Pebble smartwatch raises over $10,000,000 with 85,000 sold


  • Flinstones’Pebbles

    Bought one myself! Looking forward to getting it soon!

  • anonymous

    Nice idea, not for me though.

  • Pascal Cadorette

    Dammit! No more watches available… Hopefully there will be more after the sale ends!

    • coco

      it’s a sigh that tell u don’t waste money on this crap

  • Ryan

    It’s ‘neat’ but not really needed? its easy to pull your phone out of your pocket, dont really need this device that much… kinda like back when the calculator watches came out, cool but not really going to be utilized as much as you think i think.

    • Lordsxo

      Well, there are some situations where just pulling out your phone could be considered rude, while checking your watch isn’t… unless your on a date. 😛

  • hoo dat

    I collect watches, have done for years. My particular favourites are Movado and Tissot, not overly expensive watches but gorgeously designed and with amazing movements.

    Not much I can say about the Pebble. The design’s interesting in a minimalist sort of way but the whole effect is ruined by the cheap and plasticky look. Why would I wear something that looks like it came out of a Christmas cracker?

  • haxor99

    Not for me either.

  • astudent

    Okay even if you don’t use it with your phone…how many watches out there can you design/load your own custom dial designs? I think by only thinking that this is only for the phone is a narrow minded view. There are other applications available for this sort of tech!

    • coco

      this is not a watch! It’s a watch when is power by mechanical movement, other is just a piece of something that tell time.

  • Will

    A watch proves a man’s success and is a status symbol, as cool as this is, a nice watch symbolizes success for many.

  • Anthony E.

    Love the screen and the concept, but I hate the way the watch body looks. Would have been nice if they had a simple metallic.