, and I get 30+ hours on a single charge with moderate use. When I had the Optimus LTE with the same usage I would have to charge twice. This S4 processor is amazing and this is the best phone I have had EVER. Even people who have the iPhone wanted to return theirs and get this phone. Believe me this phone is amazing and the battery is top notch. The storage is not even an issue as you get 25 gigs of dropbox or can get 5 of Google Drive.

    For all those people who are doubting and waiting for the Samsung Galaxy SIII, get over yourselves and get this amazing phone.

  • Kostas Kritsilas


    If the video is in any way to resemble HD1080p, there is no way 2 hours of it will fit in 2Gb. 2 hours of H.264 video is 8-12GB, and most video codecs won’t be able to fit any more than 2 hours of decent quality 1080p video in less than 8GB. If you want to run high compression ratios, it will fit, but will pretty much defeat the purpose of recording 1080p.

    Think of it another way: if you could fit 2 hours of 1090p video onto 2 GB of space, Bluray or HD Video would have not been needed. A DVD is 4.7GB (single sided/layer), so a 2 hour movie would have fit onto a regular DVD with lots of room left over. As things currently stand, it doesn’t and barely can be made to fit a dual layer DVD (9.4GB, and that is with fairly high compression ratios, again, compromising video quality.

    I think that a 32GB on board storage would have been a good comprimise for leaving the uSD slot out. At 16GB, 19GB usable, it is questionable. Put in some apps, some music, and the space is down to 6-7GB. Again, not an issue for folks who don’t shoot a lot of pictures or video. But this phone’s still and video features are being promoted pretty heavily, and in this case, can be expected to attract people who DO shoot stills and video. In this instance, 10GB, in my opinion is NOT sufficient without a uSD slot.

    The cloud storage argument is something that needs to be carefully evaluated. With cloud storage, every song that you play costs you money in terms of data transfer fees. You may be lucky to have a grandfathered in 6GB plan, if so, fine, no issue, no added cost. However, if you have the more common 500MB/1GB/2GB data plans, you really should ocnsider whether or not streaming music from cloud based storage is viable or not.


  • Kostas Kritsilas


    Sorry for the typos. I did mean 10GB usable, and I’m sorry for the other typos.


  • jimmyj

    I have a real nice pair of testicles.

  • allan

    Any one know if the international version of this phone would work with telus or any other carrier? if so what data speed can we expect ?

    • Duw

      4mbps / 2.5mbps on a good day.

      2.15 / 2.75 in downtown Calgary right now.

    • Ryan

      HSPA+ speeds

  • Corey

    Love it.

  • J

    HTC and Nokia are shaking things up this year! I’m actually excited for the new phones again for once. I’m loving my Lumia but I’m also going to snatch up a One X ASAP, just have to wait to see if the S3 will have some amazing feature above and beyond the One X, which I doubt. One X is by far the best feeling in the hand android device too. 2012 will be a bad year for my wallet.

  • ilikepizza

    @shopping How DUMB do you think we are?

    BTW, HTC One X. Pretty cool phone.

  • Kostas Kritsilas

    With the S III finally, it has almost all of the features that the
    One X left out. While it is unknown if the quad core will make its way over to NA, but even with an S4, speed shouldn’t be an issue. What it did do is add the uSD slot back, along with a removeable battery (with wireless charging as an option). It addresses the storage issues in a coupleof ways, both with the onboard storage (16/32/64GB), adn with the uSD slot. Typical Samsung plastic construction, which I am not a fan of. Don’t understand the move to blue color, what’s wrong with black all of a sudden?

    Everything is still very preliminary, but if the picture quality of the S III matches that of the One X, nobody will be looking at the One X by the time the S III rolls out in the summer.


  • Wild

    I got this phone a week ago on Rogers and it is nothing short of amazing. Like the reviewer said, I too experience in certain areas where LTE signal is not that great the mobile data does tend to hang to the point where I have to turn LTE off. Also, the phone does have its moments when a “Loading” notification appears, and seems to reset everything running in the background. Other than that, amazing phone which I highly recommend!

  • bStarMan

    Amazing review, I want it!

  • Fox in a Hole

    Two problems. HTC… and Rogers.

  • Lyndon

    The One x is amazing.

  • MrPickleFicker

    How about a One S review? It’s only been out for a few weeks now…

  • Jeff

    Beats audio and “audio nirvana” should not be in the same sentence.

    The upcoming Galaxy S III with an updated Wolfson audio codec onboard, or even the older Galaxy S/Nexus S line all deliver superior audio quality than the software equalized garbage that Beats is, would be worthy of that praise. But Beats audio? Really?

    If you’re in it for a fashion accessory.. sure. If you want a real audio experience, real headphone brands like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Grado, Denon, etc. are all far superior. Not even comparable.

  • Jordan

    I don’t see many comments about the issue people have with its multi-tasking memory management. From what I’ve learned apps have to reload each time you switch away from them and then back again. Anyone else have a problem with this?

  • Larry Carson


    I sent you a email regarding Audio Quality between the OneX and SG-3. I saw your review on XDA( Galaxy S-3 ), it was fantastic. I hope you will take a look at the email I sent you. I have a Sensory Hearing Defect and the Audio Output of the device is really important to me. I am trying to decide between the HOX and the New GS-3 from Samsung. I currently have a Motorola Atrix2, which is a nighmare of problems, however the Audio and Display are not.
    I would be SO GRATEFUL to you if you could help me out.

  • Jeff Goebel

    I’m not actually liking mine in every day use. I think I preferred my ICS modded Sensation more, except for the 4.7″ great screen.

  • Dan.Giroux

    Recently picked up this phone and wont be turning back. Camera is great, video is crisp and colors are amazing. I tried out the Nokia Lumia 900 prior to this one and am so glad I switched it up. Although the extra RAM of the S3 would be nice I don’t notice any slow down at all with the One X and hopefully if/when Jelly Bean comes out the device will just rock. Nice to see HTC putting so much work and effort into the One series. Would highly recommend this device to anyone: Screen->A+, Sense 4.0->B+, Camera->A+, No Expandable Memory->C-

  • Colin

    Extra ram in GS3 is basically a marketing gimmick that will have almost no real impact on daily use for most users. I recently switched from a Galaxy Nexus to the One X after debating about potential upgrades. I almost never stick to stock Android so I was basically looking for the best hardware I could get. In the end I gave up the amazing developer community of the Nexus in favor of the hardware on the One X. I’ve used the S3 plenty, but what convinced me to buy the One X was its build quality and screen quality. AMOLED screens are insanely over-hyped, and putting a One X next to an S3 shows just how ridiculously good the HTC screen is. Might even be the best Android screen on the market. Otherwise, the S3 feels very cheap and flimsy comparatively. S3 isn’t a bad phone, but I think most of its ‘benefits’ come from its software, which meant little to me. Storage issues can be overcome with cloud options. For anyone interested in rooting and modding an Android phone with stellar hardware, it’s tough to beat the One X.

  • Dan

    I want the Saygus V Phone and tablet!

  • William

    Truly interesting, look frontward to visiting

  • Jalal

    Hey Daniel!
    You had a great review and I really liked the whole piece!
    I was wondering if you could post the wallpaper that is on the One X that is on the first picture of the review?


  • Eluder

    OTA update for the Rogers version is out.
    Brings the phone software to v1.94.

    • meowww

      Yeah, this seems to have made multi-tasking a bit better too!

  • HayJay

    Love this phone! I’ve got it on 4g LTE (AT&T, in Austin) and love it. How come people rag on it? It’s not the best multi-tasker but good grief — how many things can you do at once? All I need is to download hairstyles, then get off. No time between hair appts. to worry more about getting more done.

  • nazir yousaf

    its prices inpakistan

  • nazir yousaf

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  • md Ahsankabir

    it is a very best fun htc One X

  • Andrewww

    HTC has the worst reception for a phone

  • EddieM

    Was just wondering where i can get that wallpaper from?

  • HillaryJAY

    I don’t understand why a phone like this doesn’t do better in the market. It does come with AT&T 4GLTE, it’s gotten great reviews and it looks great. What’s up? As a hair dresser (Dallas, BTW), i love the white color; my product stains don’t show up like they do on a black phone.

  • Wafa Younes

    I love it I wish I have one but I can’t afford it too bad 🙁

  • Wafa

    It’s my dream to have one but it’s too expensive for me I hope one day someone will give me a gift like that (:p) it’s a dream I know but some dreams come true.