Flixel 1.2 for iPhone adds “Save to Drafts,” redesigns timeline for better living photos

It’s no secret that Flixel is one of my newest obsessions on the iPhone. Unlike Instagram, which recently moved over to Android and became a billion dollar Facebook plugin, Flixel is iPhone-only right now and reason enough for me to keep one on hand at all times.

The idea is simple enough: capture two seconds of video and “paint” parts of the scene you wish to move. Effects range from subtle to strange to magical, but they’re all ridiculously cool.

The latest version adds the ability to save a Flixel to drafts for future editing, something that was desperately missing from the first two releases. The timeline has also been redone for a cleaner, quicker glimpse at your followed Flixographers.

For older devices such as the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, Flixels now load significantly faster, and filters — yes, Flixel has filters — are applied much faster, too. I noticed the speed increase on my iPhone 4S, too, but the benefit should be felt more on legacy devices.

If you haven’t downloaded Flixel just yet, head on over to the App Store.

Via: Twitter

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