CyanogenMOD 7.2 RC2 released for Gingerbread-happy devices

If your device is getting a little old, or isn’t being officially upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich, often the next best thing is to install a custom ROM on it such as CyanogenMOD.

Version 7.2 Release Candidate 2 has been unleashed on the world, which is as close to a final version as some of these phones are likely to see for a while. Compatible Canadian-sold phones include the LG Optimus 2X, the Samsung Galaxy S and the HTC Legend. This is likely the most feature-filled version of Gingerbread those devices are going to see, and improves performance across the board. It even incorporates some ICS features such as swipe-to-remove notifications.

If you’ve never flashed a custom ROM onto a device, it can take a bit of work, and definitely consider your warranty smashed when you do, but it’s a fulfilling experience to say the least. Take a look at XDA-Developers for more information on your particular device.

For a full changelog of CyanogenMOD 7.2 RC2 head on over to the Wiki, or if you’re ready to download, find your phone’s device name and get downloading.

Via: Android Community

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